2007 NFL Draft 2nd Round Review

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  1. Arizona (from Oakland) – Branch, Alan, DT, Michigan
    The Cardinals realized a chance to move up and take a top 10 talent and pulled the trigger. Sure, Branch has seen his effort questioned, and many question his work ethic, but the kid is a monster, a 340lb run stuffing mass of a man. Honestly, in most cases, guys like Branch have their dedication questioned. But, he’s a chance worth taking, in a spot the Cardinals need help.
  2. Buffalo (from Detroit) – Posluszny, Paul, OLB, Penn State
    I’m not sure what all the Bills gave up, but they need help on defense, especially with Takeo Spikes gone, and Paul is a late 1st round talent and a 1st rate kind of teammate. He’s a man of many talents, many of which the Bills will use.
  3. Tampa Bay – Sears, Arron, OT, Tennessee
    Aaron Sears is a nice addition by the Bucs, who couldn’t give their Cadillac room to run last season. With two solid lineman in two early 1st day picks, it looks like Gruden and the Bucs are on the right track in Tampa.
  4. Philadelphia (via Browns via Dallas) – Kolb, Kevin, QB, Houston
    I’m not sure I’d be confident enough in my squad to use an early 2nd round pick on a backup/3rd string quarterback, but maybe the Eagles know something about Donovan McNabb’s injuries that I don’t. Surely, Andy Reid and company must feel pretty strongly about Kolb’s ability.
  5. San Diego (via WA via N.Y. Jets & Bears) – Weddle, Eric, SS Utah
    I may be mistaken, but I think the Chargers gave up the rest of their world to take Weddle, a kid that was projected to get off the board somewhere around here. I’ll go out on a limb and say they gave up way too much, but the Chargers like to get the guys they want, and apparently Eric was worth the price.
  6. Oakland (from Arizona) – Miller, Zach, TE, Arizona State
    The Raiders don’t need a big medium-speed tight end bad enough to pick one at the top of Round 2, but Miller is as sure-handed as they come, and he’ll give JaMarcus a nice big safety valve at tight end, something young quarterbacks use to gain confidence.
  7. Atlanta (from Houston) – Blalock, Justin, OT, Texas
    The Falcons made a nice little move up here to grave Blalock, a nice prospect from Texas. I liked Blalock to flirt with the 1st round, and apparently so did the Falcons, as they moved up in a hurry to grab Blalock. He should help the Falcons move to a power running game eventually.
  8. Miami – Beck, John, QB, Brigham Young
    Miami passed on Quinn for what looks to be this sharp BYU signal caller. Some put Beck ahead of Quinn, citing his play making and ability to read the defense as their reasons. I’m not so sure about that. I think letting Quinn go gave the Daunte Culpepper experience another year, and if that doesn’t work out, Beck is their to be groomed. Cam’s a good judge of quarterbacking.
  9. Atlanta (via Minnesota) – Houston, Chris, CB, Arkansas
    The Falcons made yet another move, trading up to snag Arkansas product, Chris Houston. The Falcons struggled all season long in the secondary, giving up too many big plays. Houston is fleet of foot, and will certainly help immediately as a nickel and dime guy in the slot, quite possibly moving in as a starter late in the season, or if Falcons move some corners to safety.
  10. Indianapolis (from San Francisco) – Ugoh, Tony, G, Arkansas
    The Colts need some future prospects on the line if they want to replace some guys headed for free agency after next season. Ugoh has the upside to be a nice blocker for Peyton, and a road grater for Joseph Addai. As long as the Colts keep adding solid lineman, they’ll keep winning football games.
  11. Detroit (from Buffalo) – Stanton, Drew, QB, Michigan State
    Another team that passed on Quinn took a quarterback near the top of Round 2, this time the Lions made the move. There were more than a couple cats who had Drew ahead of Brady, and I assume Mike Martz and the Lions brass were one of those. I like Stanton, but I’m not sure he has the chance to be great.
  12. Minnesota (from Atlanta) – Rice, Sidney, WR, South Carolina
    After taking a former Gamecock project WR 7th overall a couple of years ago, the Vikings waited until the middle of Round 2 to take that chance again. Rice has all the tools to be molded into a star, and gives the Vikings another wide receiver, something they desperately need as their numbers there are limited.
  13. Carolina – Jarrett, Dwayne, WR, Southern California
    I know Jarrett’s numbers at the combine didn’t wow any folk, and his pro day didn’t do him much better, but in the middle of Round 2 is a steal as far as I’m concerned. The Panthers need a compliment to Steve Smith, the best receiver in the league, and Jarrett’s size and reliable hands make him a perfect candidate.
  14. Pittsburgh – Woodley, LaMarr, DE, Michigan
    The Steelers continue to build on defense, which once again, doesn’t surprise me at all. Pittsburgh always has a stout defense, something Mike Tomlin is doing his best to continue in his first year on the job. Woodley is a playmaker that helped the Wolverines dominate most of the Big 10 last season.
  15. N.Y. Jets (from Green Bay) – Harris, David, ILB, Michigan
    The Jets moved up again, this time to take David Harris, making it two Michigan defenders off the board in as many selections. Harris was the center of a stout Wolverine defense that led the Wolverines to a big season.
  16. Jacksonville – Durant, Justin, ILB, Hampton
    The Jaguars always seem to need help at linebacker and this season is no different. No matter how many they stockpile, injuries always deter them from taking the next step. Durant is quick, smart, and a very sure tackler.
  17. Cincinnati – Irons, Kenny, RB, Auburn
    With Chris Perry always on the shelf, the Bengals went ahead and took Kenny Irons to pair with Rudi Johnson, but I’m not so sure Kenny fits that bill. Honestly, as small as Irons is, he runs more like Rudi than a 3rd down back. He’s not a consistent pass catcher, but maybe the Bengals think he has that kind of ability. Either that or they think he has the game to be a starter some day.
  18. Tennessee – Henry, Chris, RB, Arizona
    The Titans took a big chance here, as Henry has just about as many starts in college football as I do. 4 this last year were enough to show the Titans that this youngster has some game, as he ran well for a poor Wildcat team. 1-2 White/Henry punch? We’ll see.
  19. N.Y. Giants – Smith, Steve, WR , Southern California
    The Giants made another very good pick, taking Smith near the end of round 2. Steve does all the little things, and has the speed to be a player in the league. Steve has always produced, but never gotten the big headlines playing second fiddle to a couple tall guys at USC. Mark my words, Smith will be the replacement for Armani Toomer soon.
  20. St. Louis – Leonard, Brian, FB, Rutgers
    I like Brian Leonard a ton, as he can do so much, but the Rams need so much on defense, taking a back up to Steven Jackson here seems a little ridiculous. However, the Rams might be realizing that Jackson can’t stay healthy with so many touches, and adding Leonard definitely gives the Rams a chance to be a little easier on Steven Jackson.
  21. Cleveland (from Dallas) – Wright, Eric, CB, Nevada-Las Vegas
    Eric Wright’s baggage is definitely in his past, and his upside and skills are most likely in the recent future. This young man, grown up from his troubles, will give the Browns instant help in the secondary, something any team can use.
  22. Kansas City – McBride, Turk, DT, Tennessee
    The Chiefs need help on defense, sound familiar? Turk is a run stuffer, and a solid pass rusher that will continue to help Herm Edwards’ defense grow into the solid unit he desires. Nice pick here.
  23. Seattle – Wilson, Josh, CB, Maryland
    Once again, the Hawks have me wowed. I like Wilson, the undersized speedster out of Maryland, and last season’s playoff performance without any corners definitely made the Hawks realize they needed help here, but Wilson is a stretch in Round 2. But, the Hawks rarely miss on Day 1.
  24. Denver – Crowder, Tim, DE, Texas
    The Broncos are re-tooling a defensive line that has underperformed for some time. Crowder fell farther than I thought he would, as he’s done well playing with injuries, and has always been a game changer on the Longhorns defensive line.
  25. Philadelphia – Abiamiri, Victor, DE, Notre Dame
    The Eagles need a guy to step up when Javon Kearse next goes on the IR with a season ending injury. Abiamiri was a lone ranger on the Irish defense, often drawing double teams, and thus his numbers suffered. The Eagles saw through that, though, as Victor will become a starter in the next few years.
  26. Detroit (from New Orleans) – Alama-Francis, Ikaika, DE, Hawaii
    Hawaii doesn’t often get first day love, but Ikaika is the first of two Rainbows plucked at the end of Round 2. It wasn’t all offense in Hawaii, as this young defensive end proved his worth week in and week out. The Lions added another quality peace to an already solid draft.
  27. Carolina (from N.Y. Jets) – Kalil, Ryan, C, Southern California
    I really like what the Panthers did on Day 1. Jon Beason and Ryan Kalil plus a 4th rounder from the Jets for Darrelle Revis. I like it. Kalil helps right away, as does Beason. I like Revis, but these two starters will do more for the Panthers than Revis could have done alone, no question in my mind. Nice work in Carolina.
  28. Miami (from New England) – Satele, Samson, C, Hawaii
    The second Rainbow came of the board, as Satele made it two in three picks. Samson has some strength, and the smarts to make all the line calls for a very good Hawaii front line. Satele will help the Dolphins where they need it most, as Cam Cameron wants to run the rock.
  29. Detroit (from Baltimore) -Alexander, Gerald, FS, Boise State
    Boise State won a lot of football games, and didn’t lose one last season. Gerald Alexander played a huge roll on defense for Broncos. Alexander’s ball hawking ability and sure tackling gives the Lions yet another peace of the puzzle.
  30. Chicago (from San Diego) – Bazuin, Dan, DE, Central Michigan
    I’ve got to be honest, I don’t know much about Dan Bazuin, which says a lot, as I know way too many kids from way too many schools. However, the Bears didn’t need defensive ends, but then again, what do the Bears need? Bazuin will be one of many defensive lineman that will try to make up for the loss of Tank, just in case he’s in more trouble than everyone knows.
  31. Green Bay (via Bears via Jets) – Jackson, Brandon, RB, Nebraska
    The Packers may have stolen their future starter at running backs at the end of round 2, ala the Jaguars and Maurice Drew last season. Jackson has the skill-set and some nice size, as he runs tough. Nebraska used a plethora of backs, so Jackson doesn’t have amazing numbers, but he hasn’t been all used up either. Nice pick by the Packers.
  32. Tampa Bay (from Colts) – Piscitelli, Sabby, SS, Oregon State
    This young man played a huge roll in stunning the Trojans last season, which put him right out there in front of scouts eyes everywhere. Tampa knows how to pick safeties; I expect Sabby to be a damn good one.

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