Week 8 NFL Pick Review – 2006

I just can’t pull off two good ones in a row. Following up a winner last week, the Halloween tricksters weren’t on my side. I needed a Monday Night blitz by the purple defense in Minnesota to collect a whopping 4 wins. Records of 3-10-1 just aren’t acceptable. Back to the drawing boards for me, but first, check how I fumbled more than the 49ers on Sunday. Double digits in the L column get you fired… One more week?

Arizona (+4) at Green Bay – LOSER! The Cardinals were horrible again, and now I can see why the Titans rolled with Vince Young. After a great start to his Arizona career, Leinart has looked human during the last two weeks. Human for Matt means jobless for Dennis Green? It sure means another loss for me.

Atlanta at Cincinnati (-4) – LOSER! The Bengals played tough, but never had the spread in hand as Atlanta pressed on. Mike Vick might not be overrated anymore, making Atlanta one of the scariest teams in football. The Bengals bungled and I lost one early.

Baltimore (+2.5) at New Orleans – WINNER! The Ravens made me a winner early, as this was the first game I was watching to start the day. I thought to my self, now this is going to be a good day. I didn’t knock on wood, didn’t rub a rabbits foot, just went to the bathroom and had an omelet. Read on to see how that turned out.

Houston (+3) at Tennessee – LOSER! The Texans played really poorly until Sage Rosenfels came in for David Carr… But it wasn’t enough as the Titans held on late to win by 4. Lost by one. A loss is a loss.

Jacksonville (+8) at Philadelphia – WINNER! With no passing game, the Jags still ousted the Eagles. Jacksonville showed their stout defense and a very productive running game against an Eagles team that never seemed to come out of the locker room. Lucky me.

Seattle (+7) at Kansas City – PUSH! Yeah! A push. TO be honest, I knew I was in trouble when the Chiefs completed their 2 point conversion to go up 7… I pushed.

San Francisco (+17) at Chicago – LOSER! Unfortunately their were two halves to this game. The first one I didn’t care much for, the 2nd one would have made me a winner. The 49ers had a touchdown and a field goal in the 4th to finish the 2nd half with a 10-0 lead. However, the first half netted the Niners 0 and the Bears 41…. Add those two together. Did I cover? Ah… No.

Tampa Bay (+10.5) at N.Y. Giants – LOSER! Another close one broke my heart. Eli and the Giants O was held in check for much of the game, as little Manning could only muster 154 yards passing. Tiki only had 68 yards on 26 carries. But the bigger story was the Bucs inability to do anything. The Rook, Bruce Gradkowski, completed just over 35% of his passes. That won’t get you many wins, that’s for sure. Giants win, Lucky loses.

St. Louis (+10) at San Diego – LOSER! The Rams just couldn’t stop LT. The cat had over 200 total yards, 183 rushing, and managed 3 scores on the day. Bulger passed for 32, but it wasn’t enough as the Ram defense couldn’t hold. I lost again.

Indianapolis (+3) at Denver – WINNER! Indy made it interesting, but they couldn’t be denied as even the league’s best defense didn’t have an answer for Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne. The three hooked up 10 times for 3 touchdowns and a bus-load of yards to get me a much needed W.

N.Y. Jets (+2) at Cleveland – LOSER! The Jets couldn’t stop the Browns famed rushing attack. Famed? Oh, I’m sorry, Cleveland had the worst rushing attack in football coming into Week 8. On the other hand, New York had the worst rushing defense. Apparently bad offense beats bad defense. Makes sense.

Pittsburgh (-9) at Oakland – LOSER! I can’t believe the Raiders won again. I really don’t have an explanation for this game, besides the fact that Ben Roethlisberger sucked for nearly the entire contest. What is with this guy. He couldn’t lost the first couple years, and now he’s an interception machine.

Dallas at Carolina (-4.5) – LOSER! In the midst of a tough, painful, foot in the mouth week, not only did I lose my 9th Sunday game of the day, but the Cowboys just happened to come out of Carolina with a victory. It looked good for me early, but too many turnovers and absolutely no production from the Panthers’ offense got me numero nine.

New England at Minnesota (+3) – Could I have been more wrong? I’d like to own up now. The Patriots aren’t overrated, the Vikings defense is. Or even better yet, the Vikings could very well stop any other team in the league, while the Patriots are the only dominant force that can completely annihilate such a club. Honestly, Tom Brady is amazing, he makes everything look easy, and ice water seems to run through his veins.

What a terrible week for UN-Lucky Lester…. Next week is guaranteed to be better.

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