Waiverwire Fantasy Football: The Stimulus Package

In the game of fantasy football, you’re always looking for a leg up on the competition. If that’s a unique source, Q&A with a fantasy writer such as myself, or numerous places that write good articles with solid information, or just a good group of buddies to bounce ideas off, everyone needs a helping hand. A buddy of mine turned me onto WaiverWire, and told me I should check it out. After spending a few days on the site, I was given a chance to write a review of the site. I was only privy to the free portion of the site, and already I see lots of upside, and options I don’t have in my own fantasy leagues. Here are three of my favorite things from waiverwire’s free portion of the site.

Guru Challege

The Guru Section: This part of the site gives fantasy owners a chance to put their knowledge statistics where their mouth’s are. Every guy in fantasy has said, “I knew Portis was going to get shut down by the Rams, I had Pierre Thomas as a sleeper this year”, or “I knew Marques Colston was going to be legit the day he was drafted”… But this portion of the site actually keeps track of fantasy predictions, so now instead of a fantasy fish story, you’ll have evidence of your magic. Every week you can take part in a question and answer section. The test gets graded at the end of the week, and stats are kept, and rankings published per week and throughout the season are kept for other members to see. That’s great. I know, for me personally, beating my friends at fantasy football isn’t enough, being the true guru is worth just as much, if not more than the fantasy title itself. I like the accountability. Here’s an example of Week 1’s Guru Challenge:

Strength of Schedule

Strength of Schedule: I appreciate the way the strength of schedule is broken down. I’m always looking for every possible way to see what’s coming up, who’s stats might be blown out of proportion, or even better yet, struggling, because of the competition. This site has a great way to do that. Early in the year is a great time to take advantage of another owner’s running back dealing with a tough schedule while selling high on one of your quarterback’s that just plowed through the 3 lowest ranked pass defenses in the league. The full weekly break down, easy to see color system, and tallied system of rating every single team throughout the season makes looking into strength of schedule that much easier. Here’s what I’m talking about:

News Feed Options

News Feed Options: I love the manage news feed option on this site. It’s one of my favorite things, and a great way to keep everything together. I know that I jump around from site to site looking at my favorite portions of news updates. That will bring me anywhere from local news papers to ESPN to a site lick Scout.com. What that never brings me to is Twitter, but that’s a whole different subject (this portions does have a twitter feed option for those interested). This site allows you tons of options in putting all those things together in one section. You can choose from multiple news and article sources that keep you up to date and informed as easy as possible, all in one area. It gives you the day’s most recent updates on player news, local news, team news, and fantasy updates – this is definitely one of the site’s coolest features. Here’s a screen shot:

Overall, the site is easy to navigate, full of information; player rankings, news updates, and competitions: as well as a place to put in your own league and team info so everything is easier to follow. It’s like a file cabinet for all your fantasy football needs. Waiverwire has something good going.


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