NFL Free Picks – Playoffs ROUND 2

I was 3-1 last week! The divisional playoffs roll forward, as the Packers and Cowboys host the NFC contenders and the Colts and Patriots stay at home to host the AFC wild card winners. It should be a great week, nothing but the best in the Final 8. Underdogs galore.

Saturday’s Games…

Seattle Seahawks (+9) @ Green Bay Packers:
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00pm EST: 5Dimes)

I think the Seahawks have the best chance to pull an upset during Week 2 of the playoffs, and honestly, I think they’re about 50-50. Seattle and Green Bay are very similar – they both throw the ball when push comes to shove, and despite a few good games on the ground, they both remain pass-first football teams. The Hawks don’t play all that well on the road, but their rivalry with the Packers makes this a little more than just a road playoff game. Matt Hasselbeck and Mike Holmgren both spent time in Green Bay, and Mike’s time as head coach produced numerous playoff appearances and a Packer Super Bowl win. Mike gave Brett his NFL start. With both Mike and Brett’s careers winding down, this game has so much on the line for both parties. It seems as though Seattle is just starting to flower, while the Packers have been winning games all season long. If the Seahawks can continue to pressure the quarterback, the Hawks could easily win this game. Either way, there’s too much value with the Hawks getting 9 points, I’ll take the road dog.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+15) @ New England Patriots:
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00pm EST: 5Dimes)

15 points? In the playoffs? Yeah, it might happen, but right now I think the Jaguars are one of the Top 5 teams in the NFL, and I’d take any single one of those teams and 15 points against the Patriots. I like New England, and think the Patriots passing attack could do a number on the Jaguars defensive backs, but likewise, the Jaguars will put enough ground power into their offensive attack to put up points on the Patriots. In the end, I think this game will easily go over the total, and will finish within two touchdowns, making the Jags a winner in New England against the spread. However, I don’t plan on seeing the Patriots lose this game, thus 17-0 is just a duke it out, tough game with the Jags away from coming true. The only thing keeping me away from putting a lot of money on this game is what the Patriots did to the Steelers. However, I picked the Pats over the Steelers, and that was because they are prone to mistakes. The Jaguars won’t make as many mistakes this week.

Sunday’s Games…

San Diego Chargers @ Indianapolis Colts (-8.5):
(Line: Tuesday, 3:00pm EST: Belmont)

After having terrible luck with a 4th down interception and fumble that gave Tom Brady and the Patriots a second chance last season, the Chargers get to try their chances out in Indianapolis this time around, against the second powerhouse in the AFC, the Indianapolis Colts. San Diego pulled the monkey of their collective back by taking down the Titans in a pretty ugly game last week. The key to the win was Phillip Rivers finally getting the job done when his team needed him the most. However, Rivers won’t complete those same passes against a healthy and fast Colts secondary. Rivers threw ducks in San Diego last week, and they were complete, sometimes for touchdowns. This week, those will be intercepted. If the Colts stop LT, they’ll stop the Chargers, and take this game with relative ease. I just have a feeling that the Colts are indeed going to walk away with this one.

New York Giants (+9) @ Dallas Cowboys:
(Line: Thursday, 1:00am EST: 5Dimes)

Alright, I’m taking the Giants. I know I’ve been criticizing them, calling them “the worst team in the playoffs” but the last two weeks of solid play has me convinced that they’ll play close with the Cowboys. Not only have they been good, but once again, the Cowboys are looking mediocre coming into the playoffs. Tony Romo and his offense hasn’t been hitting the gas of late, and maybe they’re just holding back for the big show, but I’m not comfortable with them right now. The Giants defense has played very tough, and Eli Manning hasn’t been doing things to kill their chances. I still think the Cowboys win this one, but by no more than a touchdown.