2008 NFL Mock Draft – Round 1 – UPDATED

Alright, no mocking around! All I have here is what I expect will happen on one of the best weekends in sports. I actually do expect a trade or two that could wow your wits, but since trades into the top 10 rarely happen, and are almost impossible to predict, I just went on ahead with a mock draft that goes as planned, trades be damned. This is my 2nd episode, and I do hope you enjoy. I hate that this draft looks a lot like others, but the first few picks just seem too reasonable right now.

  1. Miami Dolphins (1-15)
    Needs: MLB, OT, G, DT, CB, QB, LB
  2. St. Louis Rams (3-13)
    Needs: CB, DE, G, OT, OLB
  3. Atlanta Falcons (4-12)
    Needs: QB, OT, DT, RB, S
  4. Oakland Raiders (4-12)
    Needs: OT, DT, WR, DE, RB
  5. Kansas City Chiefs (4-12)
    Needs: OT, DE, C, WR, CB
  6. New York Jets (4-12)
    Needs: WR, NT, ILB, G, OLB
  7. New England Patriots (16-0) via San Francisco
    Needs: LB, CB/S depth,
  8. Baltimore Ravens (5-11)
    Needs: CB, QB, OLB, DE, OT
  9. Cincinnati Bengals (7-9)
    Needs: DT, LB, OT, DE, TE, discipline
  10. New Orleans Saints (7-9)
    Needs: CB, DT, MLB, TE, OLB
  11. Buffalo Bills (7-9)
    Needs: CB, TE, WR, LB, DT
  12. Denver Broncos (7-9)
    Needs: OT, DT, S, MLB, G
  13. Carolina Panthers (7-9)
    Needs: QB, WR, DE, OLB, OT
  14. Chicago Bears (7-9)
    Needs: QB, OT, DT, G, RB
  15. Detroit Lions (7-9)
    Needs: OT, G, CB, S, DE
  16. Arizona Cardinals (8-8)
    Needs: OLB, CB, TE, RB, DE
  17. Minnesota Vikings (8-8)
    Needs: DE, WR, S, QB, TE
  18. Houston Texans (8-8)
    Needs: CB, G, WR, S, OT
  19. Philadelphia Eagles (9-7)
    Needs: OT, S, WR, LB, TE
  20. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-7)
    Needs: OT, WR OLB, CB, QB
  21. Washington Redskins (9-7)
    Needs: WR, DE, S, OT, CB
  22. Dallas Cowboys (13-3) (from 10-6 Cleveland)
    Needs: CB, WR, OT, ILB, RB
  23. Pittsburgh Steelers (10-6)
    Needs: OT, C, DE, G, RB, CB
  24. Tennessee Titans (10-6)
    Needs: WR, CB, TE, WR, OL
  25. Seattle Seahawks (10-6)
    Needs: OT, DT, RB, TE, G
  26. Jacksonville Jaguars (11-5)
    Needs: WR, DE, SS, CB
  27. San Diego Chargers (11-5)
    Needs: G, OT, NT, FB, RB
  28. Dallas Cowboys (13-3)
    Needs: CB, WR, OT, ILB, RB
  29. San Francisco 49ers (5-11) (via 13-3 Colts)
    Needs: WR, OT, OLB, DE, QB
  30. Green Bay Packers (13-3)
    Needs: OT, S, CB, TE
  31. New York Giants (10-6)
    Needs: OLB, CB, S, OT, DT

You think you know better?

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