Week 2 NFL Pick Review – 2006

Starting week 2 with yet another Miami loss – headache. Painfully jumping into the air as the Panthers attempted and completed a loss to the Vikings – groin pull. Seeing a miracle unfold before my eyes as the Giants scored 24 unanswered points to oust the Eagles in overtime – heart murmur. Storming back with a win on Monday Night Football to finish the week at 8-8…. PRICELESS! Read em and weep.
As it turns out, those Buffalo Bills have Miami’s number. After all the hoopla in Miami, it should be interesting to see how they rebound from an 0-2 start. As for me it was nice to start 1-0.

The Panthers look like they’d have trouble with the Texans right about now. I’m not jumping off their bandwagon or anything, I’m just not expecting much until Steven Smith trots back on the scene. An overtime field goal gave me my first loss. Ditto what I said about the Dolphins record.

As it turns out the Bengals slapped the old Brownies around pretty good, then Chad Johnson got slapped right in the kisser by Cleveland’s secondary. Seriously, if you haven’t seen Chad’s hit, stay tuned to “Jacked Up” on “Monday Night Countdown.”

I don’t know what I was thinking here, but I definitely didn’t expect 4 touchdowns from Rexxy Grossman. The kid was winging it like his old days in Gator Country. Detroit’s D lacked luster, bringing me to 2-2 on the morning.

The Texans just couldn’t hang. They tried so hard, but their little motors just weren’t strong enough to fight the uphill battle. David Carr threw three touchdowns, and it still wasn’t enough. I guess I was hoping the spread would just be too high. My 3rd loss happened instead.

Wonderful Green Bay turnovers are to thank, but the Saints got their 2nd win of the season. Don’t get too excited if you’re a Saints fan, the Browns and the Packers aren’t necessarily the league’s best. Brett delivered loss number 4 on the week.

How the Eagles did it to me again, I’ll never know. Donovan and company held a 17 point lead early in the 4th, yet they managed to lose to the Giants in overtime. Call it complacency, or bad luck, hell even a nice effort by New York. I call it the same thing the Eagles do, a loss. Number 5 on the week for me.

In my gimmie game of the week, the Ravens stomped the Raiders in a laugher. Oakland is that bad. They scored 6 more points than I thought they’d put up, but 28 to 6 isn’t much to celebrate. Finally, I chalked up win number 3.

Mike Vick rushed for over 100 yards, as did Warrick Dunn, and the Falcons pulled out a 14-3 victory over the seemingly lost Buco’s. For the second straight week, Caddy Williams, last years’ Offensive Rookie of the Year, didn’t reach the 50-yard plateau, and Simms had more interceptions than touchdowns. In fact, Tampa has 3 points on the year. Just as many wins as I had after 9 games this week. 3-6 is no way to party.

Seattle beat Arizona, and the 21-10 score was way closer than the game was. Arizona couldn’t run, and if you listen close, you can hear Kurt Warner’s nightmares…. “No… No… Not Julian Peterson again! My wife looks like a guy. I hold the ball too long. I’m fat and can never live up to the standard I set for myself in St. Louis. Ahhhhh!” Another win for me, another week of pain for Kurt.

Alex Smith and Frank Gore looked real good for the up and coming Niners. I think the Rams blew it, and next time they play San Fran, the Niners are in for a beating, but this week the Rams couldn’t match the intensity on the other side of the ball, and the Niners took advantage for their 1st win of the season, and my 7th loss of the week.

The Chiefs got on Larry Johnson’s back and rode him all the way to overtime. But the Broncos cashed in the victory with a late field goal. The 3 points weren’t enough to keep me out of the win column though, just as the win might not keep Jake Plummer’s starting spot.

The Patriots started out by dominating the Jets, but a late surge nearly gave me loss number 8. Not yet though, as the Pats held on late for a 7 point victory, bringing me one game away from .500.

A late touchdown pass by Vince Young almost forced me to keep my promise to fly and shake Coach Fischer’s hand, but those Titans kept my promise by never exceeding 7 points. The Chargers scored 40, and I won my 7th game of the week.

Terrell Owens broke his middle finger as he tried to let Bill Parcells know how he feels about getting 3 catches for 19 yards. Maybe that’s not how he did it, but he’ll miss 3-4 weeks with a busted digit. On the cloudy side of things, the Boys won by a couple scores and the Redskins fell to 0-2. I fell to a game under with a .500 week relying on the Jags at home on Monday Night…. Do-do-dooooo!

Read my week 2 picks to fully appreciate this one. The Jags took down the Mighty Steel Show, even with their fearless leader back in black and gold. Byron had a decent day, though touchdowns were not to be had. Three field goals and a shut out by the Jags defense took me to .500 in Week 2.

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