NCAA Free Football Picks Review: Week 14 2009

And it was a very nice week to end my free NCAA football picks on. It started nice and finished even better. I wish both Alabama and Florida would have lost, but since that was impossible, I guess I’ll settle for the Gators getting upset in their bid for a repeat of the National Championship. Lots of good teams barely got by this week, but some nice underdogs made looking for the upset bid very profitable. Here’s how 7-3-1 looked…

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Arkansas State Indians @ Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (+7) (WINNER) The Indians needed fourteen 4th quarter points just to win, but it wasn’t by enough to make me a loser – the Hilltoppers looked like the better team throughout, and I was definitely right about these two teams being more equal than the records suggested.

Oregon State Beavers (+10) @ Oregon Ducks (WINNER) The Beavers gave it a shot, and they had some chances. But the normally accurate Canfield couldn’t get some key completions late, and the Ducks offense ended up being just too tough to stop. Oregon completed two 4th downs on their final drive to seal the victory. But OSU covered in a game that was very close.

Ohio Bobcats (+12) @ Central Michigan Chippewas (WINNER) The Bobcats continued to do what they’ve done all year, keep it close against good teams. They were underrated coming in, and while Dan LeFevour was too much for them to pull the upset, a solid defensive performance got me a close cover.

West Virginia Mountaineers @ Rutgers Scarlet Knights (+2.5) (Loss) Just by the hair on my chubby chin chin. The Mountaineers pulled out a 3-point victory over a Scarlet Knights team that was their own worst enemy early. A late comeback fell just short, and Rutgers go me a rare loss in the last week of the season.

Cincinnati Bearcats (-1) @ Pittsburgh Panthers (Push) Well, this was one hell of a game. I can’t believe the small mishaps went the way the did, the unbelievable performances the Bearcats got from key players to stay undefeated, and the overall amazingness from this game. I thought the Panthers had it all wrapped up, but apparently they had it “all but wrapped up” as the Bearcats did what they needed to do, just like thy had all year. The 1 point win wasn’t enough for me, though, as Cinci’s win just got me a push. Amazing.

Fresno State Bulldogs (+1) @ Illinois Fighting Illini (Winner) This was another great game, and while it didn’t have an undefeated or a National Championship on the line, it had two teams playing solid football at the end of the year. As close as Rutgers loss was, this win was equal. The Bulldogs went for two to win it, and a tipped pass ended up in a lineman’s hands, and he took it in for the game winning conversion. Amazing.

Arizona Wildcats (+7.5) @ USC Trojans (Winner) The Wildcats beat the Trojans. Yeah, just like I predicted. Just like I said, the better team won this game.

Florida Gators (-5.5) @ Alabama Crimson Tide (Loss) The Gators got stomped, rolled, beaten, battered, destroyed, embarrassed, and Tim Tebow cried, and I’m okay with that. But I must say, it was fun to be a part of, even if I had picked the Gators.

California Golden Bears (-6) @ Washington Huskies (Loss) Well, it’s rare when I miss a Huskies cover, but I sure did exactly that this Saturday. The Huskies straight stomped the Bears, even though Cal had two weeks to prepare for the Dawgs. I stand surprised and impressed, and I’m back to being disgusted with Cal.

Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (-2.5) @ Clemson Tigers (Winner) The Yellow Jackets needed a last minute touchdown to get the win over a game-Clemson team. C.J. Spiller showed the Nation why he’s labeled “one of the most dynamic football players in the country” and he almost single handily won the ACC Crown. But Jonathan Dwyer made a case for why he might be the best pro-style running back in college football, using his strength and speed to get the game winning score. What a week in college football.

Texas Longhorns @ Nebraska Cornhuskers (+13.5) (Winner) The Longhorns were out-played by the Cornhuskers, and again didn’t look like a National Championship level team -but they managed a win out of the situation, and that’s good enough to get them there. A 46 yard field goal won them their Big 12 crown and a spot in the BCS Title game. But I still easily covered.

NCAA Free Football Picks Review: Week 13 2009

Well, not a great week, but 7-6 is a winning week, and while I haven’t had many big college winners this year, I’ve been pretty consistent over the last 8 or 9 goes at it, and a good run every week, plus a great read on a couple teams week in and week out, should be giving you a good chance to make some money. A tough 1-4 start wasn’t too big of a hole for me to climb out of after all. Here’s how I won one more than I lost.

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Ball State Cardinals @ Western Michigan Broncos (-10) (Loss) Well, the Cardinals came out and beat the Broncos in this one. I really can’t believe it, but it happened. Ball State just played a better game, and never even worried about a cover.

Texas Longhorns (-22.5) @ Texas A&M Aggies (Loss) The Aggies exposed a Longhorns defense that was lucky to have Colt McCoy in control of their offense, or the Aggies might have just pulled the upset. This was one hell of an offensive game, and the Aggies came away with an easy cover in a tight contest. McCoy was awesome, but I think any team in the Big 12 would have a lot of trouble with better defenses and downright tough run-games. We’ll see during the bowl season.

Rutgers Scarlet Knights (-4) @ Louisville Cardinals (WINNER) Tom Savage did what he’s done almost all year long, got the win while looking confident and throwing the ball with accuracy and consistency. The Knights are tough to beat behind their young gun slinger.

Pittsburgh Panthers (-1) @ West Virginia Mountaineers (Loss) The Panthers folded, not handling being the favorites in a big game, and West Virginia thrived as the upset minded team coming in late to down the Panthers. A turn of the tables, indeed.

Alabama Crimson Tide (-12) @ Auburn Tigers (Loss) Alabama got the win, but Auburn came to play and gave the Tide all they could handle. Down late, Alabama scored a short touchdown on a pass, and despite having trouble finding running room, got a big win heading into the SEC Championship with Florida.

Illinois Fighting Illini (+18) @ Cincinnati Bearcats (WINNER) The Illini put up plenty of yards and scored plenty of points, and while they couldn’t stop the Bearcats, a late touchdown was just enough to get me the cover for the road team. Can Cincinnati be beat? Pitt will give it a shot next week!

Nevada Wolf Pack (+12) @ Boise State Broncos (WINNER) Nevada put up tons of yardage and scored lots of points against Boise, proving a tough offense to stop, and giving the Broncos a scare. Boise won, but by just enough to keep me on the winning side of things.

Clemson Tigers @ South Carolina Gamecocks (+3) (WINNER) Clemson looked overwhelmed by the Gamecocks’ attacking defense, getting out-matched just about all game long. South Carolina looked too fast, and with Georgia’s win over the Yellow Jackets as well, the ACC looked like a 2nd tier conference on Saturday.

New Mexico Lobos (+43.5) @ TCU Horned Frogs (WINNER) New Mexico held the Horned Frogs out of the end-zone late, and that just barely got me a big cover. Haha. I was sweating it, nothing like sweating that 9th touchdown win late, you’re probably the only guy with an eye on a game like this, but hey, this is the bettor’s life.

Arizona Wildcats (-2.5) @ Arizona State Sun Devils (WINNER) They won by just 3, and I’m lucky I got them at 2.5 when I did. The Wildcats were the better team, but the Sun Devils came to play and luckily for me, couldn’t find a way to get it done.

Florida State Seminoles (+23) @ Florida Gators (Loss) This one was very close, and I thought I might get a late score to give me a miracle cover. But I didn’t and the ‘Noles didn’t, and to think, that might have been Bobby Bowden’s last game on the sideline.

Washington State Cougars @ Washington Huskies (-24) (WINNER) You can’t argue much about my knowledge and feel for the Huskies and Cougars – but this one almost didn’t work out. Still, the Cougars couldn’t do anything offensively, and the Huskies did just enough. I predicted a 29 point win for UW, and they won by 30. Right on the money.

Georgia Bulldogs @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets (-7) (Loss) I should have left this game alone. I didn’t think anybody would out-rush the Yellow Jackets the rest of the season, but Georgia came out and pushed the Jackets around, and stopped Tech’s rushing attack enough early to force them into some things they weren’t comfortable with. And the ACC took another hit.

NCAA Football Free Picks Review: Week 12 2009

Well, I didn’t win them all, but I started out great and finished well enough to pull out a winning week. I was 7-5 and continued to bolster my NCAA football free picks record with mid-week games and afternoon games on Saturday. Something about those late games that I’ve figured out. Check back later in the week to see if I can continue.

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Buffalo Bulls (-1.5) @ Miami-Ohio Redhawks: (WINNER) I picked this one out early, and loved the odds going in. Like I said in my newsletter, the Bulls got a full week to prepare for the Redhawks while Miami-Ohio got just five days. You add up the fact that they are a better team, and you get a 42-17 Bulls-blowout.

Central Michigan Chippewas (-17) @ Ball State Cardinals: (WINNER) The Chipps are just too good. Ball State came in and, like everyone else, couldn’t stop Dan LeFevour. Central Michigan put up 35 points to the Cardinals’ 3, and that’s what you’ll call an easy cover.

Colorado Buffaloes @ Oklahoma State Cowboys (-14.5): (Loss) I thought Zac Robinson would play. There it is. I’m not positive he would have made all the difference, but I sure would like to think so. Regardless, I got my first loss of the week when Oklahoma State had to fight tooth and nail to pull out a 3 points win over Colorado.

Akron Zips (+13) @ Bowling Green Falcons: (Loss) Akron was keeping this close, and a 4th quarter touchdown with about 10 minutes left gave me a glimmer of cover-hope. That was crushed in less than 7 seconds as the Falcons went Joshua Cribbs on the Zips, returning a kick-off for a touchdown, going up 16, and the game would end there. Blast.

Boise State Broncos (-24.5) @ Utah State Aggies: (WINNER) Who in the SEC would blast the Broncos? Who is better than them? Maybe Alabama, maybe Florida? That’s it. I’m sorry, but this is not a National Championship – it is a big conference Championship – and that’s what it should be called. Boise State took it to a Utah State team that had played tough all year long. They put up 52 and won by 31. I’ll take it.

Ohio State Buckeyes (-12) @ Michigan Wolverines: (Loss) The Buckeyes didn’t help me out. They won by 11 in a game they should have dominated. Same old Buckeyes. I thought playing in a game that didn’t matter for much in the win column would have allowed them to open it up a little. Unfortunately for me, they kept it all in the sweater vest.

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North Carolina Tar Heels @ Boston College Eagles (-3.5) (Loss) The Heels just flat out whooped up on the Eagles, making me wonder what I was thinking. That Tar Heel defense is just tough. The Eagles didn’t have the guys to do much against that D, they were outmatched all day long.

North Carolina State Wolf Pack @ Virginia Tech Hokies (-19.5): (WINNER) Last time I checked, 38-10 was an easy 20 point spread cover. That’s what Va-Tech did to NC State. It was 24019 at the half. The Hokies scored 14 more in the 3rd while shutting the Wolf Pack out. The 4th quarter was scoreless for both teams as the Hokies ran out the clock effectively. Got a Hokies win just before Turkey-Day – you bet! Gobble flippin’ Gobble!

Connecticut Huskies (+6) @ Notre Dame Fighting Irish: (WINNER) I was pulling hard for the Huskies, no doubt. And they sure fought hard, and it was a great moment seeing them win. I must say, for the first time in a long time I was happier seeing Notre Dame’s opponent celebrate than I was watching the Irish fret. Might have been the first time ever.

Oregon State Beavers (-30.5) @ Washington State Cougars: (WINNER) Well, the Beavers killed WSU, obviously, that was going to happen. But would it be by enough? Ah, the 30 point favorite question. It was a 21-10 half time score, but I must say, I wasn’t too worried until it was only 28-10 after 3. But Jacquizz Rodgers would score his 2nd TD in the 4th, and with 5 minutes left, the Beavers stumbled into another rushing touchdown, getting the cover by a point and a half. Whew.

California Golden Bears  @ Stanford Cardinal (-7): (Loss) Cal went and won outright. Not sure how it happened, maybe it was Stanford getting a little too pass-happy, being a little too young, or just being a little too happy about the things they had done over the last couple weeks. Whatever it was, the Bears took advantage and got a big win on the road.

Nevada Wolf Pack (-31.5) @ New Mexico State Aggies: (WINNER) 63-20. That was the final score in this one – and it wasn’t that close. This one was 28-3 after the 1st, then 42-6 after the 2nd quarter. The 3rd quarter saw two more  Wolf Pack touchdowns as the lead grew to a 50-point margin. The Aggies tried to make it respectable, but since that was impossible, they just settled for two 4th quarter touchdowns to get it within 50. Winner, winner, Sunday College Football chicken dinner!

Week 9 NCAA Football Picks Review

7-6: Just like my NFL record this week. Hopefully next week I can rocks some high winning percentages but a couple winners on a tough weekend, can’t be too upset about that. Here’s the review for how my Week 9 College Football Picks went down.

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Texans Longhorns (-8.5) @ Oklahoma State Cowboys: (WINNER) “I like the Cowboys, like their confidence and numbers, I just don’t think it’s real. Not against good teams anyway. The Cowboys are 6-1 but they’ve had to fight a very easy schedule for wins, Baylor, Texas A&M, Rice, and Grambling don’t strike fear into my heart, and you should consider that when you’re looking at those 6 wins. 6 wins, sure, looks nice, but against who? The Cowboys’ best win? I’d say a marginal Missouri team. Texas, on the other hand, they haven’t looked like a Top team in the nation this year either, but they have won, and they’ve had to go through Oklahoma, Texas Tech,  at Missouri, and a decent Colorado team. They are the better team here, no doubt in my mind, and with Dez Bryant suspended for the season, and more importantly this game, that game breaking presence isn’t going to help bail the Cowboys out. This game could be over quick, or it could take a little while, either way there will be a time when Oklahoma State has their spirits broken, and that’s a good sign for a Texas cover.”

As it turns out, this one was over quick, so option one. The Longhorns jumped all over the Cowboys, and it seemed like OK State’s spirits were broken earlier rather than later. It wasn’t much of a contest, the 41-14 score at the end doesn’t really do it justice. Up 41-7 in the 3rd, the Longhorns didn’t bring out the billy-club in the 4th and the Cowboys finally won a quarter. A little too late, indeed. Perfect for me, and the Longhorns for that matter.

West Virginia Mountaineers (-3) @ South Florida: (LOSS) The crazy Big East, South Florida came out and fed it to the Mountaineers from the get go. After going up with a field goal late in the first quarter, the Bulls never relinquished the lead. It was very close throughout, 20-19 in the 3rd quarter, but South Florida never folded, kept coming after the Mounties rushing attack and got the home win. And they needed it bad!

South Carolina Gamecocks (+6.5) @ Tennessee Volunteers: (LOSS)  “I know that I always take the unranked favorite over the ranked dog, but this one is going to be different.” Famous last words and I don’t know why in the nuts I go against my number one rule ever. I guess I don’t believe in absolutes, but apparently it can get you in a crushing vice if you know what I mean. The Gamecocks got kicked around by the unranked home favorites. Stupid me!

Washington State Cougars @ Notre Dame Fighting Irish (-27.5): (LOSS) A 26-point win by the Irish? I hate Notre Dame.

UCLA Bruins (+10.5) @ Oregon State Beavers: (WINNER) “I think these two teams are awfully close talent-wise, and despite losing 4 straight games (also 0-4 ATS in those games), the Bruins aren’t out of it. They have some solid players, and defensively they should be a little bit of a challenge for Oregon State’s run-game. I know the Beavers have played well lately, even going to the wire with USC, but the Bruins have had some tough luck and I feel like that’s about to change. Football karma definitely goes around. As a 10.5 point underdog, the value is pretty good. The Bruins have played pretty solid teams in their 4 straight Pac-10 losses, and I think they’ll be ready for this game because of those. The Beavers are solid, no doubt, but UCLA is being underrated here, the value is with them.”

It was a value bet for sure. I still like Oregon State going forward, and a win here should help them keep their confidence going into next week. These two teams were very even on Saturday, and I still think they are. Both could do some more damage in the Pac-10.

Kansas Jayhawks @ Texas Tech Red Raiders (-6): (WINNER) First of all, rarely do Texas Tech Red Raider games come down to 6 points, so if you think the Raiders are going to win, a 6 point spread shouldn’t worry you at all. And it doesn’t worry me. I know Kansas had a nice run to start the season, but you saw how out-matched they were last week when Oklahoma absolutely blew them out of the water. Texas Tech isn’t Oklahoma, but they do have the offensive ability to crush the Jayhawks. What makes me like the Red Raiders even more are the words from Mike Leach’s mouth about how the Raiders are playing like piss because of their fat little girl friends. Awesome. If that doesn’t get their attention, nothing will. After beating up on Nebraska, the Red Raiders fell to Texas A&M, and they fell hard. I think Leach’s antics and just being a better football team gets them back on track this week at home, then Jayhawks just happen to be the team in the way. Texas Tech has taken each of the last 3 meetings with Kansas, and 6 out of the last 7. Last year the Red Raiders smoked the Jayhawks, 63-21. They can put up some points, and since Kansas has yet to slow down any reasonable offense whatsoever, I can’t see them doing anything to slow one of the most dynamic offenses in college football.

Missouri Tigers @ Colorado Buffaloes (+4): (LOSS) It was 33-3 at half time – needless to say I wasn’t stoked about my chances to cover. But it was 33-17 after 3 and I got a glimmer of hope. Maybe it was a glimmer of poop, though, because the Buffs played the rest of the game as if they had Buffalo droppings for a snack prior to the 4th quarter beginning. This was a swing and a miss, and as always, I apologize for that!

California Golden Bears (-6.5) @ Arizona State Sun Devils: (LOSS) Oh Cal. The Bears really haven’t looked good against anybody worthwhile. I didn’t think ASU was, but they impressed me a little bit in this one. Well I don’t know if they impressed me as much as Cal disappointed me. The Bears are in for an interesting end to the season, I can tell you that much – a few more losses will trickle down to Cali.

Georgia Bulldogs @ Florida Gators (-15): (WINNER) “The Bulldogs have played some decent football at times this year, but overall I think they’re overrated. The Gators haven’t really moved the ball well or played mistake free football over the last three weeks, their defense has been winning them football games – so yeah, needless to say, a team that talented is due for a breakout offensive performance. I know the Gators have had a lot of injuries on the defensive side of the ball, and a lot of those guys are still questionable headed into Saturday’s SEC showdown with the 5-2 Bulldogs, I know that. But I also know that the back-ups on defense have been solid, that Georgia’s offense will have one hell of a hard time doing anything against the Gators back-ups, and that Tim Tebow and company shouldn’t find the same frustrations in moving the ball against that very giving Georgia defense. These teams are not equal, don’t get it twisted. Ignore the Gators recent struggles, this is a team that will turn it around soon, better to be ahead of that curve!”

I’m basically going to leave it to my crystal ball preview above. Not much I missed here. The only thing that surprised me was Georgia making it a game early in the 2nd quarter. After that it was “sonturi time”, or Tebow time in this grand country. There was no question which team as better, the Gators slapped it on thick with an interception return late.

North Carolina Tar Heels (+17) @ Virginia Tech Hokies: (WINNER) “I like the match-up problems Carolina’s stout run-defense has against a normally talented rushing game from Virginia Tech. I know UNC isn’t going to throw the ball a lot, they aren’t a passing team, but they have been known to grind out yards on the ground, and any team that can run and stop the run, is a nice value bet at +17. If you look at Virginia Tech’s losses, and games where they struggled – they got out-rushed. If the Heels can commit to stopping that Hokies run game, and put up some yardage on the ground themselves, an upset could happen. Either way, a cover seems likely.”

You bet! I hope you did anyway. The Tar Heels posed the exact problems I talked about in my preview/write up. It may have taken a last second field goal to get the win, but hey, they got 17 points in my book – this one was over early. The Heels out-rushed the Hokies, once again showing the weakness in Tech’s attack. North Carolina looked like the better team throughout. It’s always nice when they win outright!

Cincinnati Bearcats @ Syracuse Orange (-15): (LOSS) Well, it was 7-7 after the first quarter, but from then on out it just got methodically more painful to follow. After two it was 14-7. Still Covering. After three it was 21-7, still covering. But a few minutes into the 4th, the Bearcats got in the end-zone again, and it was a no-cover day for Lucky in Syracuse. The Orange had just 78 yards on 5 drives in the 2nd half – that’s not going to do it. This was very close, though, one big play gets a guy a cover. Shishkabob!

East Carolina Pirates (-4) @ Memphis Tigers Pick: (WINNER) The Panthers kicked the Tigers around to start my week off right. Those mid-week picks continue to help me out. East Carolina did what everyone expected them to do against Memphis, score early and often and generally make this game a blowout early in the 3rd quarter. Thanks for the free money Vegas!!!

Week 2 NCAA Picks REVIEW

Week 2 was a little more kind to me with my free college football picks, and while not the back to even come back I was looking for, some good things happened for me early in the week, bringing some wins my way. It wasn’t all gravy though. This is how the wins and losses accumulated to a flat even tie (ugh).

Clemson Tigers (+5.5) @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: (WINNER) Some people are trying to tell me I’m lucky for covering this game… Please, Georgia Tech was lucky to score those early freak touchdowns in the first quarter or they would have had no chance to win this one. Clemson had some really bad luck early, then showed what they were made of by pretty much shutting down the Jackets over the final three quarters. A field goal ended up getting GT the win late, but it was just 3 points, and I won anyway, despite the freak touchdowns on back to back fake field goals. As my good buddy Josh said, “I’ve never seen a team score two touchdowns on back to back fake field goals, and the fact that they were on either side of the ball for each one, that’s just crazy.” Crazy indeed.

Central Michigan Chippewas (+14.5) @ Michigan State Spartans: (WINNER) “I know, I’m nuts, but I like the Chipps to get awfully close to pulling off this upset. I like a lot of what Central Michigan has. I love their QB, the kid is a winner. Central Michigan has either won, or lost by less than 14 points in 19 of their last 20 games. I know the Spartans are solid, but the only team that beat the Chipps by more than two touchdowns last season was Georgia. State isn’t that kind of good.” What can I say, I hit this one right on the chin. I still can’t believe the Chipps won the game. I must admit, I’m a victim of early evacuation in this one, I left the game after the Chipps missed on their two point conversion attempt. But some how, they pulled it off. Obviously the cover wasn’t in question, but it was nice to see Dan and his guys get a win. They didn’t just get awfully close to pulling the upset, they made it happen.

North Carolina (-4) @ Connecticut Huskies: (LOSS) Carolina couldn’t do anything offensively, which really surprises me. This game didn’t look good, but NC found a way to get the win, just not by enough to make me a winner. I’m not sure what to take from this game – I don’t think NC’s offensive attack is that poor and I don’t think UConn’s D is that good – so should I just write this off as an aberration? I’ll look into it. I know that those 12 fourth quarter points shows me a lot about a team in terms of getting a win no matter what.

Stanford Cardinal @ Wake Forrest Demon Deacons (-3): (WINNER) “The Cardinal really struggled on the road last season, tallying their only road win at Washington (and the Huskies didn’t even win one single game). I think that trend continues. I also think the Deacons came out slow last week, and while a late push made that game a game, the couldn’t quite pull it out. One of the sharpest tossers in the game, Riley Skinner, threw three picks last week. He won’t throw one this Saturday, and that should be enough to get Wake Forrest in the win column.” The Cardinals didn’t get a road win. Skinner didn’t throw an interception. But the Deacons got off slow again, but Stanford’s road woes haunted them just enough to let Wake back in it. Down 17-3 at half time, Wake put up 21 unanswered points in the 2nd half, including two touchdowns in the 4th quarter, getting me my 3rd win in four chances.

Syracuse Orange @ Penn State Nittany Lions (-28.5): (LOSS) I don’t know what to say. It was 28-0, but Penn State didn’t score nearly as much as they should have. They gave up a late score to Syracuse, giving me no chance to cover. I should have known that 28.5 was too much. Penn State needs to get stronger running the ball or they’ll be in trouble against big teams.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (-3) @ Michigan Wolverines: (LOSS) This game was back and fourth, and ND easily could have been the team to pull this one out, but Michigan’s freshmen were dynamic, tough nosed, and stepped up really big to take out the Irish. I must say, I haven’t been happier about a loss in my picks. This whole “Irish undefeated” talk, or “ND to a BCS Bowl Game” jazz was making me a little sick to my stomach. Now we can let that crap die.

East Carolina Pirates (+6.5) @ West Virginia Mountaineers: (LOSS) After being down just 21-20 at half time, I liked my chances with the Pirates – however, despite plenty of opportunity, they just couldn’t put up points in the second half while West Virginia’s two touchdowns were plenty to hand me my third loss in a row.

BYU Cougars (-17.5) @ Tulane Green Wave: (WINNER)  “I don’t like that over 75% of the bets are taking BYU. I don’t like that BYU pulled a huge upset over #3 Oklahoma last weekend. I don’t like a lot of things about this. But one of the most important don’t likes just happens to be how I feel about the Tulane Green Wave football team. I’m not sure if BYU will have their stud RB Unga back, but they should find running the ball a lot easier this week. They win this game by 3 touchdowns or more. That’s a cover.” 54-3… Like I said, there were lots of things I didn’t like about this game, but my feelings for Tulane trumped all that “sharp” stuff and I took the heavily favored Cougs. Good move on my part, huh? I must say, I was a little worried when BYU was up just 3-0 after 1… But I was pretty sure of the cover up 17 at half time. The Cougs are pretty solid.

Hawaii Rainbow Warriors (-2) @ Washington State Cougars: (WINNER) “Fade east of the mountains in Washington State. What can I say, after the passion the Huskies played with last week, I can’t say, fade Washington State teams anymore, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t fade THE Washington State team.” That’s all that needs to be said, unless a really heavy line in the Cougs favor shows up, you can bet your dollar that they’ll be in my Top 10 picks section next time they play. What a brutal program right now.

Oregon State Beavers (-7) @ UNLV Running Rebels: (LOSS) Up 20-7 after three, I thought I had this one pretty well in the bag. Rodgers was running all over the Rebels, just like I expected, and the Beavers were doing just enough through the air to take advantage of all the Rebel’s attention to the run. Then all of a sudden the game had changed, and UNLV was up one. A last second field goal kept the Beavers in the win column, but that didn’t do much for me, as an Oregon State loss put me at 5-5 for Week 2. Better than last week but still not good enough. Taking the next step next week!

College Football Review: Week 1

Three and Seven, 3 and 7, 3 for 7, 3-7…. However you say it, look at it, write it – it looks bad. But I’ve had tougher weeks and always seem to fight back. I took Week 1 on the chin, but not for a lack of effort, here’s what I missed, or what went wrong, or how I was tricked…. Hopefully I can turn the tables next week.

Oregon Ducks @ Boise State Broncos (OVER 64): LOSS – “While I like the Broncos to win, and likely cover the 4 point spread in this one, I like the OVER even more.” Lucky for me all I bet was the over. That gives me a loss. What I didn’t take into account was Oregon starting 4 new offensive linemen. That will mess up anyone’s offensive flow, even the Ducks. The Punch heard round the states put an interesting spin on this game, but the truth of the matter is the Broncos killed the Ducks. Kellen Moore was a sniper at the Q and the Ducks couldn’t find much room to run anywhere. Boise should have a scored a couple more TDs, shooting themselves in the foot more than a couple times. And the turnovers didn’t help the total – but in the end, Oregon just didn’t have enough to get even close to their side of the over.

South Carolina Gamecocks (+5) @ North Carolina State Wolfpack: WINNER – “Gamecocks will get big contributions from freshman, a better season out of the quarterback position, and an upset win at NC State this Thursday Night.” I liked my chances at an upset win, didn’t think the Wolfpack would do much against that SC defense. At least one of my picks went right, get ready for a nice little downhill slide…

Minnesota Golden Gophers (-6.5) @ Syracuse Orange: LOSS –  I thought I had this game well in hand early, the Orange were stinking and the Gophers were moving, but Greg Paulus started to remember how to play this game and the Orange put some points up, eventually sending this one into overtime. Tough deal, the Gophers couldn’t quite cover with an OT field goal to win it.

Baylor Bears @ Wake Forrest Demon Deacons (-2.5): LOSS – A really tough start put the Deacons too far behind. They fought back late but lost a close one to the Bears. I expected accuracy from Riley, he threw a couple interceptions, and missed target on a few more. I still think Wake is a decent team to take this year.

BYU Cougars @ Oklahoma Sooners (-22): LOSS – I must admit, the offensive line change killed me this week, assuming Oregon would score points, and in this game as well – but I have to think that if Sam Bradford played, went into halftime, came out with a new plan of attack, this not only wouldn’t have been a loss for the Sooners, but possibly a cover. I expected an early struggle, but once they settled down I expected the Sooners to dominate. Well, even without their stud running back, the Cougars pulled off a big one, and I was on the wrong side of it.

Virginia Tech Hokies (+6.5) @ Alabama Crimson Tide: LOSS – the Hokies didn’t play nearly as well as they needed to, and I still thought I was going to get a win. Offensively they couldn’t hang, but I was only down three in the 4th quarter, and a defensive stop would have given me a much better chance at a W. But ‘Bama kept pushing past the smaller VT front, and scored again, and the Hokies lost by 10. Alabama just has too many big guy7s up frong

Maryland Terrapins (+21.5) @ California Golden Bears: LOSS –  The Bears ran all over the Terps, laughing at my claim that 21 was too high… I cried about it.

LSU Tigers (-17.5) @ Washington Huskies: LOSS –  There’s lots I could say about this game, but the bottom line is Washington is not the team they used to be. Fade Washington schools might have to be changed to fade WSU….

Mississippi Rebels (-16.5) @ Memphis Tigers: WINNER –  “Anybody worth anything hammered Memphis last season. The Rebels were one of those teams.”  It took a while for them to remember they were one of those teams, but in the 4th they finally figured it out and did work, covering for me by plenty.

Miami Hurricanes (+6.5) @ Florida State Seminoles: WINNER “I think Miami’s the better team. There it is.” And I think that’s what it came down to. They had more firepower on both sides of the ball, and while it was one hell of a game, the Canes were the better team.

Better next week, that’s what I’m thinking…

NCAA Free Picks REVIEW: Week 10

Boy, I had a very tough week – I don’t even want to go into detail about my losses – but I took some tough games on the chin late. Oregon easily outgained the Bears, but couldn’t put up points. FSU? Come one. Iowa? Goodness. San Jose State gives up 14 4th quarter points after being up 30-10 after 3. Killing me. Ad the DirecTV games are even more frustrating. This is a perfect example of what could have been. So many games decided on final drives and I just seemed to be on the wrong side of every single outcome that came up. I was 5-6-1 in my weekly picks, and 2-6 in my DirecTV Package – tough call. I was 3-3-1 on my Best picks of the week (Video picks) – but overall it was a tough time in my bank account. It’s like I own a bunch of stock for God’s sake. Anyway, sorry, better next week and some better beats hopefully. 

Wisconsin Badgers (+5) @ Michigan State Spartans: (WINNER) 

Northwestern Wildcats @ Minnesota Golden Gophers (-6): (LOSS)

Tulsa Golden Hurricane (-7) @ Arkansas Razorbacks: (LOSS)

Arkansas State Indians (+23.5) @ Alabama Crimson Tide: (LOSS)

Oregon Ducks (+3) @ California Bears: (LOSS)

Florida State Seminoles (+2.5) @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: (LOSS)

Iowa Hawkeyes (+3) @ Illinois Fighting Illini: (PUSH)

Stanford Cardinal (-29) @ Washington State Cougars: (WINNER)

San Jose State Spartans (-16.5) @ Idaho Vandals: (LOSS)

Washington Huskies @ USC Trojans (-43): (WINNER)

Boise State Broncos (-20) @ New Mexico Lobos: (WINNER)

TCU Horned Frogs (-13.5) @ UNLV Running Rebels: (WINNER)

DirecTV GamePlan

West Virginia Mountaineers @ Connecticut Huskies (+4): (LOSS)

Miami Hurricanes @ Virginia Cavaliers (-2): (LOSS)

Auburn Tigers @ Mississippi Rebels (-6): (WINNER). 

Kentucky Wildcats @ Mississippi State Bulldogs (-2):  (LOSS) 

Florida State Seminoles (+2.5) @ Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets: (LOSS)

Iowa State Cyclones (+30.5) @ Oklahoma State Cowboys: (LOSS)

North Texas Mean Green (+17) @ Western Kentucky Hilltoppers: (WINNER)

Tulane @ Louisiana State (-26.5): (LOSS)