Ten for Tuesday

  1. Did I tell you to pick up Jamal Lewis or what? He’s got a more user friendly schedule now, and he played well against the Giants and his team is looking up. He probably got more expensive, but he might still be worth it – he could have a really nice final 2/3s of the season.
  2. Bernard Berrian – yep. BB is really fast and he’s always open. Sure, he drops some balls but he catches some too. Two straight big weeks for Berrian and I think he has his best season as a pro – so if he’s still available or if you can get him as a bonus in a trade, fell happy to do work.
  3. Yes, Braylon Edwards is just as good as you thought he was coming into the season. Those of you who traded him when he was playing poorly – hahahaha – never sell low. Those of you that pilfered the super-talented touchdown machine, good on ya – and those of you that just held on to the big receiver, patiently waiting for his value to skyrocket – you played your cards right.
  4. Does Roy Williams’ value increase? Tough call – I think it does just because he’s happier in his situation now, and while he’s shown over the years that he is a tid bit immature, he has also shown that, when happy and included, he is a damn good young receiver. He’ll be a nice addition as a #2 behind TO, and he’ll get a lot of open looks in a Cowboys offense in which defenses pay a lot of attention to TO, Witten, and Marion Barber – but Romo is out for the next 3 games, and I’m not sure Roy will be the best option during those weeks where the Cowboys will almost certainly throw less and run more.
  5. Just to let everyone know, I prepared you for Thomas Jones big days a coming – he, and the rest of the Jets, play one of the easiest schedules in football from here on out. That means less chances for Brett and more runs for the Jets running backs. This is where Jones makes his owners happy and while you might be too late to get a good deal, I don’t think trading him now is the best option. He’s got some real nice match-ups coming up.
  6. Matt Schaub is a really good fantasy quarterback. I see that he is still available in a lot of leagues, and newsflash folks, he’s better than lots of guys that are owned in more leagues than him. In 3 of his 4 starts he’s been a great starting option and I don’t think that will change. He’ll have some down weeks, this is just his second year as a starter and he was hurt a lot last season – but he’ll have 3 good games out of every 4 and with Andre Johnson out wide, they could be really big games. AJ is a beast!
  7. Despite losing Roy Williams, it seems to be a great deal for the Lions. They’ll probably start Shaun McDonald and Mike Furrey, two sure-handed wideouts that can do work over the middle of the field. I actually think this is not only good for the franchise (1st, 3rd, 6th picks next draft) – but it’s good for Calvin Johnson too. CJ won’t have competition on deep balls and while he might see more double teams, he’ll have an even better season without Roy along side him.
  8. The Chiefs are so dumb. They hold onto Tony Gonzalez when a 3rd round pick was for the taking. Gonzo is really good and he’s 32, they weren’t getting anything more than that and they could have gotten help in the future. If they didn’t draft so crappy this would have been an even better deal. I guess they probably considered the fact that they’d probably reach for a DT and miss on that selection, thus there was no reason to get any pick. I thin Gonzo continues to be a solid TE even though his squad is a short one line joke.
  9. Shaun Alexander – haha – I hope he doesn’t steal end-zone looks from Portis. I don’t think he will and he shouldn’t be picked up, so let someone else make that mistake.
  10. Go RAYS, Go!!! Sorry baseball haters, I had to – gotta love them young guns in Tampa – do work sons!

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