Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts Point Spread Pick

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Tennessee Titans vs Indianapolis Colts Point Spread Pick: It’s very hard to bet against Peyton Manning – the guy never gets down, he’s a brilliant leader, and he has his team’s confidence in any situation, up or down, early or late, in the rain or shine. As a guy that has never loved Peyton Manning, he’s grown on me. His dominance of the position, his amazing accuracy, his command of the offense, just everything about the way he goes about his business is impressive. Plus, he might be the best I’ve ever seen do what he does, and that, if nothing else, will give a player points in my book.

That being said, I’m going against him here. I said last week, in a virtual push (3 points or less) I will almost always go with Peyton. But this week they’re giving 7 points away to one of the hottest teams in football, a team that’s powerful rush-first attack might just be a tough match-up for the Colts. Vince Young has been very good since becoming the starter once again, and the defense has also come alive in recent weeks. I think 7 points is too much, and with all that undefeated talk all week, about how the Colts are going to rest even if undefeated becomes a possibility, I just get the feeling this might be the week.

The Colts have already locked up the division, and while they still have some things they want to get done, and Peyton shouldn’t have too tough of a time finding open spaces in the Titans’ secondary, seven points leaves me with too much to like – so I’ll take the Titans.

Tennessee Titans (+7) @ Indianapolis Colts

Detroit Lions vs Cincinnati Bengals Free Pick & Preview

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Detroit Lions vs Cincinnati Bengals Free Pick & Preview: There’s not much to like about the Bengals as a big favorite. I went against them last week because of their close game, slow it down, take no risk game schemes, and I benefited from that. The Cleveland Browns couldn’t do anything against the Bengals offense, yet the game stayed within 10, and I easily covered the AFC North battle. But that doesn’t mean I’m going against the Bengals again, I mean, every game is a different situation right?

The Lions just don’t get it. Instead of trying to run there way to a situation where they might be able to win with a lucky drive at the end, they go back and throw the ball like Matthew Stafford is a seasoned pro-bowler. A little note, for those paying any attention, Matt’s just a rookie and a rookie that loves to trust his rocket arm. Even when Brett was “trusting his arm” as a seasoned vet, he was an interception machine. Matthew will make some great throws, throws only a couple people in the league will make, but his chances will also get intercepted and the Bengals defense isn’t one to miss out on those opportunities.

The fact that Cincinnati blew a win against the Raiders because they didn’t come to play, played complacent, tried not to lose, and all that business, makes me think they won’t walk into this one against Detroit like it’s just going to be a cake walk. They will run a lot, but there’s no reason to leave the passing game in the booth – I think Palmer throws a couple touchdowns, and the Bengals cover this one by a touchdown in a blowout.

Detroit Lions @ Cincinnati Bengals (-12.5)

St. Louis Rams vs Chicago Bears NFL Free Pick

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St. Louis Rams vs Chicago Bears NFL Free Pick: I don’t know what I’m up to, maybe I’m just a sicko that can’t help but bet against a bad team as a 10 point favorite, because you know it’s not because I think much of the Rams. I’ve been quoted calling the Rams one of the worst teams in football, but I’ve also seen an improving team, a defense led by a good coach, and a team that seems to be starting to figure it out. Plus, Marc Bulger is out and I’ve always liked anybody else when gambling on games.

The Bears are 4-7 and bad 4-7 at that. The Rams, well they are bad, but like I said, getting better. The Bears aren’t getting better, they have a coach that likely has seen his last season in Chicago – they have a team that doesn’t believe in their high-priced leader, Mr. Jay Cutler, and the one strong part of their offense of last season hasn’t produced at all this year, one Matt Forte and that broken rushing attack. To put their performances into perspective, Marc Bulger’s QB rating of 70.7 is less than four points lower than Cutler’s 74.4. And on a bad team that really only has a running back, Steven Jackson has had a very impressive year while Forte has really struggled.

The Bears haven’t won against the spread in over a month, they’ve won a single game (both SU and ATS) since mid-October. The Rams have won 3 of their last 4 ATS, and they’ve been in four straight games. That combo is enough for me to go with the points.

St. Louis Rams (+10) @ Chicago Bears: