Fantasy Football: Tiered Quarterback Rankings

Here are my *TOP 30 Quarterbacks. I’m not dancing around at all in these ones, I’m considering all factors and this is how I would tier my rankings of quarterbacks while getting ready for a draft. I explained my rankings a bit in each tier, and if you keep your rankings tiered like this, it should really help you determine value on draft day. Good luck!


  1. Tom Brady

You betcha – I’m not a guy thinking Tom is going to toss 50 TDs again this season, but he will get over 30. He’s the best quarterback in the league and he has the most dangerous wide receiver and a coach that really knows how to make things happen. Tom will surely be the 1st QB selected on draft day, and that’s respectable.


  1. Tony Romo
  2. Drew Brees
  3. Peyton Manning

I think Peyton Manning is a great quarterback – one of the best ever – but I’m a little scared of him this season. I had a hockey playing buddy from Finland that was never the same after a staff infection decided to eat at his knee. IVs and the inability to move the same bogged him down. I’m not saying Manning doesn’t have the best medical staff in the world or that he won’t be healthy by go time, but it might take him a little longer than expected to get it all back, that confidence and all. He’s just not as safe as he used to be, still a tier 2 guy though. Tony Romo is a stud with all the swag a quarterback needs to be successful. He really makes things happen. He has TO, Marion Barber, Jason Witten, and a little trick up his sleeve by the name of Felix Jones. Believe in him as the #2 QB overall. Drew Brees could surpass Peyton this year, in fact, I like it to happen. The Saints will still be throwing all the time and Brees is very accurate. With Shockey and Meachem, I think this passing attack got a lot better. Brees is the in Tier 2.


  1. Carson Palmer
  2. Donovan McNabb
  3. Ben Roethlisberger
  4. Matt Hasselbeck

Yes, believe it or not, I like Carson to rebound. He has talked about how he had started to play with bad habits and that he just started over in the off-season and worked his tail off. I like that. He has as much talent as any signal caller in the league and he still has TJ and Chad to toss the rock to. Expect a 30 TD year from the Bengal leader. McNabb is great – when he plays. He’s back to 100% and I like the Eagles to make some noise and maybe steal a little thunder from last years’ Super Bowl Champs and the Division winning Cowboys. Look for Donovan to have a great season, even without a #1 receiver. Big Ben had a great touchdown throwing season in ’07, and while I don’t think the passing attack will be quite as good in ’08, I still expect him to be a tier 3 guy. He has a very good arm, nice receiving options, and has matured quite a bit. Matt Hasselbeck will go underrated and under-appreciated for yet another season. Matt is one heck of a guy and a very good quarterback for a pass-happy team. Burleson will impress this year, behind the arm of Matt.


  1. Jay Cutler
  2. Derek Anderson

I feel the same way about Jay Cutler that I felt about Carson Palmer before the Bengal had his breakout season. Marshall is gone for 2-3 games, but I don’t think that should rob Jay of many fantasy points. Cutler has the cannon, and the confidence to be a Top 5 guy in this league. Just you watch. Derek Anderson is still a talented kid with a nice arm, but I don’t think he duplicates last years’ numbers. Maybe I’m not giving him enough credit


  1. Brett Favre
  2. David Garrard
  3. Aaron Rodgers
  4. Jake Delhomme
  5. Phillip Rivers
  6. Marc Bulger
  7. Vince Young
  8. Matt Schaub
  9. Eli Manning
  10. Jon Kitna

Brett Favre, in a new system, on a new team, with new receivers, leading a group that didn’t win more than a handful of games last season – but yes, I still think he’s a starting fantasy options in a seasonal league. Coles and Cotchery are very good receivers – heck, look what they did with a QB that couldn’t stretch the field. Alan Faneca is a very good guard – one of the best in the league, and despite last years’ rushing woes, this offensive line in New York is young and talented. Look for Brett to be up to his old tricks. David Garrard was brilliant when he played last season – almost never throwing interceptions and guiding his team up and down the field with a balanced attack. He has some receiver woes, sure, but as a runner and a passer this guy will put up numbers week in and week out. Rodgers will be good. Mark my words – this guy is a talented passer with a feel for the game. He has a cannon arm and a strong work ethic, and Big Mike knows what he’s doing. This kid has too talented of a receiving corps and rushing attack to stumble. Jake Delhomme will be good if he stays on the field. He’ll probably rank out much higher than this if he plays 16 games this season. The Panthers (now that everyone is ignoring them) are actually a playoff sleeper this season. Jake and Steve Smith (after 1st two games) will run the show in Carolina. Phillip Rivers sure doesn’t get any credit. He’s supposedly looking good in camp, though I would never say he looks good. Despite throwing marshmallows, he is surprisingly successful. He grew up in the playoffs and I think he has a big year in ’08. Marc Bulger has so much upside with a good offense and a great receiver, but I’m not ready to say he’s going to be a Top 10 guy. He is a low risk high reward guy, and you have to love that. Vince Young has slipped right off the cliff of fantasy rankings, but don’t ignore him – he’ll be better this season. I like having Vince as a #2 in leagues where QBs get 4 points per passing TD – he’ll make up a lot of ground in those leagues. I still think he’s a #2 to starter in every league. Matt Schaub has a lot of upside and I’ve always liked him. I think he’ll be another low risk high reward guy. Bulger, Young, and Schaub – all solid options. Eli Manning will be picked much higher than this, so this is me suggesting you pass on the Super Bowl MVP – he’s erratic and the Giants will likely struggle in ’08. Jon Kitna is a solid passer, but I wouldn’t rely on him as a starter. His days of 350 passing yards are likely over, but his 20+ INT days are probably done too. He’ll be decent.


  1. Matt Leinart
  2. Jason Campbell
  3. Jeff Garcia
  4. Tarvaris Jackson
  5. JaMarcus Russell

Matt Leinart has a better quarterback (Warner) behind him. HOwever, Matt still has a lot of talent and has two great receivers to get the ball to. I wouldn’t like to rely on him, but you could do worse. He’s a decent touch passer but he holds onto the ball too long. Jason Campbell has always been a favorite of mine, and I’ll probably try to get him as a #3 or even a #2 if I wait too long to draft old QB number two. He looked very good in the first pre-season game he played. I like Zorn as a groomer of young QB talent. Santana Moss is explosive and Chris Cooley is a very good receiving TE. Portis is a stud. Garcia does all the little things well and if he doesn’t get destroyed and injured, he’ll be a stable player. Remember, he plays 6 games a year against the Falcons, Saints, and Panthers… Not really defensive super teams. Tarvaris Jackson is getting a little too much hype. Sure, he’s on a good team where defenses stack the line, but how has that worked for his fantasy career thus far? Will he be better? Probably, but I don’t know if he’s a fantasy back-up even. JaMarcus Russell throws one of the prettiest balls I’ve ever seen and he can make any throw in the game. His arm is ridiculous. I expect lots of bumps from his as a starter, but at some point this season, he might be ready to be a fantasy factory.


  1. Kurt Warner
  2. Trent Edwards
  3. Chad Pennington
  4. Brodie Croyle
  5. Matt Ryan

Kurt Warner should be starting somewhere, probably Arizona. Right now, he’s just going to be a back-up, but is still a better fantasy option than a few starters in the league. You can get a great maybe player at the end of the draft and he could become a top option starter later in the season. That’s a good risk to take. I like Trent Edwards but I don’t know if he’s mature enough to take the right risks to be a fantasy contributer. I think he’s a good quarterback, and probably the right guy to move Buffalo in a more positive direction, but he’s a low tier back-up. Chad Pennington still can’t throw farther or harder than I can, and I’m and old offensive lineman. I like his accuracy and he seems like one heck of a guy. So, on the nice-guy-o-meter he’s a decent pick. Brodie Croyle isn’t consistent enough to be a fantasy option, but he’s still a starting option that can be picked up for bye weeks or if he slips and figures it out. Dwayne Bowe, Larry Johnson, and Tony Gonzalez are 3 solid offensive weapons at his disposal. Matt Ryan is a rookie quarterback – and that doesn’t usually bode well for fantasy success. However, the Falcons aren’t as bad offensively as many think and Ryan has a nice arm and solid confidence. Can he be counted on? Don’t get crazy, but keep him on the radar.

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