2006 Fantasy Football Week 7 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: You can’t get better than these fellas in week 7…

QB: Brett Favre: After promising myself never to pick Rex Grossman here again, I’d say Brett Favre is a nice pick here… It’s ridiculous to go with the same guys week in and week out, so rolling the dice with Old Gray Beard as my fantasy stud in Week 7 feels like a winner.

RB: Kevin Jones: This might have the backfire of a Rex Grossman on Monday Night, but how can I go away from the runner facing the Jets? Two words; Ronnie Brown! The Dolphins looked like they couldn’t get the runs if they ate sloppy joes all week, but sure enough Mr. Brown ran all over NY. This week it’s KJ’s turn to run amuck.

RB: Clinton Portis: I’d love to roll with LT every week, but that’s basically cheating, plus I think Clinton’s ready to explode against the Colts. This game will be closer than expected, at least I better hope so, I’m taking the Skins and the points. Portis will score a couple times, as Indy has proven that stopping the run isn’t their bag baby.

WR: Plaxico Burress: Plax will have a chance to get Monday Night Player of the Week when the Giants trot into Dallas this week. Dallas can’t cover for crap, and Eli will need to go up top early and often if he wants to keep the Cowboys run defense honest. A couple big plays on 1st and 2nd down will have Burress racking up some points.

WR: Anquan Boldin: If Boldin can do the Bears like he done, you can count on him doubling that production against the hapless Raiders. Leinart is a smart kid, hence his trust in Quan. Boldin is a borderline Top 5 receiver in the league, actually bunk that, he is Top 5!

TE: Randy McMichael: Yeah, Gates is a great play here, so if you have him, play him. But I’m trying to take some time off from my norm this week, so I’ll take Randy McMichael against the Packers. Green Bay can’t stop jack, and Randy has led the Dolphins in receiving each of Joey Harrington’s two starts. The trend shall continue!

K: John Kasey: Kasey’s crazy leg should be on automatic mode in Cincinnati. The Bengals have a decent defense, but all of Carolina’s offensive weapons should get them down the field. Kasey will capitalize with 3 or 4 field goals on Sunday.

D: Broncos: Who plays Oakland this week? Arizona… Yikes… Hey, I said it, I might as well follow through. I’ll take the Cardinals. The Raiders are brutal, watch, even the Cards will D them up.


Joey Harrington: I’ll roll with Joey again. Not just because it’s easy to keep his name up on the board, but the Dolphins are rolling at home against the Packers, quite possibly the only secondary that can compete with theirs for biggest baddest donkeys around. Can he have more TD’s than picks? That is the question.

Chester Taylor: Chester isn’t the stud Minnesota thought they were getting, but he’ll be benefiting from Steve Hutchinson mauling his old teammates on Sunday. You can bet Hutch will get plenty of opportunities to run block against his old squad. Chester will have his best game of the season.

Dominic Rhodes: Rhodsey hasn’t done quite enough to make him a must start, but a week after Travis Henry broke the donkey’s back against Washington, you can bet your balls Peyton will give Rhodes plenty of chances to prove himself at home against the Skins. A couple touchdowns sounds just about right.

Greg Jennings: Have you seen the Dolphins secondary tackling fools left and right? Yeah, me neither. Jennings will benefit from one of the league’s worst secondaries on way to another strong week for the rookie.

Matt Jones: The Great White Hype hasn’t done much to celebrate this season, and basically nothing lately. But this week will be different. The Jaguars always beat the Texans, and with Houston keying in on the Jaguar run game 1st and Reggie Williams 2nd you can bet Byron will take advantage of the 6’6″ target running behind the defense in Houston. Matt will have his first big game of the year.

Ben Watson: Ben has too many skills to stay in fantasy purgatory for the rest of the season. When he breaks out, you can bet I’ll have him on my sleepers list. Buffalo hasn’t done well on the defensive end of the ball lately, and Bill always finds ways to dominate coming off a bye. Big Ben well help the cause.

Steelers DST: Though not the most popular option this week, Pittsburgh has just the right kind of defense to shut down Atlanta. I know the Chiefs O-Line isn’t what it used to be, but LJ only got 26 yards on 15 carries last week. If they can do that to him, Pittsburgh should do just fine against Atlanta’s rushing attack. Shut down the run, shut down Atlanta.


Brad Johnson: You can bet the Vikings will try to slow the game down as much as possible, because no way they can gun with Hasselbeck and the Hawks. That being said, 36+ rushes won’t surprise me. That means low attempts and low totals for BJ.

Reuben Droughns: Denver will eliminate the rush from the Browns. When Denver gets ahead, they slow everything down. A fast game and playing from behind, matched up with playing against a tough defense should hurt Mr. D’s fantasy stats.

Hines Ward: He’s one of my favorite players of all time, but he should have a rough time against Atlanta’s secondary. DeAngelo Hall will have him on lockdown, not a good sign Hines. Other receivers might benefit from his attention, but Hines should falter in Week 7.

Jeremy Shockey: Don’t bet on Jeremy in prime time. Shockey, though its amazing with his ridiculously loud personality, always manages to struggle in the spotlight. His words about Bill Parcells a year ago will have him interviewed and questioned all week. That won’t help him. Don’t expect much from the U’s biggest fan.

Free NFL Picks 05-06 Week 7

Sorry for all the delays this week. Lucky is in New Zealand and we had difficulty transcribing his picks. Here they are fresh from down under. The penetrating analysis will be my own, 80 year old Uncle John.New Orleans Saints @ St Louis Rams -3.5
Both teams rediscovered their ground games last week. Rams are scarier through the air. Take St. Louis modestly priced at home.
Game Date: 10/23/05 13:00 ET

Green Bay Packers -1.5 @ Minnesota Vikings
The Packers have some pride. Ahman Green returns for the run challenged Pack Attack. Daunte and Tice must wait another week to wake up from their nightmare. Game Date: 10/23/05 13:00 ET

Indianapolis Colts -16.5 @ Houston Texans
Expect Mr. Carr to get sacked a dozen times at least. Colts will flood the field with reserves. Game Date: 10/23/05 13:00 ET

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cincinnati Bengals -1
Steelers are no longer the best team in this division. Meet the Bengals! Cincinnati should be favored more at home.
Game Date: 10/23/05 13:00 ET

San Diego Chargers @ Philadelphia Eagles -3.5
Even Lucky has the occasional horrible day. Philly has been stewing for two weeks about “The Humiliation in Dallas”. Look for them to kick ass at home. Game Date: 10/23/05 13:00 ET

Detroit Lions @ Cleveland Browns -3
Dilfer is surprising everybody with his stellar leadership. Browns undervalued at home. Give the three.
Game Date: 10/23/05 13:00 ET

San Francisco 49ers @ Washington Redskins -13.5
This week the Niners traded Tim Rattay who was their one chance to win again this year. Brunell gets my vote as Comeback Player of the Year. Game Date: 10/23/05 13:00 ET

Dallas Cowboys +5 @ Seattle Seahawks
Danger, Danger! People are talking up the Seahawks again. That is never a good sign. This game feels like pick em so grab the generous five you get with the Cowboys. Game Date: 10/23/05 16:05 ET

Buffalo Bills +3 @ Oakland Raiders
Randy Moss will sit this one out. Bills have found a passer, Kelly Holcomb, who can deliver the ball deep to a speedy batch of receivers. Game Date: 10/23/05 16:15 ET

Baltimore Ravens +1 @ Chicago Bears
Bears are the worst first place team in Football. EVER! Take the underachieving Ravens and the point.
Game Date: 10/23/05 16:15 ET

Tennessee Titans @ Arizona Cardinals -5
Titans finally must sit down their great warrior, Steve McNair. Cardinals deliver this week on untapped potential.
Game Date: 10/23/05 16:15 ET

Denver Broncos +2 @ New York Giants
Broncos are the superior squad across the board. Giant defense is ranked thirty-first. My own shriveled wife is ranked higher in a room with twenty other women. Grab the points!
Game Date: 10/23/05 16:15 ET

New York Jets @ Atlanta Falcons -7.5
Curtis Martin is a baller, kudos for tough Vinnie as well. However, Atlanta is too tough for the banged up Jets.
Game Date: 10/24/05 21:10 ET

Big Bet Of The Week

It pains me to pick the Cowboys +160 to win out right against my beloved Seahawks. The ten gallon jug of Black Rum, I intend to buy with the proceeds will ease the pain!



Good Luck with your NFL Football Betting!
Lucky Lester – Free Football Picks

Week 7 College Football Picks Review

Double Up 8-4-1
I doubled up my wins over losses in a big winner week for Lucky. I plan on many winner weeks to come as I feel like I have this college thing down. Those Trojans broke my heart by taking down the Irish with a little reversal of Irish Luck. Even with a broken heart, a new fat wad in my wallet felt pretty good… who said money can’t make you happy?

Push Me

Toledo couldn’t get me one more point. They did everything but. And what can I say, I was meant to win twice as many games as I loss and no less.


South Florida couldn’t pull this one out, so I started my Saturday with a loss… luckily the losses would come few and far between. Let freedom ring.
Bowling Green could only muster up 20 more points than Buffalo. I’ll stick with my guns though, and bet on my main man Omarr Jacobs on any given Saturday.

The Indianna game was tough, I lost the spread by 2.5 points. I thought the Hoosier defense would play better… guess I was wrong.

UCLA couldn’t pull the spread out. I knew Washington State was going to choke, they’ve made a career of it. Unfortunately they didn’t choke until late, too late for me to win.


Washington tried to joke around and hold on early, but the true purple and gold came through with a nice and dissapointing loss. Oregon is one of the best teams in a weak Pac 10. The Huskies are one of the weaker teams in the NCAA. Another loss of the Dogs is another win for me.

Penn State couldn’t pull off a win that would have kept them in the National Title hunt. On 4th and goal, with time running out, Michigan State got a touchdown to win by 2. Did I say 2? Luckily for me, I had 3. Winner!

Florida couldn’t win the big game, but LSU coldn’t finish off the Gators. Meyer’s team hung around long enough to cover the spread and make my money.

Mo money, mo money, mo money….. Notre Dame was out to make me look like a genius before the luck of the Irish reversed and broke my heart. A little mending with the cash I pocketed made me feel a little better.

Georgia Tech was much, much better than those horrible Blue Devils. The Yellow Jackets stepped up and took the Devils by 25, giving me my first of many wins on the day.

Weird, Colorado couldn’t compete with Vince Young and the rest of the Texas Longhorns. I called this one right on the dot. I’m getting used to picking these Longhorn games.

Ohio State was a touchdown favorite and they deserved to be. Michigan State is a good football team, and they had control, but Ohio State can score at any time on any play. They did, and they came back to beat the Spartans easily.

Northwestern is a damn good squad, and they came out and took advantage of a Purdue Boilermaker team that is out of their conference race. Basenez is a good quarterback, one of the toughest leaders in the college game. Look for Northwestern to make some noise.

NFL Free Picks 04-05 Week 7

Ouch! Lucky Lester recorded his first losing week going 6-7 on the week. There were numerous heartbreakers but Lucky still is a winner on the season going 46-37-4. You know, it was all going very well up until I bet Grandma’s house on my Super Picks. I swear my run of bad luck has to do with her moving in and wanting to take over the living room on Sundays. Can you imagine, Sunday, of all the days to be getting up in my face!Cash money is what I expect from my Week Seven Picks but I’d settle for a little uninterrupted TV time on Sundays:
Lucky Lester’s Picks For Week Seven
Bills @ Ravens(-5.5) – Now, taking the Ravens to win by 5.5 points is always a difficult thing. Their defense is the heart and soul of the squad, and the offense just holds on tight to Ray Lewis’s backside, trying to get wins. On that note, the Bills have yet to beat a team besides the lowly Dolphins, who are the only team worst offensively then the Buffalo. Chester Taylor will turn some heads during the two games he sits in, or sprints in for the suspended star running back, Jamal Lewis. Look for Baltimore to come out with a more balanced game plan without Lewis. This will only help them beat the Bills this Sunday. Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Lions @ Giants(-6.5) – Wow! I never could’ve imagined I’d be taking the Giants favored by nearly 7 points… against anyone. I also would have never bet Mr. Warner would shake off his two year rust and still be starting in week 7. But, this is a game, and this is the NFL. Translation; anything can happen anytime. The Giants are too good giving the ball to the masterful Tiki Barbar, who has looked brilliant thus far. He will tromp all over a defense that has yet to put the breaks on an opponent this year. Giants to win. That still sounds weird! Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Eagles(-7) @ Browns – The Browns have looked surprisingly decent behind the ugliest man in the NFL, Jeff Garcia. He has led his team to a few victories, and last week he threw 5 touchdowns. But these are the Eagles for God’s sake. And last week Lucky learned not to bet against the Eagles, no matter what kind of method of madness you’re thinking. A touchdown, that should be no problem for who I think is the best team in football. They’re too confident to bet against!
Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Jaguars(+9) @ Colts – The Jaguars offense has been winning games of late, a change from earlier in the season. Leftwhich has looked real good; giving football fans a preview of one of the leagues brightest stars of the future. 9 points is quite a hill to climb for the Colts, and although I would favor them to win this game, the Jaguars have too much fight to lie down against a questionable defense. Take the fighting Jaguars at +9.Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Titans (+6.5)@ Vikings – Taking the Titans here shows some balls or some craziness, either way they’re my pick. The Vikings could be without their ringleader Mr. Randy Moss, and that could hurt their chances. But, with or without him, they’ve barely won the last two weeks, and their defense is so bad, I imagine the struggling Steve McNair will be happy to see them in week 7. McNair is better then he’s shown lately, and will prove it this week against Culpeppers amazing stats. Look for some scoring and a down to the wire finish. I’m betting on Steve to be Steve this week. Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Chargers @ Panthers(-3) – Okay, so the Panthers let me down last week, but its not their fault. They had to play the Eagles and I should have known better. Anyway, I’m taking them again this week, but this time they’re favored. I’m hoping the tides have changed and now that they are favored they might start winning some games. Okay, so that’s a long shot. What I’m really betting on is the reality that the Chargers aren’t as good as they have been. Seriously they are the Chargers, luck is bad to strike them down with lightening this week!
Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Rams(-6) @ Dolphins – Marc Bulger proved last week that he could throw against a tough defense, but that was on the nice fast turf in St. Louis. Still I have to take the Rams here, because they are good or at least mediocre. The Fins on the other hand are pretty poor, and their record actually shows how good or bad they are. The Rams have a much better chance to win here. They’ve got something going for them… an offense that can actually consistently produce touchdowns. Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Bears(+7) @ Buccaneers – The Bucs at 7 point favorites is too much for me to swallow, or bet on anyway. When I think about taking the Bears to win anything I question what I’m thinking, but the Buc’s aren’t a +7 team and that’s that. I don’t know if they’ve won a game by more than 7 yet this year, something makes me doubt it. The Bears will always fight, regardless of how bad they are. Take the Bears with -7 here; it’s the only way to look at this game.
Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Falcons @ Chiefs(-3.5) – So, part of me still sees the Chiefs as the team that was 13-3 last season. What can I say, I believe in The Priest. The Falcons got lucky against the Chargers, and they’ll show it this week by getting shellacked by the Chiefs. Vick will do some damage in this one, as anybody would against the Chiefs sieve of a defense. The Falcons D has been stout against the run, but has yet to face a back like Holmes. But then again, there isn’t a back like Holmes, as Ray Lewis has attested. The Chiefs will follow their Priest in to the end zone on more than one occasion this Sunday. Take Kansas City. Game Date: 10/24/04 13:00 ET

Jets(+6) @ Patriots – Maybe I just want the Jets to win, and maybe i just want the Patriots to lose, but I really believe the Jets can make both happen on Sunday. They have a running attack that can damage a defense that has been susceptible to it this year. They also have as accurate a passer the NFL has in Chad Pennington. In fact, he’s kind of like Tom Brady in that way. The Jets will do what the Seahawks couldn’t last week, ending New England’s amazing run. Pennington won’t give Patriot defenders the gift interceptions Matt Hasselbeck gave them last week. This will be a great one, but I’ll take the Jets at +6 to be the surprise-undefeated team at the end of this game. Game Date: 10/24/04 16:05 ET

Cowboys @ Packers(-3.5) – I’d like to start by apologizing to Brett Favre. He deserves more respect than I gave him last week. He is a winner, and he will always give his team a chance. Plus, the Packers look like they are back on track, and look to win for the first time in a long time in Green Bay. I see Brett coming to play in this one, and his partner in the backfield, Ahman Green will show that he is as good as he was last year. The Cowboys, a Lucky favorite to lose every game, will make me happy once again. The only downside is, they get better draft picks the more they lose. Game Date: 10/24/04 16:15 ET

Seahawks(-6.5) @ Cardinals – I have to look on the bright side and say the Seahawks loss last week only makes them better. Now they know what they have to do to be Super Bowl contenders, and that starts with thumping the Cardinals. The Hawks gave the game away last week with turnover after turnover. Hasselbeck had three interceptions. That killed the Hawks against a team like the Patriots. He’ll be on his game early in this one, and not even the fight of Dennis Green’s bunch can stop the Hawks from surging to victory in this one.
Game Date: 10/24/04 16:15 ET

Saints(+3) @ Raiders – These are two bad teams that do something good once in a blue moon. Unfortunately for the Saints the moon was blue last week. I don’t expect them to be as good as they were against the Vikes, but I do expect them to at least be as good as the Raiders. And since Oakland is favored, I have to take Aaron Brooks and his New Orleans squad that has managed to play young and inconsistent for three years straight. Hopefully they play better then a bad Oakland team that just gave away Jerry Rice. I don’t care how old he is, he’s the Michael Jordan of the wide receiver position, and like Mike, he can always help a team win.
Game Date: 10/24/04 16:15 ET

Broncos(-6) @ Bengals – The Broncos once again have a new great running back in Droughns. They will ride him against a poor Cincinatti defense. The Bengals will have to stack the line to make up for their young and penetrable defense and Jake Plummer will take advantage of that with easy and open passes all over the field. Will we see Jon Kitna if Carson Palmer struggles again this week? Probably not, but if he throws an early pick he’ll be looking toward the sideline, and that isn’t healthy for any quarterback. The Broncos, a team I don’t like to bet on, should win easily in Cincinatti.
Game Date: 10/25/04 21:05 ET

Good Luck with your NFL Football Wagering!
Lucky Lester