theRUNDOWN Review: Week 16

Well it didn’t go all bad for me this week – wait, yes it did- not only did I lose in 3 fantasy superbowls, but I also lost my lunch at the local Cost-Cutter, and then I throw out this gross number – 130 – but I guess it’s been worse- This was theRUNDOWN for Week 16.
QB: Jay Cutler vs. Buffalo: Jay was the 5th rated quarterback this week, behind Rivers, Manning, and Cassel and Tyler Thigpen – his 27 fantasy points helped me win, but it didn’t help his Broncos stay away from having a loser out game in San Diego next week – awesome. I really win twice there.

RB: Maurice Jones Drew vs. Indianapolis: Jones Drew did a great job of catching some balls, and that gave me some solid pointage. In fact, he was the #4 running back in the league last week. I’ll take those 23 points with a smile.

RB: Matt Forte vs. Green Bay: I needed 19 from Forte to win one of my fantasy super bowls – as it turned out he only finished with 17, so I lost. Tough one to take, I thought GB would allow big stuff to Forte – it hurts to be wrong.

FLEX: Thomas Jones vs. Seattle: Jones had 11 – I hate Eric Mangini.

WR: Andre Johnson vs. Oakland: AJ had 3 fantasy points – I didn’t get to see the game, but I was thinking he must be sitting this one out. Then I saw him catch a late pass, and wondered where he was all day. Apparently covered on lockdown.

WR: Randy Moss vs. Arizona: Randy had 16, converting one deep touchdown on a wide receiver screen. He may be getting older, but tell the Cardinals that he’s lost a step.

TE: Tony Gonzalez vs. Miami: TG had 19 – he’s my hero.

K: Josh Brown vs. San Francisco: Josh Brown had 11, one of my top scorers. I’m getting this kicker thing down pat.

D: Pittsburgh vs. Tennessee: I was wrong here, the Steelers defense was abused a little, and they gave up enough points to hurt me, they got 2 fantasy points.


Tyler Thigpen: A couple picks, but great numbers otherwise and 3 total touchdowns. I win again. A+

Dan Orlovsky: I get a good one with Thigpen, then a crap pick here – Dan-O did notta. F

Shaun Hill: 18 fantasy points? You bet, not a Tyler Thigpen day, but still a start you should have made I’m guessing. B+

Pierre Thomas: He didn’t have to do that much work against the Lions. In the middle of the 2nd quarter, the Saints had 4 rushing TDs one of which went to Pierre. Still he pulled home 16 points, not too shabby for a half day’s work. B

Kevin Smith: All he did was rush for 111 yards and a touchdown – can’t argue with those numbers. A-

Leon Washington: Whoops! F.

Kevin Walter: 2 catches for 17 yards – sorry about this one guys, big swing and a miss. F

Devin Hester: 2 catches for 12 yards, good day to be a receiver on my fantasy squad apparently. F

Tory Holt: 4 grabs for 55 yards – that doesn’t really do it, but it basically tripples peformances from Walter and Hester… C-

Jeremy Shockey: He got hurt, but seeing as though I might deserve it, I’ll take the F.

Miami Dolphins: The Fins had 11, but they picked some balls off and were that close to having a big day. C-

Papa’S Week 15 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Tony Romo: I was right on the button until his last minute toss to Jason Witten – oh well, he had a decent game but not great. I started Rivers over him in my league, and it helped me out.

LaDainian Tomlinson: 25th overall, if that was good enough for you to start him, than sorry for the advice. He got 13 fantasy points – like I said, there’s a lot of guys I’d start over LT this week. 24 would have worked out.

Maurice Morris: 29 carries for 119 yards against the Jets. I’ll be the first to say that’s about 60 yards more than I expected. He didn’t score and didn’t catch a ball, he had 11 – not a great sit by me, but not a bad one either.

Santonio Holmes: 5 catches, 93 yards, and one diving touchdown catch. Needless to say I blew this one.