Week 7 NFL Picks Review: 2007

Even Steven – for my bottom 7 picks of the week, that’s not all that bad. Check out my Week 7 review, and see how a couple wins here and there got me to 3-3-1.

Atlanta Falcons (+9) @ New Orleans Saints: win
(Line: Thursday, 3:30am EST: Bookmaker)

I really think the Falcons would have won this game had Leftwich stuck in there. The Falcons covered easily and almost made the Saints look really bad in New Orleans. Atlanta lost, naturally, because that’s what atlanta does, but the game was close, just like Ole Lucky predicted, and I got my first win of Week 1.

Baltimore Ravens (-3) @ Buffalo Bills: loss
(Line: Monday, 1:30pm EST: Bookmaker)

Well I’m glad I didn’t bet the house on this game, as I took a loss in Buffalo. The Bills defense really impressed me on Sunday. The Ravens should have and could have run the ball a lot more, and probably pulled out of Buffalo with a victory, but the way it went, the books took home a lot of cash, and while just a little bit of it was mine, I still feel had.

New England Patriots (-16.5) @ Miami Dolphins: win
(Line: Monday, 1:30pm EST: Bookmaker)

This game showed me what I already knew, the Patriots are the best team in football and the Dolphins are not. Also, the Patriots aren’t to be wagered against. Winner.

Tennessee Titans @ Houston Texans (+1.5): loss
(Line: Thursday, 3:30am EST: Bookmaker)

Matt Schaub got injured, the Texans bombed big time… And then they crawled back from the depths of hell to go up 1 with a minute left in the game. However, the Texans defense let Kerry Collins, of all people, lead the Titans into range for Rod Bironas’s 8th field goal of the day. He’s the new record holder, and I lose this bet by a half of a point. Naturally, I had already written off all hope, but was then pulled back in by the hair on my twelve o-clock shadow, only to fall down and out.

N.Y. Jets (+7) @ Cincinnati Bengals: push
(Line: Thursday, 3:30am EST: 5Dimes)

I can’t believe I got this push. Now, a lot of crap hit the fan, and that’s just what happens in Bengals and Jets games, but the Jets were looking good, and pretty much taking it too the Bengals before their defense blew it, and a cover seemed almost impossible after the Bengals returned an interception for a touchdown and went up 38-23 with 37 seconds to go. But silly me, I was safe after all. The Jets went and scored in 30 seconds, and went for two and got it. And look at that, I push a sure loss.

Chicago Bears @ Philadelphia Eagles (-4.5): loss
(Line: Monday, 1:30pm EST: Bookmaker -4.5)

“I don’t like this game at all. If I didn’t take every game, I would leave this one alone. I want to take the Bears, because the Eagles have been, well, frankly crappy. I want to take the Eagles because the Bears have been brutal all season long, minus one half against the Packers. I advise you to sit this one out, but if you’re picking your weekly office pool, and need to lean one way or another, take the Eagles because of their defensive strength.” I can’t say I didn’t warn you. This game came right down to the wire, as the Eagles’ play calling was as bad as it’s ever been. It’s as if Andy Reid gets a plan in his head, and if doesn’t work, he just pounds it until it does. Brian Westbrook could have beaten the Bears by himself, but Andy didn’t let him. This game was too close, and the Eagles failed late.

St. Louis Rams @ Seattle Seahawks (-8.5): win
(Line: Thursday, 3:30am EST: Belmont)

“The Seahawks are the better team here. The Rams defense is brutal. Their offense is worse. They don’t have the bulk to out-muscle a relatively soft Hawks defensive front, and when Marc Bulger goes back to pass, his offensive line full of back-ups won’t give him nearly enough time to pick apart the Seahawks. I also don’t think the Hawks will struggle at home again after the Saints embarrassed them last week. This is usually where the Hawks step it up, and I think they’ll do just that this week at home.” Well, the Rams couldn’t take advantage of the Hawks weak run defense, they couldn’t slow a pass rush that sacked Marc Bulger to the point of tears, and the Ram offense looked good on 5 plays, the entire game. I was right about this one, and thus I pulled off an even record in Week 7. A couple close losses that could have gone either way made all the difference, but on a day like that, I’ll take .500.

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