2006 Fantasy Football Week 14 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: I want 150! I want it, I want it. Like Jessica Simpson wants high def, I want this. 1080-I! Beat that!

QB: Drew Brees: Even though Drew didn’t nessecarily tear it up last week against the Niners, I have a feeling he’s going to put up some staggering stats against he Cowboys. See, Dallas doesn’t let a running game go for long, so Brees and the Saints will enter the airways often in Big D.

RB: Ladell Betts: Betts is a downhill runner with a punishing style that makes poor tackling teams pay for their deficiencies. The Eagles have stuggled all year in the tackling category, so don’t expect anything less than a big day from Clinton’s backup.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson: It hasn’t caught up with me yet, unless I didn’t play this guy and regretted it. I’m sure there will be one week, and as decent as Denver is, it could be them… But I doubt it. The Broncos struggle with All World guys, as it seems to crush their spirits. LT is a SpiritCrusher!

WR: Terrell Owens: I don’t think 2 has had one of his pantented “huge games” on national televison yet, so I’m taking him this week on Sunday Night Football, on NBC. New Orleans doesn’t have secondary suckers who can match Owens’ intensity and playmaking ability, so expect this crazy receiver to go off.

WR: Darrell Jackson: I haven’t had the gut to take D-Jack all season long, and in the times of Matt’s struggles, this pick might bite me in the butt. But it you want flat out consistency in points from the receiver spot, there’s not a better cat in the league than Jackson.

TE: Antonio Gates: Best tight end in the league, bar none. Gotta take him here.

K: Josh Brown: I’m going with the kicker with the biggest game winning nuts around. JB gets it done in the clutch, and that’s the kind of kicker I want anchoring my team every week.

D: Bengals: Talk about a high risk, high reward pick here. Cinci has had some terrible outings, but against the Raiders, this has got to be as big as a 25 point sure thing as there is.


Jake Delhomme and Tony Romo: Jake just has to play better eventually, since he’s gone from a top 5 start to a “good luck” sleeper candidate, you can see he’s had a rough season. Tony just has it. Everyone says it, but seriously, he has it. Watch him trade tit for tat with Drew Brees.

Alex Smith: When he’s not handing the ball off to Frank Gore and just watching him dominate the Packers defensive front, he’ll be finding a couple touchdown passes, and I want to be here to say I told you so.

Steven Jackson: He’s a sleeper because he’s heading up against Chicago’s defense, and that can be a killer. But Jackson has the power and speed to touch up the Bears for a century. Just wait and see.

Maurice Drew: Mo is the most explosive player on the Jaguars’ squad. He has to get more touches in the biggest game of Jacksonville’s season. Touches are all this youngster needs to show people what he’s all about.

Javon Walker: Nobody can run on the Chargers, especially a broken Bronco running game with a rookie QB. The Chargers will stack the line. Cutler has a lazer rocket arm, so expect him to hook up with J-Walk for a big score at least once.

Matt Jones: Finally healthy, Matt is about to have a Drew Bennett like close to the season. Remember that? In the last 6 games Drew moved into the top 4 receivers a couple years back? Okay, maybe not that good of a stretch, but Matt will have his day against the Colts miniature secondary.

Ben Watson: I like Big Ben in Miami. I have a sick feeling in my stomach that New England is about to show everyone how overrated this Miami run is. Ben will benefit from Tom’s lesson.

Chicago Bears DST: Because they’re the Bears, they deserve a spot in my article. Stellar defense, all year long.

LUCKY’S Week 14 Moss’S

Brad Johnson: Benched by halftime? Should have been benched by the 4th game.

Joseph Addai: I think the Colts will get back to throwing the rock, because that works well for them, and the Jags won’t let a running back knock them out of playoff contention.

Eddie Kennisson: EK-G wont’ do much against Baltimore. Because he’s Eddie, and they’re Baltimore.

Randy Moss: The Bengals. It’s a big time game, if Randy doesn’t make me look bad here, I don’t know what to say.

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