Fantasy Focus Review: Week 11 Fantasy Football Grading

What an unlikely week – I mean the Browns and Lions (not in that order) owned the top two fantasy spots in Week 11, that alone is straight nuts. The chances of that happening? Zero percent. Yes folks, magic, miracles, whatever you want to call it, the stuff happens. But one thing returned to normalcy – I stepped it up and won the writer rankings easily this last week. Ah…. This is how the rest of the fantasy week went down.

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Elite Starters: Guys picked early that I love this week…

1. Maurice Jones Drew– MJD was the object of the Bills defense, and Buffalo led most of the game so he just had a mediocre week, good for 12th RB this week, 17 fantasy points. B
2. Chris Johnson – “held in check” by the Texans, CJ had 151 rush yards, but that’s it. B-
3. Adrian Peterson – AP was limited by the Seahawks defense, no TDs for only the 2nd time this year. 13 fantasy points and a disappointing day for owners everywhere. C-
4. Peyton Manning – 19th amongst QBs, not a good pick by me, thought he’d do more. F
5. Ray Rice– The 8th RB in Week 11, Ray had 20 fantasy points – a solid day for Baltimore. B+

Solid Starters: Guys picked in middle rounds that should outplay their ranking/draft position this week…

1. Steve Smith (NYG) – 36th WR this week, not nearly the day I thought he’d have. C
2. Rashard Mendenhall – Mendenhall had a nice day for the losing team. 6th overall. A
3. DeSean Jackson – 6th WR this week, got behind the defense for a long one. Again. A+
4. Ricky Williams –I said I’d start him if I had him. He was the top RB in Week 11. A+
5. Sidney Rice –5th WR this week. Stud. I’m glad Brett helped the coaches realize it. A+

Sleeper Starters: Guys ranked low, drafted low or not at all, but I still like them this week…

1. Justin Forsett – 8 carries for just 9 yards, but scored. And caught 8 balls for 80. 5th RB. A+
2. Beanie Wells – Was 16th RB, finished ahead of Addai, Chris Johnson, and DeAngelo. A
3. Jeremy Maclin –33rd WR with 13 fantasy points. Decent day for J-Mac. B-
4. LeSean McCoy– 22nd RB this week for McCoy, not a bad #2 RB and a good flex. B+
5. Fred Jackson–Lynch got hurt, which helped Jackson, but still just the 30th RB. Not bad. B-

Sit ‘Em Son: I don’t care where they were drafted, I don’t like these guys starting this week…

1. Joseph Addai– 19th RB, not a great number for Addai, but solid enough. C-
2. Derrick Mason– Derrick Mason had a day, making me look foolish. #9 WR… F
3. Jay Cutler – 19th quarterback overall, Jay had a nice interception to end it. Yep. B+
4. Roy Williams – Roy boy had 4 targets in Week 11, he converted 0 of those. Ha. A++
5. Matthew Stafford– And Matthew Stafford had the best day ever for a rookie. Yep. F—

***Look out for the injuries that went down this week, hope you didn’t start Michael “The Burner” Turner or the old guys with head problems – bless their hearts!!!

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Week 11 Fantasy Rankings

Who did we miss in Week 11, from QB to DST, here’s a short list and their respective rankings.

QB – Matthew Stafford (1), Brady Quinn (2), and Brett Favre (3) were all missed by every top 5 list in the show. One doesn’t look like the other, that’s for sure. If you can predict the next time Stafford and Quinn will finish 1, 2 – you have my blessing to take over my job.

RB – 1-6 were ignored by everyone, they went like this… Ricky Williams, Jamal Charles, Kevin Smith, Jason Snelling, Justin Forsett, and Ryan Grant. I knew Ricky was going to have a nice week, and Kevin Smith had upside going against the Browns run-D, but Snelling against the Giants? Justin Forsett against the Vikings? Ryan Grant had a pretty damn good week against a run D that has been tough all year.

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WR – Wes Welker (1), Terrell Owens (2), Hines Ward (4), Anquan Boldin, (7) Greg Jennings (8), Derrick Mason (9), and Mike Sims-Walker (10) – I think Walker might be right at the top of wide receiver consistency lists – when he plays, and starts, he’s been down right solid. Mason was on my bench list this week, so it didn’t work out well for me. Greg Jennings had his best performance of the year. Anquan Boldin grabbed the vision of Kurt Warner while Kurt was on the field, Hines got back on track against the Chiefs secondary – and Wes Welker and TO had HUGE days at the top. We caught something like 35 balls while TO went for nearly 200 yards in a tough loss for the Bills.

TE – Kevin Boss (1), Heath Miller (2), Visanthe Shiancoe (5), and Brandon Petitgrew (6) – were the top 4 options that we left off the list. TE’s are tough, man, what can you say? Just like receivers, predicting their hot games are tough.

Def/ST – We pretty much sucked defensively this week, all picking high teen and some twenty numbers – of course we ranked our defenses very close with each other. The Patriots (1) Chargers (3) and Redskins (4) all missed our Top 5 lists. Damn us!