Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns Free Football Picks

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Pittsburgh Steelers vs Cleveland Browns Free Football Picks: This Thursday Night game sure doesn’t have much intrigue. Like I said earlier this year, the NFL doesn’t do a very good job of setting up excitement for their Thursday games. Pittsburgh is the defending Champ, but they sure have played like the Cleveland Browns lately. You’d think they’d be looking pretty after starting off hot and playing the Chiefs and Raiders in a three week period, but no, the Steelers have lost four straight, including losses to those two AFC West powerhouses. The Browns, well, they’ve collected losses really well thus far.

Cleveland is 11-1 on the season, I take that back, sorry, they are 1-11 thus far, tied for the worst record in the league, and the only hope they have is that Pittsburgh is trying for the hideous trifecta. I’m pretty sure the NFL stops when the Steelers lose to the Raiders, Chiefs, and Browns in a single year. You can bet I’ll be rooting for such an even to take place, just the sheer amazement I would have on my face might be worth it.

But I’m taking Pittsburgh, because I don’t think the Steelers can piss another game away. I don’t think they have a bad enough team to lose 5 straight games, even if injuries are making life tough on them. The Browns aren’t a good football team, they have a brand new coach that has a good chance of being somewhere else next year. They have a young quarterback that has been playing pretty well, but I only think that ends up working against them. Defensively they will have trouble with Big Ben and company. Ben put up 400+ against them last time out. I think a rare Pittsburgh double digit win is in the cards.

Pittsburgh Steelers (-10) @ Cleveland Browns

Detroit Lions vs Baltimore Ravens Point Spreads Free Pick

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Detroit Lions vs Baltimore Ravens Point Spreads Pick: I know what you’re saying, this Detroit Lions defense is just what the Ravens need to get their offense clicking again. And you may be right, but I find it very hard to take a team giving up two touchdowns when they have a hard time scoring against the poorest of defenses. You remember a few weeks back when some imbecile happened to schedule the Browns and Ravens on Monday Night Football? Well I do, you may have been sleeping through the first half, because before you knew it Chris Berman was spouting off something about “Whoop” and there hadn’t been a single point put on the board yet. That was against the Browns, a team without their best defensive player, Shaun Rodgers, a team that gave up 38 points to Matthew Stafford and the freaking Lions. Please. Giving them two touchdowns to cover sounds like too much to me.

I know the Lions are bad, but while many are reasoning to go with the Ravens because of Matthew Staffords immanent absence from the line-up, I say that’s a better reason to take the Lions. Why, you ask? Well, because Daunte Culpepper gives this team a better chance to win football games. That’s right. Stafford may have a cannon, but the kid is a turnover waiting to happen. He’s had some nice plays this year, and I’m sure he’ll grow into a nice player, but Pep can still win football games – and I think he gives the Ravens all kinds of trouble.

The Lions are bad, no doubt, but it’s just a smart bet to go against a badly struggling offense that needs to outscore their opponent by 2 touchdowns to get a win. That’s just value.

Detroit Lions (+13.5) @ Baltimore Ravens