Week 7 NFL Pick Review – 2006

IT wasn’t all bad on Sunday. A couple key teams fell late, but all in all, I came into Monday Night Football guaranteed another winning record after a tough one in Week 6. How did everything pan out? Read more of my Week 7 Review…

Carolina (+3.5) at Cincinnati: WINNER! It’s only fair to give a little credit to the Bengals, they pulled out a nice late victory over a very good Panther team. However, I mentioned money in the bank when Carolina is an underdog. They didn’t cover by much, but a win is a win, and I got one here.

Detroit at N.Y. Jets (-3.5): WINNER! This game was closer than expected, but the outcome remained the same. The Lions put up a nice effort, and they’re on the right track, maybe to the playoffs next season? I’m crazy. However, I was right again, as the Jets got their 4th and gave me my 2nd win of the week.

Green Bay (+5) at Miami: WINNER! Like I said earlier in the week, “Don’t be stunned by the 2nd Packer win of the season, and just another loss in a long line of failures out of Miami.” I hope you weren’t stunned as the Packers did away with the Dolphins, and I won again.

Jacksonville (-9.5) at Houston: LOSER! Was Mike Peterson that important to eh success of the Jags? Or did Jacksonville just blow it against Houston? I guess we’ll see soon enough. The bottom line is, if I had to pick one winner this week, I would have taken the Jags over the Texans? And survivor pickers everywhere moaned and groaned over this score, I guarantee it. My first loss was a full blown cold stone stunner.

New England (-5) at Buffalo: WINNER! After a nice start to the season, not record wise but play wise, the Bills are falling down in the dumps. JP Losman looks like poop, and the Buffalo defense can’t manage a stop when it matters. New England’s record grows as they win another against their divisional foes.

Philadelphia (-5) at Tampa Bay: LOSER! Tampa Bay is better than their record insists, and I can’t imagine their young quarterback losing his starting job any time soon. I knew I was in trouble during this game when McNabb threw his second pick of the game. However, I thought the Eagles would still pull one out. A 62 yard field goal downed Philly and Tampa Bay pulled out a big one at home.

Pittsburgh at Atlanta (+2.5): WINNER! How ’bout them Falcons. Mike Vick looked like a great quarterback against a very good Steeler defense. Ben Roethlisberger looked good too, but he got concussed late in the game and didn’t return. Thank goodness I just traded him in my dynasty league. Anyhow, Atlanta used their rushing attack in overtime, marching down the field into field goal range and handing the game to Morten Anderson. Mort did the deed and Atlanta won at home.

San Diego Chargers (-5) at Kansas City Chiefs: LOSER! Phillip Rivers struggled early, putting the Chargers in just a big enough hole to eventually fall in the end. Rivers came back strong, but the normally stout Chargers D couldn’t stop Larry Johnson, and Damon Huard looked good again as Kansas City got right back into the playoff race.

Denver (-4.5) at Cleveland: WINNER! I wasn’t impressed with Jake Plummer, but Tatum Bell has shown me he’s for real. Jay Cutler has to be coming soon to a theatre near you. Even with Jake, the Broncos covered by 5.5, taking down the Browns in Cleveland. The Browns have NO rushing attack. Without one, they’ll continue to struggle.

Arizona (-3) at Oakland: LOSER! Matt Leinart finally looked like a rookie, Edge continued to struggle, and Dennis Green secretly wished he didn’t fire his Offensive Coordinator after last Monday’s game. All in all, Oakland stunned me by getting a win this season. Now Randy and the Raiders can rest, they met their potential with a big win at home.

Minnesota (+7) at Seattle: WINNER! Hasselbeck went down with the game tied, and the Vikings stepped up with the smell of blood in the air. Seattle just doesn’t have IT. Whether they lost it after getting screwed in the Super Bowl, or when Shaun went down, or when Matt got injured, they just don’t have IT. If they can hold on in this tough situation, they might find IT. The Vikings looked good as they gave me my 7th win on the day, assuring me a winning week.

Washington (+10) at Indianapolis: LOSER! I liked my bet early, but the Colts came back late to absolutely dominate the Redskins. Peyton Manning is good, and Mark Brunell just isn’t good enough. That’s my analysis on that one. The Redskins lost again, putting themselves in a nearly impossible position if they still plan on making the playoffs.

N.Y. Giants (+3.5) at Dallas: Tony Romo will help the Cowboys win football games, something Drew Bledsoe can no longer do. However, that will start to show next week. Tonight, the Giants slapped the Boys right in the face. Upsetting the Cowboys in Dallas to give me a giant smile and my 8th win of the week.

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