Fantasy Focus Review: Week 15 Fantasy Football

Heyyo! The Review is in, busy week with the family holiday extravaganza and all – hope you enjoy!

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Elite Starters: Guys picked early that I love this week…

1. Wes Welker – Welker and the Pats offense basically got shutdown in a win over the Bills, what has happened to Terrific Tom and the wonder kids? F
2. Ray Rice –  Just 18th amongst RBs with 14 fantasy points, I wanted more. C+
3. Adrian Peterson – Minnesota didn’t get AP the ball enough, and they paid the ultimate price, getting blown out by Carolina… F
4. Drew Brees – 19th amongst QBs, not the outcome I, and many Brees owners wanted. F
5. Chris Johnson – CJ had his worst week in ages, still 15th overall with 15 fantasy points. B-

Solid Starters: Guys picked in middle rounds that should outplay their ranking/draft position this week…

1. DeSean Jackson – DeSean Jackson is very, very good. And so fast. He put up great numbers again. A
2. Jamal Charles – 5th running back in Week 15, kid has been a legit force for weeks now. A+
3. Thomas Jones – Outscored by his brother, never a good thing, Thomas didn’t get the ball enough against the Falcons. Some offenses are so stupid. F
4. Cedric Benson –32nd overall, Benson’s 15 carries went for just 53 yards. He has yet to score since coming back from injury. D
5. Brandon Jacobs – 15 carries for 52 yards, whoopy-de-doo… F

Sleeper Starters: Guys ranked low, drafted low or not at all, but I still like them this week…

1. Justin Forsett –32nd RB in Week 15, not the worst day every for a last minute pick-up, but he continues to out-produce his touch numbers, Jim Mora=tool-shed. C
2. Quentin Ganther – Not many yards, but a TD and a couple catches made him the 25th ranked RB, not too shabby. B
3. Vince Young– 7th QB this week with 27 fantasy points, how you like me no? A+
4. Laurence Maroney– 18th amongst RBs, probably not a super sleeper, but a solid start this week. B
5. Alex Smith– Smith was pretty useless this week as aside from Brett and Hass, almost every starter was better. F
6. Steve Breaston – Same old same the last few weeks, a few catches for 30 something yards – not what I was hoping for. D-

Super Sleepers for Playoff Push…

1. Brady Quinn – Quinn’s offense gained over 350 yards, but his part was the handoff role. Quinn wasn’t a Top 30 signal caller, brutal. F
2. Chris Jennings – Chris didn’t do a lot with his carries, and Jerome Harrison did, going for 49 fantasy points, and I was saying, “Hey! Those are my guy’s fantasy points… I hate you Eric Man-Gina!” F
3. Maurice Morris – Morris managed 26 fantasy points this week, good for 3rd amongst RBs – not so bad for a super sleeper last minute pick up! A+
4. Devin Aromashodu – Just 3 fantasy points for Devin, Cutler wasn’t at his best, and the Bears got killed. F
5. Greg Camarillo – I said the late pick up would give your 5 or more grabs for 50 or more yards, I was just short, he caught 5 for 46 yards… Not a bad pick up by any means. B
6. Deon Butler –Hasselbeck was terrible and Butler had 3 catches for 30 yards. Oh Matt. D

Sit ‘Em Son: I don’t care where they were drafted, I don’t like these guys starting this week…

1. Hines Ward– 15th receiver this week, every time I go against him, he gets me! F
2. Mario Manningham– Hakeem Nicks went down, and Manningham benefited. 31st WR this week. D
3. Matt Forte – 6 fantasy points for Matt.. Gross. Again. A
4. LeSean McCoy –22nd RB in Week 15, he didn’t even get the most carries for the Eagles as Leonard Weaver did more work. But McCoy scored, and was better than I predicted. D
5. Kyle Orton– Orton managed a nice loss to Oakland, but he still went for 18 fantasy points, ranking him 15th amongst QBs, not so bad, not so great. C-

***And if you won on my account, you’re welcome – if you lost because of me, sorry for turning up the suck!***

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theRUNDOWN Review: Week 15

It was an interesting week. Any time the Top 5 running backs have Pierre Thomas, Dominic Rhodes, Tashard Choice and Kevin Faulk listed as 1,2,4,5 – something weird is going on. Throw in Tarvaris Jackson as a top QB, things are just plain crazy. It was a good day for those that found a fill in running back late. Here’s how my team scored

QB: Kurt Warner vs. Minnesota: Kurt finished with 14 fantasy points, not what I was hoping for. The other guy I was considering, Drew Brees, only had 17, so I wasn’t going to be happy either way. Looks like I should have taken Tarvaris Jackson. Nice.
RB: DeAngelo Williams vs. Denver: 17 fantasy points for DeAngelo, this guy is legit. He’s become a sure thing every week.
RB: Matt Forte vs. New Orleans: Just 16 points for Forte, as he struggled after an early ankle roll.
FLEX: Brian Westbrook vs. Cleveland: I’m not too impressed with the Eagles offense, and in turn Brian’s production. He didn’t get into the end-zone, and his 9 points didn’t help me one bit.
WR: Larry Fitzgerald vs. Minnesota: Larry had 5 catches for 50+ and took home 10 points.
WR: Greg Jennings vs. Jacksonville: Greg only had a few catches for a few yards, but he did catch a TD – still 11 points, and 21 from two receivers is not a happy outing.
TE: Tony Gonzalez vs. San Diego: Tony had 18, finishing behind Dallas Clark’s huge week for the Colts. Still, nobody is as consistent and as good as Tony. He has 50 more fantasy points than any TE in the league.
K: Olindo Mare vs. St. Louis: Tough to throw my kicker of the week in Seattle’s offense, but why not? This guy is playing in St. Louis and the Hawks are bound to attempt 3 or 4 field goals.
D: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Cleveland: 3rd rated defense this weekend with 24 fantasy points. I felt good about this one for good reason.


Tyler Thigpen: He was a top 10 guy once again, and his 30+ rushing yards and rushing TD got him to 20 points on the week. He helped me win yet another game and now I’m in the Super Fantasy Bowl.
Kyle Orton: I was excited about Kyle’s chances but he managed just 6 points. He was good enough down the stretch though, and two possible touchdown passes got pass interfered with and he didn’t get yards or the score. Those are the breaks.
Seneca Wallace: Seneca was bad in Week 15, especially in the first half. I’ll take F’s for him and Orton.
Pierre Thomas: Don’t mind this start, he was just the Top scoring running back in Week 15. Yhatzee. A+++
Kevin Smith: Smith was the 8th rated running back, finding plenty of holes against the Colts and being a huge part of the Lions offensive success. This kid will fly under the radar a little bit next season, don’t sleep on him. A
Jonathan Stewart: Well, at least he was better than the 4 stars that I listed. His 52 yards and a score got him 11. More than Parker, Lewis, or Barber.
Domenick Hixon: Hixon had 12 points, not great but not terrible either. C
Devin Hester: Hester’s awesome game didn’t translate to fantasy success, which is too bad. He finished out of the top 30, but is responsible for the Bears win, as his PI draws got the Bears into great position. If only Kyle could lead the wide open Hester. C
Bryant Johnson: BJ had 9 – not great, but just about what he’s been getting lately. In 4 of the last 5 he has at least 9 fantasy points. C
John Carlson: JC had 12 and was a Top 5 TE, I think he should be drafted as such heading into next season.
New England Patriots: The Pats finished just outside of the Top 10 at 11th overall this week. JaMarcus Russell played well for the Raiders, and if it weren’t for some early mistakes the game would have been much closer.

Papa’S Week 15 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Marc Bulger: Well he was better than Seneca, but Tyler Thigpen and Chad Pennington were both better than him. Jeff Garcia didn’t play. Marc was better than I thought he’d be as he managed 16 fantasy points.
Tim Hightower: 5 rushes for 20 yards. 5 catches for 20 yards. Hardly an awesome outing, huh?
Jamal Lewis: Even worse than I though, Jamal had 14 carries for 32 yards, no scores either.
Randy Moss: Randy had just under 70 yards of receiving, but his 2 touchdowns made him a good start. Sorry about that one.

Ask Papa Weimer: Week 15

Darnell from his Iphone writes, “Actually there are 2 questions. 1) I have Derrick Ward starting in place of Brandon Jacobs and Larry Johnson. Good move or no? 2) Between these 4 WR’s, which ONE should get the start? Torry Holt, Laveraneus Coles, Kevin Curtis, Derrick Mason…”

Tough one. Larry Johnson plays a mediocre Chargers defense, and he has a history of torching them even when they were good. But Derrick Ward seems in line to get all the touches for the Giants, and even though the Cowboys have a solid run defense, that is a nice thing to have. I would keep your eye on Brandon Jacobs health, but if Jacobs is out then Ward is the guy I would go with as well.

As for the receivers, I’m not sure where to go here. Coles would seemingly be the best bet against a 28th ranked pass defense, but he’s been garbage and Brett has been erratic. I’d say he should be your upside pick though, at any moment he could have a couple touchdowns and nearly 100 yards.

Kevin Curtis hasn’t been a nice starting option all year, I don’t think I’d risk my fantasy playoffs on him – even though you never know.

Torry Holt – this guy only reminds me of my hatred for Marc Bulger and this pathetic offense. However, he has been more consistent lately, and they are going up against a Seahawks team that hasnt’ been good through the air. He’s had at least 60 yards and 4 catches in 3 of his last 4 games. He didn’t have the best game against Seattle last time out, but that doesn’t mean much. He’s a decent option this week.

Derrick Mason – this guy is probably your safest bet. He has good games against tough pass defenses (Giants, Colts) and in Week 4, the Pittsburgh Steelers. In that game he went for 137 yards on 8 catches, and while I wont’ expect that kind of total, I do expect him to approach 100 yards, more than I expect from any of these other guys. Picking a startin WR from a pretty average group is a tough gig, I had to do it last week and started Bernard Berrien over Housh – I lost because of it.

David wrote in, “Last week I agreed with you that that Portis would probably be my best bet, but I had Choice and Branch sitting on my bench. If I started either one I would have won. Oh well! I was going to play both but I figured Portis to play the whole game and Santana to catch a few passes. Zorn is not one of my favorites right now. Now to my question. Which defense would you play this week? Reasons and rank them if you could. Green Bay, Wash., Seattle. Also,”would you start Bess over Moss with sure 7-9 points or gamble on Santana against Cinn this week end?”

David, sorry for the bum info on Portis and Moss – I figured both would get their shots, and I’m still hating Zorn myself. Hopefully I can help you out this week. I think I’d start Washington and hope for the best.

Washington plays the Bengals, and the Redskins should beat a bad team. They have playmakers on defense as I expect a couple interceptions and some big plays from Jason Taylor and company.

Green Bay isn’t a good run defense, and they go up against a jaguars team that just hasn’t played up to par – could be a shoot out.

Seattle has St. Louis, and while I like that match-up, the Hawks just don’t make enough fantasy points happen defensively (Offensively either for that matter, but we’re talking defense here). No big plays, with Kerney out there’s less sacks. At least Washington has some secondary playmakers, and Jason Taylor – plus Randel El could always bust a punt return or something.

The Moss gamble is exactly that, a gamble – I think I’d go for Moss, but I’m a gambler in fantasy circles. I know SF is a lowly rated pass defense and a pretty solid run defense- so maybe Chad will throw even more this Sunday – that might push you toward Bess – however, Moss could always be Moss, and while I just don’t think the Redskins will be forced to pass all that much, they also have nothing to lose by airing it out a little. Tough call, but I’d start Santana.

theRUNDOWN: Week 15

For those of you new to theRUNDOWN this is what I do. I pick my best team of the week, some nice plays with a few reasons to back up my picks. I’ll list a few sleepers and some guys I wouldn’t play unless I had nobody else – This is theRUNDOWN for Week 15. 

QB: Kurt Warner vs. Minnesota: Part of me wants to take Drew Brees on Thursday Night, because he might just go off for 400+ yards and do the Bears in real good. However, I’m headed to Arizona instead, and I’m seeing if I can’t follow the Cardinals and Kurt Warner in what might very well be a 3 or 4 passing touchdown night. 

RB: DeAngelo Williams vs. Denver: The Broncos have actually been solid against the run the last couple weeks, but something tells me that trend ends against the Panthers. DeAngelo probably won’t be that sore either, I think Tampa only tackled him a handful of times. Jon Stewart is probably a solid play as well. 

RB: Matt Forte vs. New Orleans: I think Forte will have 100+ rushing and 50+ receiving, and maybe even a couple touchdowns against the Saints on short notice. Those are #1 type numbers so I’ll go with the rookie back for what I think is the 3rd straight week. 

FLEX: Brian Westbrook vs. Cleveland: Part of me expects Brian Westbrook and the Eagles to play poor this week, well, because they are now supposed to play well. Tough team to figure out. That being said, bugger me if I don’t get on this train whilst it’s at a pace steady enough for me to jump on. 

WR: Larry Fitzgerald vs. Minnesota: This one has the makings of a shootout, and I want this PPR superstar rocking the fantasy roster for my squad. 

WR: Greg Jennings vs. Jacksonville: The Jaguars aren’t good – Greg is, the Packers should do lots of running and throwing in Jacksonville – here’s me hoping the majority of those throws go to Mr. Jennings. 

TE: Tony Gonzalez vs. San Diego: I’m riding the old man out in this one. He’s one of the best around, as consistent as they get, and San Diego isn’t much for stopping the pass. 

K: Olindo Mare vs. St. Louis: Tough to throw my kicker of the week in Seattle’s offense, but why not? This guy is playing in St. Louis and the Hawks are bound to attempt 3 or 4 field goals. 

D: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Cleveland: This blitz-happy system scaring Ken Dorsey like he’s in some horror movie with frightening little kids that make creepy faces – sign me up. 


Tyler Thigpen: Always going to be here? Yep. 

Kyle Orton: Yes sir. 

Seneca Wallace: I like the confidence Seneca is playing with right now, and honestly, I think he should be the guy starting in Seattle with Matt the way he is anyway. Obviously Hasselbeck doesn’t have his back quite right and Seattle doesn’t need to throw him out there for any reason. 

Pierre Thomas: I want Thomas again this week – he runs very hard. Maybe this is why he was in front of Rashard Mendenhall at Illinois. Still, I think BOTH running backs are solid. 

Kevin Smith: The Lions are going to run no matter what, Smith is a good young back and the Colts (while the do have Bob back) aren’t the best run defense in the league. In a push he’s a decent option. 

Jonathan Stewart: He’s one of the better starts this week I think. He will continue to get just under half the looks in big scoring games, and he’s a beast. Why not give him a shot if your other back is hurting and playing a great defense? (That goes to you owners of Willie Parker, Jamal Lewis, Marion Barber, and Brandon Jacobs- I think he outscores 3 of the 4 at least)

Domenick Hixon: After struggling last week, I think the Giants get their passing attack going against a Dallas secondary that has been playing better than they are recently. 

Devin Hester: I still like Hester – this list is looking a lot like last week’s group. 

Bryant Johnson: The big receiver is playing a lowly ranked Miami secondary, and he’s been pretty solid over the last four weeks – he’s worth a flier. 

John Carlson: I would say he’s not a sleeper, but look at the numbers, in most leagues he’s not owned. This guy should be starting just about every week. 

New England Patriots: They play the Raiders, and the Raiders are probably starting Andrew Walter. When he throws a couple picks or and then fumbles away a touchdown, who will the Raiders turn to? I doubt the answer will fair much better. 

Papa’S Week 15 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Marc Bulger: Again, Bulger plays one of the lowest rated pass defenses in the league, again I wouldn’t start Marc Bulger unless it was an empty free agent pool without Seneca Wallace, Tyler Thigpen, Chad Pennington, and Jeff Garcia. 

Tim Hightower: He’s basically been what I thought he’d be since taking over for Edgerrin James – and I still don’t think you should start him, especially against this D-front. 

Jamal Lewis: I’m thinking Jamal might get about 16-22 carries for 50-65 yards, and I don’t think he’ll score. He might get a couple receptions with Harrison being out, but I doubt those will amount to much. 

Randy Moss: It was prior to last season that this section was named after Randy Moss – funny how the world turns. Still, I think the Raiders will take this game a little bit personally, and there’s one DB in Oakland that will likely be assigned to hold Randy down. I’m not sure it’s the best move to sit Randy in the playoffs, but I’m going to make that move in my playoff league (but I have Wes Welker, Dwayne Bowe, and Larry Fitzgerald to start instead).