Fantasy Focus Review: Week 7 Football Analysis

It was a tie for first for the first time this season, but it still stayed in Family. Papa and I both went big and finished a top the rankings, tied, with Josh finishing third and Red Red Ryan was Red Red Last. Some decent performances all week, some big sleeper guys going huge – here’s how the week of 7 went down.

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Elite Starters: Guys picked early that I love this week…

1. Peyton Manning –Peyton had a nice week, finishing 5 overall, but the Rams weren’t close enough to go huge. B+
2. Drew Brees – Drew was okay, not great, Top 10 but he needed rushing scores to get on this board. B
3. DeAngelo Williams – Despite being forgotten in the second half, D-Lo was 4th in Week 7. A
4. Ben Roethlisberger – 12th overall, not really startable – how the Steelers won is beyond me. C-
5. Roddy White – Roddy was 11th amongst WRs, that’s not too shabby, but it wasn’t as wonderful as I wanted. B+

Solid Starters: Guys picked in middle rounds that should outplay their ranking/draft position this week…

1. Eli Manning – Some big dropped passes hurt Eli, but a really lucky tip catch TD helped him. Ellie was bad. D-
2. Steve Smith – 18th overall, on way to a good finish to the season if they can figure it out. B+
3. Marshawn Lynch – He was 15th overall, but didn’t have as good a game as I expected. B-
4. Joseph Addai– 13th overall, not a good point per touch day, but a decent performance fantasy wise. B
5. Ryan Grant – 7th amongst RBs, Grant had a great day running the ball. 147 yards and a score. A+

Sleeper Starters: Guys ranked low, drafted low or not at all, but I still like them this week…

1. Laurence Maroney – 21st overall, the Patriots were back to throwing the ball. But not a bad day for LM. B-
2. Cadillac Williams – 28 receiving yards, 29 rushing yards – yeah, missed on this one… F
3. Chris Henry – Henry only had 2 catches, but they went for 26 yards and a TD, not bad for a waiver guy. B-
4. Jeremy Maclin – 38th overall, Maclin has been solid, he was targeted often, was close to a big day. C+
5. Sydney Rice – #6 overall, you betcha! A

Sit ‘Em Son: I don’t care where they were drafted, I don’t like these guys starting this week…

1. Matt Forte – 8 fantasy points, and only because he caught 4 short passes, another brutal day for Forte. A
2. Antonio Bryant – 24th overall, 13 fantasy points, definitely a decent option. Not great though. C-
3. Donnie Avery –Just 7 fantasy points, that’s about what I expected. A
4. Mark Sanchez – 11th overall, good day for Mark, despite the whole hot dog eating thing – nice sleeper. D-
5. Chad Henne – Henne had a bad day, and for that he can thank the 5 drops by Dolphins, and the early lead. A

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***Big Bye Week in Week’s 7 and 8: this week don’t play Ravens, Broncos, Lions, Jaguars, Seahawks, or Titans! Mind the Gap!!!


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A short “Who did we miss” section this week, because I’m a busy man. How about the Top 2 Running backs in the league this week, a shout out to Ricky Williams and his highest number of touchdowns in any one game in his career, 3 in a loss to the Saints. And Shonn Greene, he went in for Leon Washington when the little back broke his leg, and Shonn went crazy for 144 yards and 2 TDs on fewer than 20 carries. In the QB rankings, everyone missed Carson Palmer (#1 by a long shot) and Tony Tomo (the 2nd highest ranked QB by 4 fantasy points). Alex Smith, yes, the former #1 pick, also came in in sub-duty and finished 7th amongst QBs this week. Austin Miles reminded everyone that maybe last week wasn’t a fluke, as he took the top spot for the 2nd straight week, putting up 35 fantasy points. Chad Johnson finished 2nd. DeSean Jackson was 4th overall, and Sindey Rice and Devin Hester finished a close 6th and 7th – how about Sydney Rice’s move up the charts?

Ask Papa Weimer: Week 7 Fantasy Football

Have some good ones early this week, why waste any more of your rancid time with my introduction, you want to get to the questions and answers like I want to get to my Philly Cheese cake that I’m not supposed to eat. So on with it. Again, you can always post your questions any time you want, just send them to me at – I’ll be here all week!

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Kyle M-Dot of Ferndale, Washington asks, “Who do u think is the best running back in the NFL and who do u think will go to the Super Bowl?”

Thanks for the email my man. As for the best RB in the NFL, that’s a tough call. I think Adrian Peterson, as just a raw runner, is one of the toughest guys to bring down. What he did to one of the best run defenses in the league last week was pretty awesome. 140+ yards against that team is gnarly, but his strength and work ethic really makes him special. I don’t think his vision is awesome (like Jones-Drew or Brian Westbrook) but his ability to go through tacklers probably makes him the best RB in the NFL in my mind. He has awesome speed, really quick cuts, and is tough to tackle. If he didn’t have a case of the fumbles, and was a good receiver, he’d be one of the best ever.

As for the Super Bowl, I hate the Saints and have never been a big Colts fan, but they really seem tough to beat. I’ve always known they had good offenses, but the way their defenses have stepped up is pretty amazing. Also, Drew Brees and Peyton Manning, two very different talent/prospect levels, are two of the best quarterbacks I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot. And despite losing recently, I like the chances the Eagles and Giants have of possibly upsetting the Saints and getting to the big game. Both really struggled last week, but one game is one game, and a season is a longer deal. A couple AFC teams that will give the Colts a run, the Ravens and Patriots could sneak in as well. It could also be magic for Denver, but I’m not quite buying that yet. Those are my favorites!

David from Minnesota writes, “If I had to pick up a WR who would be the best pickup? Crabtree or Lance Moore and why? It sounds like Crabtree will be starting. Will he make any type of impact?”

Tough call, everyone in New Orleans seems like a crap shoot every week because they are all open and Drew doesn’t seem to have a favorite, but I think lance had the 2nd most amount of targets with 7, and last year he certainly was Drew’s favorite guy to go to. But Crabtree has soooo much talent, and the 49ers seem determined to use him. I’m personally stunned that a Mike Singletary team would start Crabtree right out of the gate, unless he’s been dominating at practice, in which case he’s worth a look. I think both these guys are solid pick-ups. Lance is in a group of productive receivers while Crabtree is in a run first offense and has been out of football for a while, both have their downsides. I think Lance is the safe pick, Crabtree is the wildcard. I imagine Lance will end up with more fantasy points from now until the end of the season. But it will likely be close.

Tim Lynch says, “Papa, This year we allow return men to get the yards and touchdowns. There are two on the waiver wire this week. I have a spot for one of them, Which should I pick up? Domenik Hixon (They are playing Arizona: should be a lot of opportunities) or Sammie Straughter (They are playing NE and should also get a lot of opportunities. Thanks for the help!”

Tim, I think both guys are great options, but Sammie Stroughter just took the job in Tampa, and I know they will be allowing lots of scores all year long. I’m not sure that the job is his to keep, but I think they like his speed in the open field, so I imagine he’ll stay there. I think the Giants will allow a lot less scores than the Bucs, obviously, so Hixon won’t get as many returns as the season goes forward, but this week, Arizona might be able to put some points on the board and give Hixon chances. But you might want to take into account Niel Rackers, he is one of the top Touch back kickers in the league, booming 9 into the end zone already this season on just 24 attempts. Then again, Stephen Gostkowski has 10 touch backs, but on 13 more kick offs attempts. Tough call for sure. I think the Patriots end up kicking off about 7-10 times, and that would have me give the nod to Stroughter. But in both situations there’s upside. I just think Sammie gets more looks as the season goes forward. Plus, I’ve always thought a lot of the guys since he was a youngster at Oregon State. Thanks for the email.

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Mark B from San Antonio, Texas asks, “I’m being asked for a trade for either Gore or Forte straight up for Steve Smith (CAR). I’ve been starting Knox because players receive return yards in our league and scores double digits for me. The other WR slot I haven’t settled on, and then I run 3 backs. My RBs and WRs are as follows: Forte, Slaton, Ray Rice, Mendenhall, Frank Gore, Jonathan Stewart – Braylon Edwards, Vincent Jackson, Johnny Knox, and Eddie Royal. Should I take this trade in hopes for a bigger outing from Smith later this season? Thanks for your help on this.”

Boy, you have some great running back options – Gore, Mend, Ray, and Forte, and then Jonathan Stewart just in case, gotta love that group, and yes, that leaves you room to make a trade for a solid receiver. While I absolutely love Steve Smith’s game, it seems like the Panthers and mostly Jake Delhomme, don’t have the ability to use Steve. I think Knox is a solid option in return yardage leagues – he gets catches as a receiver, makes big plays, and that extra 100 or so yardage from kick returns is nice too. I would not trade Gore for Steve Smith. Gore is an awesome back that IS his team’s offense. Keep holding on to him. Forte, I don’t know, he’s a tough gamble – he’s been bad to start the year, his value seems to be gone, and maybe him for Steve would be a decent trade -but I feel like you might be able to trade for a better receiving option with one of those backs. I like Steve, one of my favorite players in the game, but questions abound in that passing game. I would probably pass on this trade, but Forte for Smith has possible upside for you, definitely, just a little bit too much risk for something that seems all but sure. With Eddie Royal getting some kick return duties for the Broncos, you have yet another option, a starting receiver that also gets those precious kick return yardage. I think you’re okay at WR, and am not sure how much SS would upgrade you right now. If Joe Montana signs with Carolina, then Steve’s value might go up….