Papas Picks: NFL Week 14 Underdog Predictions

Alright, I’ve gone 4-1 twice in the last 3 weeks – but the week I didn’t run into 4-1 was a tough one to stomach. I guess that’s the way with underdogs, when the ball doesn’t bounce your way, you look like a dope. I looked pretty solid last week as two of my unpopular dogs won outright, the Dolphins and Raiders. I was pretty stunned the Steelers fell at home to the Raiders, but I was pretty happy looking at 15.5 points against a team that hadn’t won big all year. It’s too bad I never write this article quick enough for Thursday games, because I would have loved getting another underdog win over the Steelers… This week, I have a couple more Dogs that look like pedigree models with all there glorious points – here are this week’s picks.

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Washigton Redskins @ Oakland Raiders (+1): The Redskins find ways to lose, really, they are very good at it. The Raiders have turned it around a bit, and now that they can complete a simple pass to a wide open receiver, they aren’t nearly as bad as before. I like them to win their 3rd in 4 games – crazy.

San Diego Chargers (+3) @ Dallas Cowboys: The Chargers are better than the Cowboys, and Dallas always hits a wall and loses important games late. If they lose here, they have are guaranteed to be 2nd place in the NFC East – that means it’s a big game – that means trouble for Big D.

Green Bay Packers @ Chicago Bears (+3.5): The Bears are 4-2 at home this year – so that’s what I have going for me here. They’ve played much worse than they are, and the Packers have been on a streak of really impressive games – I think those things are bound to turn around in one cold afternoon in Chicago.

Detroit Lions (+14) @ Baltimore Ravens: Oh the Ravens and their impotent offense, I mean un-potent, well, what ever it is, it’s not producing many hits lately. With Daunte starting (for a guy with really small hands, I still think he’s pretty good, but I might be living in his fantasy dominating past) I think the Lions have a good chance to put up a few touchdowns through the air, the kid has always thrown the deep ball well. That will be enough to cover.

Seattle Seahawks (+7) @ Houston Texans: I know the Hawks suck on the road, but this team is finally getting healthy, and there’s nothing like a team finally getting healthy when all the other teams are finally starting to lose some players. Houston has struggled lately, definitely misses having one of their most dynamic players in the backfield, and is just 2-4 on the road this season. Oh yeah, and there’s rumbling that their coach might get the axe – that’s never good. One more thing, they’ve lost 4 straight.

Papas Picks: Free NFL UNDERDOG Picks for Week 9

Needless to say, after going 0-3 in Week 7 I took a week off. I can’t be rocking 0-3 numbers when my nephew spends a good amount of time picking every game and winning on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, that’s good for the site, and what’s good for the site is good for me, but I hate losing and refuse to do it. So I spent a little more time digging into some dogs this week, and I agree with 1 of Lucky’s Picks, and am against him on 3 of my own. Good luck to him, I hope he goes 10-3, a great week! Here’s where the wild goose goes:

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HOUSTON TEXANS (+9.5) @ Indianapolis Colts: The deal is Houston plays Peyton and company tough – it’s the way it is. Matt Schaub has become a young quarterback that can make it rain on the toughest of pass defenses, and look at the Colts secondary, the thing is a substitute teaching clinic right now. 3 starters out. And those aren’t the only injuries in Indy right now. A lot is being said about Steve Slaton’s benching, shoot, I think he has a big week for the Texans and and outright win for the road scholars in this one wouldn’t surprise me one bit. Lots of free points, sign me up!

Baltimore Ravens @ CINCINNATI BENGALS (+3.5): The Bengals beat the Ravens once, and they can do it again. Cedric Benson became the first running back in a long time to make the Ravens look bad, and I think he can do it again. Joe Flacco won’t do enough to counteract the failures of the Ravens rushing attack against Cinci’s solid Run D. I like the Bengals to win outright, and hey, +3.5 at home is great value.

DETROIT LIONS (+11.5) @ Seattle Seahawks: Sign the Hawks up as a team that should never ever, never ever ever, ever ever, be favored by double digits. They have back up linemen that will make the Lions pass rush look solid. I think Seattle wins, but by a field goal, a touchdown, 10 points at most. The Lions will do enough to keep this one within ten.

SAN DIEGO CHARGERS (+5) @ N.Y. Giants: Lucky might not be willing to give up on the Giants, but I’m not willing to bet on them until they prove they’re the real Giants. I want the anixation of Puerto Rico Giants – not the Little Giants that get killed by everyone in the league. N.Y. has been thrown on a ton lately, and they’ve looked bad offensively. I’ll take Phillip Rivers to show he’s worth more than Ellie. Give me the Chargers in New York!