2007 NFL Draft 3rd Round Review

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  1. Oakland – Moses, Quentin, DE , Georgia
    Great pick in Oakland. Actually, for the first time in a while, I think the Raiders, and Old Man Davis, have done well on Day 1. Quentin Moses has some questions, but he’s a Round 1 talent picked in the 3rd. Nice time to take that chance.
  2. New Orleans (from Detroit) – Young, Usama, CB, Kent State
    Apparently the Saints were very happy Young didn’t get invited to the combine, had he been there, he surely would have been noticed by more than a few teams. As is, the Saints are stoked to get their hands on this kid who killed at his Pro Day.
  3. Dallas (from Cleveland) – Marten, James, OT, Boston College
    Experience be damned! Marten had a good combine workout, and that, plus a little film, as good enough to get him off the board in Round 3. The Cowboys are always looking to add line depth.
  4. Tampa Bay – Black, Quincy, OLB, New Mexico
    All I know about Black is that he has sweet numbers both on and off the field. He didn’t play in a power-house conference, and didn’t make a huge name for himself until he wowed at the combine, but look at all those tackles, that speed, and that jumping ability. He’ll deal on special teams immediately.
  5. Arizona – Davis, Buster, ILB, Florida State
    I like this pick. Davis was a very consistent force for an FSU team that had its ups and downs. Defensively, as many have seemed to forget, there weren’t many better than Buster and his crew. The FSU offense didn’t help them much.
  6. Denver (from Washington) – Harris, Ryan, OT, Notre Dame
    Great pick, a perfect pick for a Broncos offensive line that thrives on the ability to move and get to places before the defense gets there, opposed to just smashing people.
  7. Miami – Booker, Lorenzo, RB, Florida State
    Nice pick here. Booker gives the Dolphins a nice change of pace out of the backfield, and possibly a guy who can spell Ronnie Brown from time to time, keeping him fresh.
  8. Minnesota – McCauley, Marcus, CB, Fresno State
    I like this selection, as MaCauley showed too much promise last season for him to fall this far. Sure, he struggled on a terrible Fresno team this year, but that can wear on a guy, expect him to help in Minnesota right away.
  9. Houston – Jones, Jacoby , WR, Lane
    The Texans need guys to act as weapons so Andrew Johnson isn’t completely taken out of the fold. Jones has the speed and hands to be an option, as his small school roots were the only reason he fell this far.
  10. Baltimore (via Bills via Lions) – Figurs, Yamon, WR, Kansas State
    The Ravens took a chance on this kid out of K State because he’ll help right now as a return man, and his 40 time at the combine was in the 4.3’s… Not a bad run.
  11. Atlanta – Robinson, Laurent, WR, Illinois State
    Robinson had a very productive career at his D1-AA school, but struggled last season. The Falcons think that’s because of his passer, not so much his skills.
  12. San Francisco – Hill, Jason, WR, Washington State
    If speed really killed, Jason Hill would be quite the assassin. At 4.33, Hill was one of the fastest youngsters in the draft. Poor quarterbacking on a poor team in a bad place to throw may have hurt Hill’s college numbers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he made a name for himself in San Francisco.
  13. Pittsburgh – Spaeth, Matt, TE, Minnesota
    I’m not the biggest fan of plucking TE’s on Day 1, but this kid can do all the dirty work, and he’s got some solid hands on him just in case.
  14. Green Bay – Jones, James, WR, San Jose State
    Jones can really move for his size, and has some strength on his shoulders. His hands are reliable, but Brett Favre’s rockets will certainly test that.
  15. Jacksonville – Walker, Mike, WR, Central Florida
    Walkers hands are very soft, he catches everything in site, and he looks cool and calm on the field. But lets get right down to it, he’s off the board in Round 3 because his 40 time looked like this… 4.35.
  16. Tennessee – Williams, Paul, WR, Fresno State
    The Titans are hoping Williams wasn’t the reason for the poor Fresno offense, and hope his numbers and fall are only because no one could get him the ball down south. He has a nice skill set, now lets see if Vince Young can use him.
  17. N.Y. Giants – Alford, Jay, DT, Penn State
    Alford was a big black hole in the middle of Penn State’s defensive front, and he compiled half a dozen sacks coming after the passer. The Giants made a nice find in the 3rd, taking a nice all around tackle. Those are rare.
  18. Kansas City (from Rams) – Tyler, DeMarcus ‘Tank’, DT NC State
    The Chiefs got a solid tackle very late. Now if Tank can just get his head on straight. This young kid has 1st round talent, and a coach like Herman Edwards just might be able to help turn Tyler into an NFL tank on the line.
  19. Carolina – Johnson, Charles – DE, Georgia
    I like Johnson a ton. The Panthers continue to add to a very good defense, one that will come out and smash a lot of teams in the mouth next season. Johnson has the size and speed to be a nice player for the Panthers.
  20. St. Louis (from Kansas City) – Wade, Jonathan, CB, Tennessee
    I’m not sure Wade will ever be a starter at corner, but he’s worth a shot. He was athletic enough to play receiver, and fast enough to win plenty of races as a sprinter. Wade was a high risk/reward guy here, and round 3 is a perfect time to take that shot.
  21. Seattle – Mebane, Brandon, DT, California
    This young tackle will be strictly a run stopper on 1st, 2nd and maybe 3rd and short. He’s a two down guy, who will try to get into Seattle’s rotation. God knows they need help slowing the run.
  22. Baltimore (from Denver via Jacks) – Yanda, Marshall, G, Iowa
    The Ravens continued their attempt to bolster their offensive line. Yanda is a work in progress, but he can pound, and he has tons of size, something Baltimore loves from their guards.
  23. Philadelphia (from Dallas) – Bradley, Stewart, OLB, Nebraska
    Bradley has a lot to offer the Eagles. At 6’4, 255, he’s big and tall and very athletic. He can rush the passer or play linebacker. He’s raw, but will get a chance to compete for a spot in Philly.
  24. New Orleans – Alleman, Andy, G, Akron
    Alleman won’t wow you with his workout numbers, but on the football field he does all the little things right, and gets the job done. That’s the kind of lineman you need.
  25. Green Bay (from N.Y. Jets) – Rouse, Aaron , SS, Virginia Tech
    Rousse is a project who projects as either a safety or a linebacker. He’s a little stiff in the hips, but he has great size and can run well. (6’4, 225, 4.45) Good numbers there.
  26. Philadelphia – Hunt, Tony, RB, Penn State
    This big back had a lot to do with the Nittany Lions’ reversal over the past two seasons. Hunt is a work-horse that can get dirty yards, and bust a quick gainer. Not the speediest of backs, but can run and catch with ease.
  27. Oakland (from N.E.) – Henderson, Mario, OT, Florida State
    Mario had his best games near the end of his college career, and while he’s definitely a prospect that needs to add some bulk, the upside is there. Yet another young addition to a Raider team getting more and more youth.
  28. Buffalo (from Baltimore) – Edwards, Trent, QB, Stanford
    Edwards has the smarts and arm to be a nice pro, as he will be relied upon to back up JP Losman in Buffalo. I like Edwards’ game a lot. I think he’ll be one of the few starters at quarterback from this draft, rather that come in Buffalo or somewhere else, I don’t know. I also like Losman.
  29. Chicago (from San Diego) – Wolfe, Garrett, RB, Northern Illinois
    The Bears have always been a RBBC (running back by committee) and Wolfe will get his chance to get some yards in Chicago. Garrett may be small, but his numbers have always been there. I like Wolfe’s style.
  30. Chicago – Okwo, Michael, ILB, Stanford
    Okwo is a short middle linebacker who had a tough time getting recognized on a poor Stanford team. He’s got game though, don’t be confused, he’ll help the Bears somewhere, as his football intelligence is right up there.
  31. Indianapolis – Hughes, Daymeion, CB, California
    The Colts made yet another smart pick. Hughes got picked on a little in Cali, but mostly because he got beat a couple times after running his mouth. He’s got the goods at corner, and will help the Colts right now.
  32. San Diego – Waters, Anthony, ILB, Clemson
    This is a great high reward pick by the Chargers. If Waters’ knee injury from a year ago subsides, and he gets back to full strength, the Chargers get a starter in the middle who will be solid for years to come. You can’t say that too many times late in Round 3.
  33. San Francisco – McDonald, Ray, DT, Florida
    McDonald gets the job done when he’s healthy. Like many of the other guys at the end of this round, he’s got his share of whens, ifs, and buts, but he’s always had the skill.
  34. Indianapolis – Pitcock, Quinn, DT, Ohio State
    The Colts added yet another full time worker to come in a spell starters on the defensive line. Notice the good teams get guys who are ready to play at every chance they get. Pitcock is definitely one of those.
  35. Oakland – Higgins, Johnnie Lee, WR, Texas-El Paso
    The Raiders took the speedster from El Paso, getting ready to trade Moss, they grab another receiver to add to the young set of guys ready to learn under Lane Kiffin. Good pick here. Higgins is a speedy weapon.

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