Week 2 College Football Picks Review: 2006

Ugh… So, after two weeks of college football action, good Ol’ Lucky Lester is 10-11… Not so hot. But there’s always down weeks. After an opening winner in Week 1, 4-7 wasn’t what I was going for in Week 2, but as it turns out, that’s the way the cookie crumbled. Check out the pieces in my WEEK 2 REVIEW…

The Dukies put up a nice fight against a far superior Wake Forest team as I got my first loss of week 1. Picking the Deacons to win by nearly 3 touchdowns isn’t a mistake I’ll make again.

Those blasted Army boys were too busy worrying about the next time President Bush is going to send them into a lose-lose situation to destroy Kent State. Luckily for them, a spread means nothing, unfortunately for me a spread means no dinner tonight.

Thank God for those Auburn cats. A big win in the exact fashion I imagined gave me one of my few victories on Saturday. Kenny ran like LT, and Auburn’s defense played like the Great Wall.

I don’t know what I was thinking jumping off the Notre Dame band wagon because of a close game on the road against Georgia Tech, but that’s exactly what I did. I knew GT was better than advertised. I blame myself completely for this one.

Clemson couldn’t get it done, but it wasn’t for lack of effort. BC took the game by a point, and I lost by 2, but close only matters in horseshoes and games in which you have a spread in your favor. I didn’t have that. I lost again.

I think Washington might be much better than I thought, and I know Oklahoma isn’t as good as everyone else thought. That being said, Adrian Peterson beat the Dawgs by 17 points, just enough for me to cash in.

Iowa was without Drew Tate, and I still don’t know why. I do know that without Drew, Syracuse almost took down Iowa in what would have been a huge upset. As for me, I lost again.

Idaho couldn’t hang. Washington State actually came to play this week, proving that Auburn could be the Nation’s best team… You heard it here first. Idaho, on the other hand, isn’t the Nation’s best, and as it seems, neither was I on Saturday.

Colorado State made me a winner for the 3rd time in my fist 8 games, but its not like they didn’t make me sweat it out. These rivalry games are always tough, luckily I came out on top in this one.

Though my Minnesota/Cal game turned out to be a huge typo, that didn’t replace last weeks pick, (me=moron this time around) it didn’t turn out well for me anyhow. Minnesota didn’t seem like the same team they were last week, and neither did Cal for that matter. To make a long drunk story short, I lost money here too.

At least I won my game of the week. Ohio State trotted into Texas and branded the Longhorn’s asses in a show of dominance over last week’s #2 team in the nation. I’ll be very surprised if OSU loses this season. Their young defenders look great.

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