Week 10 College Football Picks Review

A shot below the belt… 5-6
Lets say the Belt is right at .500, well this week marks a shot right in the junk. At 5-6, I couldn’t make a hat trick out of my winning weeks, but a nail biter makes for good TV right? At least an ulcer. I’ll have to take a trip to the family doctor before I go back to the drawing board in an all or nothing week 11. For now, take a look at my ups and downs and try and figure out where I went wrong.

Losers – 6

Michigan State (-5) @ Purdue – College football is a mess, no one can figure this stuff out… okay, I just couldn’t figure this one out… Purdue takes down Michigan State, the only team besides USC to beat Notre Dame… what is this world coming to? I get it; sure money is not sure at all… okay, okay, I’ll learn my lesson.

Toledo (-11) @ Ohio – The Rockets could only outscore Ohio by 9 which is… carry the two… oh yeah, not enough for me to cover the 11 points needed for payout. Schucks!

Wake Forest (+8) @ Georgia Tech – It looks like the swagger Tech has been walking around with finally followed them into a football game. Georgia Tech is loaded with talent, too much for the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest. Reggie Ball finally played some good football, and the Yellow Jacket defense was too much for the offensive unit in Wake.

Miami @ Virginia Tech (-6) – Markus Vick looked terrible. He couldn’t throw, run, or hold on to the damn ball. He’ll grow up, but not soon enough to make a BCS catastrophe… dang! I had hopes for some Texas, USC, Virginia Tech, and Alabama undefeated season BCS ugliness… but now it looks more and more like a USC – Texas title game. Thanks Hokies!

Tennessee (+8.5) @ Notre Dame – Notre Dame is one of the NCAA’s best teams. They took a Tennessee scare and dominated in the last 15 minutes. Notre Dame will play in a big BCS game if they can win out.

UCLA (-9) @ Arizona – The dream is dead in California. There were many season ticket holders and college students’ alike waiting and hoping to see the UCLA Bruins and the Trojans of USC playing in a match-up between undefeateds, but their dreams were dashed by the horrendous play of the Bruins. At the bottom of the Pac-10, the Arizona Wildcats took down the Bruins, giving UCLA what had been coming to them over the last three weeks. This just shows, you can’t deny destiny!

Winners – 5

Minnesota (-13) @ Indiana – The Golden Gophers were much better than the overmatched Indiana Hoosiers. Marooney looked good and the Gophers over powered the young Hoosier team easily.

Duke (+31) @ Clemson – “The oddsmakers must be slamming their heads into walls left and right.” (Me) Yes, the Blue Devils made this closer than it needed to be, but I was right on top of the score. No way the Tigers outscore a college football team by more points than they’ve scored all year. So, Duke lost and I won… Can’t have a better day than that!

Texas A&M @ Texas Tech (-17) – “Texas Tech shall dominate this match-up. Tech is a solid, offensively explosive machine while A&M is what? The 8th best school in Texas. Exactly. No-brainer.” (Me) 56-17… Are you kidding me? Once again, that’s Lucky “Genius” Lester, I’ll be here all year.

Texas (-28) @ Baylor – “Texas will absolutely obliterate Baylor. 28 points will be had after 1.5 quarters of football, and a 40-point victory will be on the horizon.” Okay, okay, I was wrong… the Longhorns only had 27 points at halftime. And they didn’t win by 40, they won by 62… You can’t be perfect all the time.

Oregon State (-3) @ Washington – The Huskies continue to be the Pac-10 doormat, but it’s not their fault, they’re just really, really bad. Who’s fault is it? I blame Drew Bledsoe and Tom Cruise. Bledsoe is sluggish on a fast day and Tom Cruise is borderline dwarf material. Plus, they’re both assholes. Another Husky loss means another win for me!

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