Week 11 College Football Picks Review

Huskies win, Huskies win; promptly Hell froze over!
I had to do too many things on Saturday (aka – Recover from Friday Night), so I didn’t have much time to skip around and see what happened around the college ranks. Before I went into my deep, deep Tivo college football replay game depression, a random walker-by told me that the Huskies killed the Wildcats of Arizona. “Oh shit!” I thought, and as it turns out I had good reason to worry. Realizing that hell just froze over, I could only expect my worst set of college football picks of all time. That’s just what I got. As it turns out, I can’t tell the future. I’ll never make fun of that stupid, fat, ugly Jamaican lady again…

Fresno State @ Boise State (+9.5) – Bulldogs 27 – Broncos 7. It turns out I was wrong about a couple of things. Weird. Jared Zabransky looked like the same quarterback who intercepted the LSU game away, and the Bulldogs didn’t seem underrated one bit. Sometimes you think you have something but you really don’t, like Rosie O’Donnell thinks she has a penis.

Maryland @ North Carolina (-2.5) – Terrapins 33 – Tar Heels 30. It went into overtime, where I realized I couldn’t lose if North Carolina would just score and hold the Terps to nothing. If, again. It always seems to crap on your glasses when you figure out what you need to win. The Terps outlasted the Tar Heels in the extra session, sending me to 0-2, with the knowledge of a Husky loss on the horizon.

Northwestern (+18.5) @ Ohio State – Wildcats 7 – Buckeyes 48. Ohio State is finally playing as well as everyone thought they would all year. Sometimes it takes awhile to pull your head out of your ass, just ask the Bush family. Troy Smith is going to be a great quarterback, and State’s set of backs and receivers could probably take gold in the 4×100 at the next Olympic games. Unfortunately half of them will be making gobs of money playing professional football so they won’t have time to travel to Hong Kong to run around a track.

Michigan State (+6) @ Minnesota – Spartans 18 – Golden Gophers 41. The Spartans have now lost 5 of 6, making them almost as bad as the Blue Devils of Duke. Just kidding. State would still outscore Duke by 50 points in the first half. In this game it was Amir Pinnix and Gary Russell leading the Gopher rushing attack. Maroney was out for the day. The Gopher offensive line played at a high level, and the Gophers absolutely dominated the Spartans.

Iowa @ Wisconsin (-3) – Hawkeyes 20 – Badgers 10. Iowa led by 7 after three quarters, and their defense played stellar in the 4th, holding Wisconsin scoreless while taking home victory. The Badgers have really fallen off since their undefeated start to the season, while the Hawkeyes are playing their best football of the season. Another unlucky loss for Lucky.

Florida State (-2) @ Clemson – Seminoles 14 – Tigers 35. Terry Bowden took another game from his daddy on Saturday. The Tigers are a much better football team than I originally thought. This is beginning to look like a theme here; I think team is good, team is bad; I think team is bad, team is good.

Washington @ Arizona Wildcats (-13) – Kudos to Tyrone Willingham, he’ll end up building a solid team at the University of Washington. He got his first victory on Saturday, in response I originally thought hell had just frozen over. Especially with the way the Wildcats took down the Bruins’ hopes for an undefeated season last week. What can I say? You can’t win them all. You can’t win most of them, half of them, some of them, one of them… Can I get a tie?

Arizona State (+4) @ UCLA – Wildcats 35 – Bruins 45. The Bruins came back from their loss in a big way, taking down the Wildcats in a big-time scoring affair. Maurice Drew could only manage 88 yards on the ground, but that didn’t matter much as Drew Olson passes for 510 yards and 5 touchdowns, setting a new record for touchdown passes in a season for the Bruins. What happened to Arizona State after losing to the Trojans?

Texas Tech (-24) @ Oklahoma State – Raiders 17 – Cowboys 24. Not only did the Raiders fail to cover, but they got beat up by the Cowboys. Tech roared back with 14 points in the 4th quarter to tie the game, but a late touchdown by State took away any chances the Raiders had to pull out the victory. This is one of the biggest upsets of the weekend.

Oregon (-5) @ Washington State – Ducks 34 – Cougars 31. I’ll tell you what, the Cougars have been just good enough to lose every single Pac-10 game in the second half. This time it was the 3rd quarter that happened to be the Cougs’ undoing. Back here at home, we like to call this act, “Couging It”. It comes from all those games UW has taken down the Pussycats from Pullman. Loser = Me.

LSU @ Alabama (+3) – ‘Bama lost a heart breaker, but not without allowing me my one shot at mediocrity, allowing me a push and at least $20 left in my account. Thanks. Alas, their are only two undefeated teams left in the college ranks. And the BCS gets off again. Those Bastards!

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