Week 11 College Football Picks Review: 2006

I fumbled. Like Louisville, I lost my championship hopes. Like Iowa, I struggled at home. Like Maryland, I didn’t cover the close wins. And just like Fresno State, I couldn’t even cover the easy ones. It was a tough week, this is the score…

TOP 5 Bets

1. Oklahoma Sooners (win)
2. Maryland Terrapins (loss)
3. Fresno State Bulldogs (loss)
4. Vanderbilt Commodores (loss)
5. Cincinnati Bearcats (win)

Louisville Cardinals (-6.5) @ Rutgers Scarlet Knights: Loss. The Game I was expecting happened in the first 20 minutes. The game that gave me an early college week loss happened during the next 25 minutes. After halftime I was thinking, ha, exactly what I expected. After the game I was thinking…. What the hell just happened?

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (-13.5) @ North Carolina Tar Heels: Loss! This game was disgusting. I wouldn’t take $50 in payment to watch this thing again. I don’t know what happened to Tech’s offense, but Reggie Ball isn’t a passer. He’s been brutal lately. 7-0. Gross!

Cincinnati Bearcats (+19.5) @ West Virginia Mountaineers: WIN! I just barely got by in this one, it was close, but the way the last few weeks have been going,

Wisconsin Badgers @ Iowa Hawkeyes (+1): Loss! The Hawkeyes have won 4 straight in this rivalry, and are very tough at home. All signs point to Wisconsin, but lets not forget the importance of home field advantage in a divisional rivalry like this one. Iowa has struggled lately, but a big win over Wisconsin here would get them right back in the Bowl picture. Look for Iowa to surprise a lot of people on Saturday.

Vanderbilt Commodores (+2.5) @ Kentucky Wildcats: Loss! I love betting on the Commodores. (6-3 ATS) You can see why. The Wildcats are coming off a huge win over Georgia, so they should struggle out of the gates. The Commodores love to take advantage of squads who expect an easy win when they come to town. Vanderbilt will win this game in Kentucky!

Miami Hurricanes @ Maryland Terrapins (-2.5): Loss! I should have thrown this game out the window because of the shooting, but I let it roll. The Canes came out with fury in their hearts. It was a tough game, and in the end Maryland came out on top, but not by enough to get me a much needed win.

New Mexico State Aggies @ Fresno State Bulldogs (-11): LOSS! The Bulldogs aren’t even close to as bad as their record insists. The Aggies, they’re just as bad. New Mexico won’t stat close in this one, as finally the bounces will play fair with the Bulldogs as they dominate from 1 to 4. Since 1987 the Bulldogs haven’t beaten the Aggies by less than 2 touchdowns.

Oregon State Beavers (-2) @ UCLA Bruins: Loss!

Washington State Cougars (-1) @ Arizona State: Loss!

Texas Tech Red Raiders @ Oklahoma Sooners (-8.5): WIN!

Wake Forest Demon Deacons (+9) @ Florida State Seminoles: WIN! “I don’t know how the cappers came up with this number, but honestly, lets look at some game film. Lets see, yes, that’s right, ah, there it is. The Seminoles haven’t beaten any of the Top 5 ACC teams this season, while their only wins have come against Miami, Duke, Troy, Rice, and Virginia. The Deacons have yet to get any street credit from going 8-1 on the season, with their only loss coming in a close one against Clemson. Yeah, after review, I’ll roll the dice on the Deacons and 9 freaking points. Unbelievable.” It’s nice to pick an upset like this and have it go even better than ou expected.

Tennessee Volunteers @ Arkansas Razorbacks (-5.5): WIN! The Razorbacks haven’t lost since an opening whooping put down by the USC Trojans. You can understand why they started off kind of slow, they’re a team with a new offense and a freshman quarterback. He’ll only get better. Darren McFadden has been great this season, averaging over 100 yards per contest, and scoring 11 touchdowns. The Volunteers are a great group of kids, and they are undefeated on the road this season, but Arkansas keeps finding a way to win. Something they’ll continue to do this week at home, where they too are undefeated thus far.

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