2006 Lucky Lester Fantasy Draft Board

When it all comes down to it, every fantasy nut needs a draft board. Your best players ranked from 1 to 100, maybe even to 200. Think about it, write it down, rewrite it; then follow it throughout your draft. And if you never crumble to the temptations of a sexy pick two rounds too early, and you forget about your defense and kicker until the last few rounds, then you’ve done your scouting well young Luke. If the fall’s lazy eye has you by the beans, and making your own list out of the question; here’s one that should get you to the top. This list is based solely on a smooth immeasurable ratio of value and point production. If QB touchdowns and WR/RB touchdowns are equal in your league, all the quarterbacks jump up 4-5 spots.

Don’t forget the three main rules of your draft board.

  • Feel free to deviate slightly for things such as; preference, bye week differential, and the value of a player depending on who has been chosen previously. For example, if my favorite player is Ronnie Brown, and I get to chose between Ronnie and Cadillac, I’m taking Ronnie, because they are close enough on my board. If my starting RB has a bye in week 10, and I’m choosing between Frank Gore and Willie Parker, and Frank has a bye in week 10, take Willie. And last, if you’re choosing between Chad Johnson and LaMont Jordan for your 2nd pick, and all the other top tier RB’s have been taken, take LaMont because his value is higher.
  • Don’t get caught up in the tight end, defense, or kicker hullabaloo. If you can get good value with Antonio Gates, go for it. But chances are, he’ll get drafted much earlier than he should, as will guys like Shockey, Gonzalez, and Crumpler. Aside from Gates, TE’s are too equal to pick early in drafts. Wait it out and take advantage of guys like Ben Watson, Ben Troupe, and Kellen Winslow falling down the draft. Same goes for defenses, except never pick one until you have starters and backups at all positions. Kickers…. Hahaha…. Last two rounds could be too soon.
  • Don’t let bye weeks break your balls. If you’re choosing between two players relatively close on your draft board (3-5 spots apart) then bye week should come into your mind. But if I’m choosing between Anquan Boldin and Plaxico Burress in round 4, and you already have Larry Fitzgerald (who has the same bye as Boldin) take Boldin anyway. He’s that much better. You can always come up with something in that situation. But don’t pass on great players because of one lousy bye week.

Stick to your game plan, follow good ol’ Lucky Lester’s Rules and his Top 100, and take home the pride and prize at season’s end.

MY Draft Board – Top 100

  1. Shaun Alexander
  2. LaDainian Tomlinson
  3. Larry Johnson
  4. Tiki Barber
  5. Steve Smith
  6. Edgerrin James
  7. Clinton Portis*
  8. Brian Westbrook
  9. Peyton Manning
  10. Larry Fitzgerald
  11. Steven Jackson
  12. Torry Holt
  13. Terrell Owens*
  14. Cadillac Williams
  15. Rudi Johnson
  16. Ronnie Brown
  17. Anquan Boldin
  18. Chad Johnson
  19. LaMont Jordan
  20. Willis McGahee
  21. Carson Palmer*
  22. Warrick Dunn
  23. Marvin Harrison
  24. Reggie Wayne
  25. Corey Dillon
  26. Chris Chambers
  27. Randy Moss
  28. Santana Moss
  29. Kevin Jones
  30. Dominick Davis*
  31. Tom Brady
  32. Julius Jones
  33. Reuben Droughns
  34. Antonio Gates
  35. De’Shuan Foster
  36. Frank Gore
  37. Willie Parker
  38. Matt Hasselbeck
  39. Jamal Lewis
  40. Thomas Jones*
  41. Plaxico Burress
  42. Javon Walker*
  43. Donovan McNabb
  44. Donald Driver
  45. Marc Bulger
  46. Hines Ward*
  47. Darrell Jackson*
  48. Roy Williams
  49. Chester Taylor
  50. Andre Johnson
  51. Eli Manning
  52. Dominic Rhodes
  53. Deuce McCallister
  54. Reggie Bush
  55. Fred Taylor
  56. Chris Brown
  57. Ahman Green*
  58. Daunte Culpepper
  59. Joey Galloway
  60. Mike Bell
  61. Drew Bledsoe
  62. Jake Delhomme
  63. Joe Horn
  64. Kurt Warner
  65. Ben Roethlisberger
  66. Derrick Mason
  67. Jeremy Shockey
  68. TJ Housmandzadeh
  69. Todd Heap
  70. Mike Vick
  71. Tatum Bell
  72. Jason Whitten
  73. Reggie Brown
  74. Drew Brees
  75. Steve McNair
  76. Tony Gonzalez
  77. Brett Favre
  78. Joseph Addai
  79. Jake Plummer
  80. Terry Glenn
  81. Randy McMichael
  82. Byron Leftwich
  83. Chris Cooley
  84. Jon Kitna
  85. Cedric Benson*
  86. Ben Troupe
  87. Chris Simms
  88. Rod Smith
  89. Deion Branch*
  90. Mike Anderson
  91. Laveraneus Coles
  92. Mushin Muhammad
  93. Lee Evans
  94. Drew Bennett
  95. Michael Clayton
  96. Braylon Edwards*
  97. Algae Crumpler*
  98. LJ Smith
  99. Antonio Bryant
  100. Ben Watson

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