theRUNDOWN: Week 10

For those of you new to theRUNDOWN this is what I do. I pick my best team of the week, some nice plays with a few reasons to back up my picks. After that I list a couple sleepers, either decent guys that I expect to have good weeks, or relatively unused guys I like to do well. Then, at the end I list a few usually solid guys that I would leave on the bench. Last week was one of my worst RUNDOWN’s of all time, so I’m definitely feeling anxious at the chance to do something great this time around. This is my RUNDOWN for Week 10…

QB: Aaron Rodgers vs. Minnesota: Aaron has been the real deal since taking over for Brett, and people are starting to realize what the Packers were up to when the traded the golden arm in the NFL. Rodgers should have his way with the Vikings secondary, and he doesn’t have a long history of playing poorly in Minnesota (like old man Favre). 

RB: Adrian Peterson vs. Green Bay: The Packers don’t have a good run defense and you know Aaron Rodgers and company will be putting up points. Adrian Peterson should be a work horse on Sunday, and I’m hoping for one of those “that guy is amazing” weeks from AP. 

RB: Jamal Lewis vs. Denver: With Brady Quinn under center, the Browns will be feeding Jamal Lewis to take some pressure off their beacon of hope – that being said, this is the Denver Broncos and Jamal is looking to break 150 yards in the first half. 

FLEX: LaDainian Tomlinson vs. KC: Alright, there’s just something about an LT/AP lineup that gets me all hoogily boogily – I’ll take LT2 against the KC Chiefs. 

WR: Anquan Boldin vs. San Francisco: Anquan Boldin is a beast, a touchdown beast. I like him to carve up the 49ers secondary this week. 

WR: Greg Jennings vs. Minnesota: I like Greg’s match-up against the Vikings. Jennings is the read deal and he should torment Minnesota with his ability to run after the catch. 

TE: Kellen Winslow vs. Denver: The Broncos secondary is brutal and Kellen will be a mismatch that a young Brady Quinn will take advantage of. There it is. 

K: Stephen Gostkowski vs. Buffalo: Yeah, I’m back to Gostkowski. I think the Pats move the ball enough to get their young kicker into a nice field goal groove, so I’ll roll with the only kicker to ever get me good points.  

D: Carolina Panthers vs. Oakland: The Raiders are brutal and you can bet they’ll be throwing more this week after the team tallied up less than 100 yards of offense against the Atlanta juggernaut last week. More passing means more mistakes and the Panthers reap the benefits. 


Tyler Thigpen: It’s no secret, I’m on the Thigpen bandwagon… 

Daunte Culpepper: Make sure he’s starting, but why not, right? The guy hasn’t been in the league for about a year, and I still like him against the Jags defense. If anyone knows how to throw it up for talented wide receivers, it’s the guy that made a pro bowl career out of doing so in Minnesota. 

Maurice Jones Drew: The Lions are in town again, if i had the guy I would be starting him.  

Timothy Hightower: San Francisco doesn’t really scare me all that much, and Timmy is getting the carries on the goalline and in the middle of the field. He should have a solid day this week. 

Mushin Muhammad: This guy should be a PPR genius this week, catching at least 8 balls against the Raiders defense that should be intrigued as to who is getting cut tomorrow… What a joke Oakland is. 

Mark Bradley: He’s been good since cracking the starting lineup in KC, and now he has a pretty solid match-up against the Chargers secondary. I like this kid a lot. 

Billy Miller: This guy is still available in a lot of leagues, and while Jeremy Shockey is back, Miller’s useful weeks in a row make him a nice sleeper candidate here. 

New York Jets: The Rams offense makes me sick, and I think Marc Bulger is part of the problem. His offensive line is brutal, sure, but he plays scared and throws the ball way off target even when he’s not getting rushed. 

Papa’S Week 6 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Big Ben Roethlisberger: Too many question marks, and if the Steelers are up, they are likely to go with Byron just to protect Big Ben. 

Bernard Berrian: BB keeps having tough games against the physical Packer corners – based on that I wouldn’t play him. Unless your me and your only other option is Marvin Harrison. Ugh. 

Steve Slaton: I really like Steve, but he’s braving the Ravens this week and they never give up anything to running backs – he should still be a threat in a PPR league, and I might play him if I didn’t have great options, but Sage likes to throw the ball down field, and that doesn’t help Slaton’s cause.  

Marvin Harrison: I like him less than BB this week- I know that because I have that option and I’m starting Berrian. That beings said, Berrian is also on my sit him list, so that makes Marvin a super sit him. 

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