Week 9 NFL Picks Review: 2007

After a huge Week 8, week 9 brought me down quick… I was killed by half points, single points, 2 points… Every little thing went wrong in most games, injuries hurt me, and of course, the Chargers killed me for the billionth time this season. This is how it went down…

Houston Texans @ Oakland Raiders (-3): loss
(Line: Monday, 4:00pm EST: Bookmaker)

“This is a very tough game for me. First and foremost, I don’t think the Raiders should ever be favored, but this might be the exception to the rule.” Apparently, it wasn’t the exception to the rule after all – it’s official, the raiders, win or lose, should never be favored in any game. Defensively they are bad, and offensively neither McCown nor Culpepper can get enough done to make wins happen. You might see JaMarcus Russell next week in Oakland.

Washington Redskins (-3.5) @ N.Y. Jets: loss
(Line: Monday, 4:00pm EST: Bookmaker)

Half a point… That sucks. Damn overtime field goals to lose games by a half a point. LT’s the only guy who ever runs for a touchdown to end a game in overtime, otherwise you’re going to get a 3 point game, and waiting with a half a point cushion is a painful thing in that instance. The Redskins win, but not by enough to make me a winner.

Arizona Cardinals @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3.5): win
(Line: Monday, 4:00pm EST: Bookmaker)

It’s nice to get a win here and there during a very tough week. Earnest Graham had a lot of carries and 125 yards for the Bucs, and Arizona couldn’t do anything on the ground or through the air against a Tampa defense that came out tough, and stayed dominate all day long. It’s nice to get a win here an there, like I said.

New England Patriots (-5) @ Indianapolis Colts: loss
(Line: Monday, 4:00pm EST: Bookmaker)

One point… That sucks. The Patriots really didn’t play like the better team in this one, they just got it done when they had to. They definitely looked beatable, and the Colts looked like the younger and faster team – even more physical on the offensive line. This might be the battle we see for the AFC Championship game – both these teams are very good.

San Diego Chargers (-7) @ Minnesota Vikings: loss
(Line: Monday, 4:00pm EST: Bookmaker)

I thought I was gold when Cromartie took that field goal back for 109.5 yards and a touchdown right before the half. Little did I know, I was in for the bad side of an NFL record breaking day by a rookie. Adrian “King of the World” Peterson ran all over the Chagers in the 2nd half. He finished the night with one more yard (296) than Jamal Lewis’s 295 yards a few years back. Peterson is the real deal, and a special player – see him when you can. LT and the Chargers fell again – and they always seem to kill me.

Seattle Seahawks (+1.5) @ Cleveland Browns: loss
(Line: Monday, 4:00pm EST: Bookmaker)

One and a half points… That sucks. The Hawks are probably the toughest team for me to watch in the entire NFL. I expect decent things out of their roster, but when the really need to stop someone, they can’t, and when they really need a yard, there’s no way they get it if they use one of their running backs to get it. They traded D-Jack for a 4th round pick last season, I think they’ll be lucky to get a 4th rounder for Shaunna. This game, among the ones you see above, was one of the 3 games I lost by 2 points or less.

Baltimore Ravens (+10) @ Pittsburgh Steelers: loss
(Line: Monday, 11:00pm EST: BodogLife)

Forget this game… Well, at least I blew my 7-1 week perfectly with a 1-7 week, comes out even but also looks really bad. Now I definitely have some work to do.

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