2007 Fantasy Football theRUNDOWN Week 8

This Week’s Top Team: Lets see if I can’t 1-up my 129 points from last week (thanks for all those points Tom).

QB: Tom Brady vs. Washington: Is it fair to pick anyone else? This guy is unreal right now, and I don’t think even the Redskins stout secondary can run his show. We’ll see. If Brady costs too much this week, roll with Eli Manning, Big Ben, McNabb, and even Brian Griese.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson vs. Houston: LT’s back on his high horse, and you can bet he’ll be running to put out that fire for all those people back home in San Diego.

RB: Brandon Jacobs vs. Miami: Zach Thomas is out again, and you know what that means, another “Raider” day for Miami. Derek Ward is most likely out this week, leaving Jacobs to do most, if not all of the heavy lifting. 130 yards and a couple scores is what I’m looking for, here.

WR: Reggie Wayne vs. Carolina: The Panthers are way overrated, and their secondary is a weak link. Manning will exploit that, and why not go to old dependable, Reggie Wayne.

WR: Randy Moss vs. Washington: I have to ride this guy – he’s been amazing, unstoppable, and Brady is starting to realize how good Moss really is. If Tom wasn’t a shoe in for MVP – Moss would be getting lots of votes. At least from the DB sector of the panel.

TE: Kellen Winslow vs. St. Louis: The Rams actually have a very stout rush-defense – and thus the Browns won’t be able to run much. They will score, and that means passing, and Winslow is a sure thing for 8 fantasy points from the TE. A score, and he’s a top flight guy this week.

K: Robbie Gould vs. Detroit: I’ve been struggling with kickers (fade me) so I’ll be going with last years’ top guy. Yhatzee!

D: Giants vs. Dolphins: The Dolphins suck and they just lost their best player (by far) so I have to take a Giants’ team that makes the most of big plays.


Brian Griese: The Griese-ball goes heads up with Detroit, and I’m sure they’ll limit a bad rushing attack from the Bears. So, Griese will be passing a lot. I like my chances at a big day.

Alex Smith: He’s probably out there to be had, and Alex has been brutal when he’s played this year, but they’re going up against the Saints for God’s sake, how easy can it get?

Fred Taylor: Fred’s almost become a fantasy afterthought, but with Garrard out, there’s going to be plenty of carries for the running backs in Jacksonville. With Jones-Drew hurting a little bit, I imagine that Fred will get around 20 carries. He’s good enough to do damage with that many looks. Give him a shot.

Brandon Jacobs: I love Jacobs against Miami this week, especially without Zach Thomas playing linebacker – but this is hardly a sleeper, Jacobs is a stud. Last week here for him.

Steven Jackson: Haha… Yeah, I’m using the consensus 2nd round pick as my sleeper, but he hasn’t played all that well when healthy, and he’s been out forever. He’ll come back and have an immediate impact on a terrible Browns defense, one that allows the most yards per game in the entire league.

Hines Ward: Hines “I’m gonna kill the Bengals’ secondary” Ward is going to show us why his middle name is an entire murderous phrase.

Lee Evans: It’s time for this gamebreaker to start breaking open some games. Why not against a brutal Jets defense? Good question. He’ll put up points this week.

Greg Olsen: I like Olsen to find the end-zone this week against the Lions. That would make him a top tight end. He’s a good sleeper, and still available in most leagues out there.

Titans DST: I’m not too impressed with Oakland’s offense lately, especially up against a good run defense. So, I have to love this match-up this week.

LUCKY’S Week 8 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Jason Campbell: With Jason and Clinton on my bench him section, you’d think I don’t see the Skins having much of a chance this weekend against the Patriots – yep, that’s about right.

Clinton Portis: If this game is anything like all of the Patriots’ games, they’ll be up so fast that running will become a non-factor for the Redskins. That spells trouble for Washington. Portis will almost certainly struggle this week.

Cedric Benson: Even against the Lions, I still don’t like Benson. Detroit has a better run defense than advertised, and open spaces in their secondary that will cut down on the Bears’ rushing numbers.

Donald Driver: Driver is a stud, but I think he’ll struggle against the Broncos secondary in Denver this week.

Marques Colston: Colston has been bad all season. He hasn’t gotten much help from his offense, but the sophomore slump is busting his balls. Nate Clements and the Niners defense shuts down the #1 receiver on opposing teams, so don’t expect much from Colston in terms of a better week this time around.

Fantasy Football Tear Jerkers – Week 8

Fantasy Football Know-It-All

Back pain and all, Older Papa Weimer is back with his Tear Jerkers for Week 8. There’s only so much you can do, start the players you have and hope for the best – if you happened to have this group of donkeys on Sunday (or Monday) than you are SOL this week.

Lamont Jordan: Where have you gone, buddy? You had everyone and their mother convinced that last years’ terrible totals were an aberration, nice trick. Again you struggled, and made those same owners sick that had gloated after the first two games about how great you were, and how they were so cool for stealing you late and picking WRs and QBs early. Well, screw them.

Frank Gore: 4 points for this Top 5 pick, ouch, it’s getting ugly in San Francisco – so much for competing for the top spot in the West, eh? The 49ers are dip sixing it as we speak. The 49ers are getting killed by everyone, and Frank Gore isn’t getting the ball enough. Everyone can see the kid is frustrated, and I believe he’ll have about 5 big games to finish off the season in fine fashion. But this week, Gore was a tear jerker.

Donald Driver: 28 yards on a night where Brett threw for 331 and two scores… Ugh. I watched the game with about 6 die hard Packer fans, and I realized something; Brett Favre never makes a bad throw – for example, the one ball Driver lunged for in the end zone, the one that barely skipped off his longest finger tip, to a Packer fan, that was a ball Driver just couldn’t hold on to, “God, Driver, hold onto the damn ball.” Wow. Anyway, regardless, it was Jennings and Jones having big days for Green Bay, and Ryan Grant as well. Not Driver.

Brian Griese: 204 yards, 4 interceptions, and 1 touchdown…. Gross. That’s 6 points for a quarterback playing against the Detroit Lions. That’s not the first time Griese has thrown bad picks against the Lions. They must have his number – unfortunately for them, the only quarterbacks number they have is Brian Griese’s, and they’re done playing him for the rest of the season.

Matt Schaub: I don’t like putting injured players in here, but Schaub threw for 77 yards and 2 picks in his limited action. That’s a nice -2 for the day in my league. Not necessarily a good score for a starting quarterback, now is it? Nope. If you started Stump the Schaub, you were definitely crying after Sunday.
(Congratulations to Lee Evans for playing well enough to be in consideration for a fantasy tear jerker award next week, it’s about time little man!)

2007 Fantasy Football theRUNDOWN Week 7

This Week’s Top Team: Somehow, somewhere, my RunDown for week 6 didn’t get put up. As you can imagine, I killed it. With LT and LJ, Tom Brady and Randy Moss, and I even had Plaxico up again – and that would have killed it – but lost in cyber space it is. So, I’ll just have to get back up and do damage again. Here’s how I’m going to do it.

QB: Tom Brady vs. Miami: I hate Miami’s team. Their defense is the worst thing about it. And I don’t thin Brady will let up this week. He’ll have yet another 3 touchdown game, because that’s what Brady does. He gets really hot girls pregers, and does work on the football field.

RB: Thomas Jones vs. Cincinnati: I know picking Thomas is a bit of a risk, but if the Jets want to slow down the Bengals, it’s not like they can rely on their defense. They’ll need Jones to account for about 150+ yards to have a chance. I think he will, and thus the Jets will be close.

RB: Larry Johnson vs. Oakland: L J will do the Raiders dirty on Sunday. Oakland showed last week that a star runner is like kryptonite to their chances of success on defense. L J will be running like a man possessed, trying to inch the Chiefs toward an unexpected playoff run. (I know it’s too early for that kind of talk, sorry)

WR: T.J Houshmandzadeh vs. N.Y. Jets: I like the Cincinnati connection on Sunday. Carson to TJ and Chad. I know Chad has been a little volatile, and TJ has just never stopped catching passes since the season started. But the Bengals have to win this game or they’ll self destruct. TJ and Chad will have a lot to do with that win.

WR: Chad Johnson vs. NY Jets: See above.

TE: Jason Witten vs. Minnesota: The Vikings have a tough defense, but struggle down the middle and stopping a decent passing attack. The Cowboys will be ready to play after losing to the Pats by 20, and I think Witten will go for about 100 yards, and maybe even a score. Lord knows running the ball rarely does dick against the Vikes.

K: Matt Bryant vs. Detroit: Detroit can’t stop much, and the Bucs aren’t a big scoring team. That means moving the ball and field goal tries to get a win. I like Bryant’s possibilities to do that here.

D: Redskins vs. Cardinals: The Cards will be wheeling Tim Rattay out there against a tough Redskins defense… Need I say more?


Chad Pennington: Chad may be the guy everyone loves to hate in New York right now. Well him and A-Rod, but that’s another story. Anyway, Pennington gets his “last chance” when he goes up against Cincinnati this weekend. If he can’t throw touchdowns against that defense, he’s a goner for sure. I like his chances, but think Clemmens is better for this team.

Jeff Garcia: The Bucs play the Lions, and I really don’t care if Detroit is coming off their bye week. I don’t care if they studied the Bucs all season long. The bottom line is, Jeff will have to produce to keep up with the Lions, and that makes him a good start.

Maurice Jones-Drew: Fred may be out for this game, that would mean a sure “huge game” from Jones-Drew. Look what he does with less than 15 carries, imagine what he’ll do with 20+.

Brandon Jacobs: The 49ers have a pretty solid secondary, either that or they can’t stop the run so teams feel fine rushing the ball 30 times a game. Either way, I like Jacobs to push for a score or two.

LenDale White: Chris Brown may be out this week, and Kerry Collins isn’t going to light up the airways if he starts. Either way, White is going to get plenty of touches, and against Houston’s rush defense, I like what White has to offer.

Laurence Maroney: With Morris hurt, this may be the perfect time to ride Maroney’s jog back to full health. They’ve been slow with the very talented back, and against the Dolphins looks like his time to shine.

Roddy White: I know the Falcons drop more passes than TO on a bad day, but White should find a way to torch the Saints. This game will be closer than many think, and White’s big plays will help keep the Falcons in it.

Greg Olsen: A tight end sleeper is a magnificent thing, and Olsen just might be your man this week. Philly’s secondary is hurting without Dawkins in, and a speedster like Olsen might just be the Bears’ only hope for big plays on Sunday.

Seattle’s DST: The Hawks play the Rams, and while Bulger is coming back, I don’t see that line every slowing down a Hawks rush that will be coming all day long. Also, Seattle needs this win bad after getting humiliated on Sunday Night Football by the Saints.

LUCKY’S Week 7 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Cleo Lemon: Don’t be confused by the big stats last week, this week the Patriots come to town, and they aren’t the Browns. Look for Lemon to have a tough day at the helm minus his #1 receiver. I don’t I’d like to have to face the Patriots with a rookie starting at receiver – but that’s just me.

Ahman Green: Not only is Green in trouble going up against Tennessee, but the Titans D might feel like they have to be even stingier with Vince possibly out of the lineup. That combo means bad things for Green, who has been disappointing thus far.

Cedric Benson: Sure, the Bears wish they had Thomas Jones, because Benson isn’t doing it. But the Bears’ O-line has been pretty suspect to. Anyway, against Philly’s solid run defense, I don’t expect much out of Cedric.

Javon Walker: In his first game back, he has to play the Steelers? Yikes. The Steel show has shut down everyone this side of Anquan Boldin this season, and I don’t expect them to yield too much to the Broncos. Stay away from Walker another day.

Plaxico Burress: Either Plax has been playing too well or Nate Clements will be on him all day long. Either way, Plax is ready to bring it down a notch, those 8 touchdowns are a little out of the ordinary. Plus, the Giants will run the ball a lot against SF.

Fantasy Football Tear Jerkers – Week 7

Fantasy Football Know-It-All

Sorry for the small paragraphs – Lucky’s “OLD” back is trying to get me out of this chair as fast as possible. These are the guys that aided my back pain this weekend…

Laurence Maroney: Not only do we here at LuckyLester.com think this guy is one of the most talented running backs in the league, but I personally think he has the talent to be the best fantasy back in the league. With Brady putting up huge numbers, and Belichick trying to hold off on breaking Laurence down, the guy only got 6 carries. He got 31 yards, but 3 points from my starting runner is a tough pill to swallow.

Marques Colston: I know the sophomore slump gets guys hard, but this was Colston’s 6th week of the season, and his 5th time producing 6 fantasy points or less – that’s just downright terrible. He makes me cry, mainly because I can’t drop this guy.

Joey Galloway: Joey had 4 points as well, but you probably, like me, expected him to do big terrible things to the Lions, especially with Jeff Garcia putting up 300+ yards and a couple scores. But, that wasn’t the case, and that kind of pissed me off.

Jerious Norwood: The Falcons needed to run, and they needed something better than Warrick Dunn’s 2 yards per carry – but still, Jerious managed only 3 fantasy points. How so low? Well, for the 5th time this year, he had 6 carries. In fact, this dynamic runner has never had more than 9 carries this season. This Bobby Patrino guy looks more and more like a dip-shit every day. To start the week, he dropped Grady Jackson, the defensive tackle that was killing opposing teams’ rushing attack. Nice, buddy.

Jason Campbell: I love this kid, but he had 1 damn point. He only got a few chances to throw the ball, but 95 yards – my god, tell one of those receivers to do something with their life. It’s hard to think about starting Campbell next week, especially with the Patriots looming.

Marc Bulger: -1 fantasy points – and he looked bad. Not only that, but when his head coach gave him a good talking to, Marc rolled the eyes like a little girl. Wow – this guy has SUCKED this season. Hard to watch him be this bad, unless you’re a Hawk fan. 21-40 for 225 yards and 3 picks – nice day, bub.

(Also considered; – All Rams and Dolphins – get a damn win, fellas, would you?)

Fantasy Football Tear Jerkers – Week 6

Fantasy Football Know-It-All

Amongst many NFL players, these were the guys ripping tears from my eyes like they were playing some sadistic roll in the next Saw movie. Pull! Nice.

Kurt Warner: Injuries never make it on the Tearjerkers list, but I started Kurt in more than a couple leagues expecting huge things from the former All-Pro. Well, he was 2-2 for 21 yards before he fumbled and reached in for the ball like he was going to pry it away from a defensive tackle. With all the times Kurt has fumbled, you’d think he’d know that he never wins that battle. Either way, Kurt busted my fantasy hopes, the drained the chance of me covering my bet (Zona -3.5) because Tim Rattay wasn’t going to come in and win any battles. Overall, Kurt was stealing tears this week. Hope you get better, old man.

Rudi Johnson: Rudi’s 4 carries for 8 yards wasn’t what his fantasy owners were hoping for with his return on Sunday. Talk about a kick to the groin. Rudi didn’t do jack, the Bengals lost to the Chiefs, and Chad Johnson looks like he’s about to blow a fuse any time now. All in all, Rudi’s value took a big hit in this one, and one can only hope that he returns to the back he once was, or starts getting regular reps at the position.

Brett Favre: Okay, Brett looked old this week against the Redskins, but Washington has been money on defense all year long, so this might have been coming. Either way, those who started Brett thinking they were getting a renewed gun-slinger that had tossed for 300 yards in 3 straight games ended up getting 188 yards and two interceptions with nary a touchdown. That’s a tearjerker if I’ve every seen one.

Phillip Rivers: Rivers continues his up and down life, playing well and being a fantasy factor when I don’t start him, and delivering painful kicks to the caucux when I do start him. Well, I started him last week against the Raiders, thinking he’d have to throw because the Raiders would put 9 in the box, but I was wrong. LT went bananas with 198 yards and 4 touchdowns, while Phil mostly just handed the ball off and watched in tearjerking admiration.

Shaunna Alexander: My favorite quote of the week from ESPN’s finest. “Shaun doesn’t run tough. He runs soft and falls down to easily. He doesn’t look like he’s giving much effort. He’s not going to like that I said that, but that’s what I see. He’s making me see that. It’s not like I’m making it up or saying it just to get to him. He’s running the way he is, and I’m just seeing it.” (or something close to that – said by Mike Ditka) Overall, I’ve been saying this for the last 2 seasons. As a Hawks fan, I’d have to say, Shaunna is one of the toughest running backs in the league… To root for. He runs like a damn roll of toilet paper, and I’m sick of it. Thanks for 3 points, 35 rushing yards, against the Saints’ terrible defense, by the way, nice work!

Tory Holt and Donald Driver: Neither had a good match-up, but Holt and Driver both scored 3 measily fantasy points. These guys are both #1 receivers. The other thing is, neither team had much of a rushing attack on Sunday, either. Starting these two All-Pro receivers just killed my fantasy team this week.

(Also considered; – Chad Pennington and Warrick Dunn, but then I realized that neither is worth having on my fantasy team, anyway – also, Bryant Johnson (but he had Tim Rattay throwing the ball over his head, so can’t really blame him – also any Falcons receiver (they all dropped passes, from Crump to Joe Horn, Mike Jenkins, Laurent Robinson, and Roddy White – nice work fellas, way to make Joey look worse than he is – and last but not least, the Dolphins defense – what a bad, bad unit.)

2007 Fantasy Football theRUNDOWN Week 5

This Week’s Top Team: Week 5 is here, and bye weeks have limited an option or two. No worries, I’m here to give you a starting lineup that should be dominant, and some sleepers to be had in hopes of picking up a point or two for a close victory. Here you go.

QB: Tom Brady vs. Cleveland: This one’s a toss up between Tony Romo and The One. Well, The One gets the nod because I think the Cowboys will run the ball too much for Romo to have a bigger day than Brady.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson vs. Denver: I have to stick with LT here. Denver hasn’t been able to stop the run, and LT has the fierce eye of frustration in his eye. I think the Chargers will ride LT to a win in Denver.

RB: Marion Barber vs. Buffalo: Barber is a risk here, because he’s not even the starter on his own team. But I have a feeling the Cowboys will run the ball a lot next week in Buffalo. Give Marion 20 carries, and that’s 100+ yards and a couple touchdowns. I’ll take that chance.

WR: Randy Moss vs. Cleveland: Randy is a flat out stud. I’m rolling with Randy to do Cleveland up. Randy catches everything thrown his way and is better than anyone thought he was. Tom Brady is his quarterback, a hard throwing, accurate, risk taker. Randy’s dreams have come true.

WR: Plaxico Burress vs. NY Jets: I think Plaxico will torment this defense. He had a down week last week, but still caught a touchdown. This week, after another few days of skipping practice, Plax should be plenty healthy enough to torment the Jets secondary.

TE: Jason Witten vs. Buffalo: I like Gates to take advantage of a strong running game this weekend. On the goal-line, if Dallas takes a second to give the ball to someone not named Marion Barber, it will be a play action dump to Witten.

K: Nate Kaeding vs. Denver: With LT, the ball will move down the field. With the Chargers offense, the ball won’t get into the end zone every drive. That leaves room for Kaeding to kick in Denver. I like that combo-set.

D: Patriots vs. Cleveland: I know, the Browns have put up tons of points. So what. New England is football’s version of Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. I expect lots of turnovers and very few points out of Cleveland.


Jason Campbell: Give me an underrated quarterback against the Detroit Lions’ secondary, and I’ll give you a nice sleeper candidate for this weekends’ fantasy stats. Campbell has had 2 weeks to prepare for Detroit – that makes me believe a big day is in the future.

Panthers Starting QB: Even if you have to start David Carr, I think the Panthers’ starting quarterback will have an easy 15 point fantasy day against the Saints’ pathetic defense.

Julius Jones: Jones might get a 100 yard day in Buffalo this weekend. I have a feeling that the Cowboys will ride their running game, and 100 total yards for Jones isn’t out of the question.

Brandon Jacobs: The Jets can’t stop anyone running the football. If Jacobs gets cleared, he might end up with a couple touchdowns on Sunday. That’s a good day for a sleeper who has been out for 3 weeks.

LenDale White: I like LenDale to have his most productive outing this weekend against Atlanta. White is a big bad runner, and the Falcons aren’t a big defensive unit. Expect him to get close to 20 carries 100 yards and a touchdown.

Lee Evans: I’m sticking with Lee here. I think the Bills will need to score points if they want to stay anywhere close to Dallas. Evans is the quickest way to a touchdown. Look for him to take a short pass to the house for his first touchdown of the season.

Larry Fitzgerald: Larry hasn’t been as dominant as I figured he’d be, but that means he could be a nice buy low option. Fitz will have his way with the Rams defense, as that secondary will key in on the more productive Anquan Boldin. Fitz could have a couple scores and 100 yards on Sunday.

Chris Cooley: Guy plays the Lions, and he’s a touchdown threat every single time the Skins are in the red zone. That should be a lot considering they are playing the Lions.

Cardinals DST: Arizona will try to feast on the turnover happy, terrible offense that has taken over the greatest show on turf. The game is in St. Louis, which could cause trouble – but the Cardinals’ defensive unit is very aggressive and physical. That’s not a good sign for a team with 1 offensive line starter in the lineup.

LUCKY’S Week 5 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Phillip Rivers: I don’t think Phillip will have such a bad day, but he won’t get enough passing attempts to be a starter worthy option against Denver.

Shaun Alexander: The Steelers will shut Shaun down. Alexander has been busy running like a pussy since he got his big deal a season and a half ago. I counted, and in 25 carries last week, he lowered his shoulder once. I think it was an accident.

Jamal Lewis: Note to fantasy owners – your player plays the Patriots, bench him. Especially if he’s a running back on a bad team. Don’t be confused by their 2-2 record, the Browns are a bad team.

Tory Holt: I didn’t think there would be a day I suggested a benching of Holt, he’s always open – but with the way the Rams have been playing, and the physical nature of the Cardinals defense in mind, I have to bench most Rams this weekend.

Todd Heap: I just don’t like Heap this week. He’s kind of hurt (what’s new?) and the Ravens have sucked bad. I’ll stay away from the Ravens until they flip a switch.

Fantasy Football Tear Jerkers – Week 5

Fantasy Football Know-It-All

Romo did some interception throwing like he was getting points for the damn things, but he ended up leading his team to victory and flashing a fat 8 points on the board. Needless to say, he didn’t win my fantasy league for me. Who was a tear jerker in Week 5? Weird, Lee Evans finds his name back on the “bad” list, as do a couple more big name players. Check ’em out right MEOW!

Jon Kitna: Is that a zero I hear dropping on the score sheet from Kitna’s fantasy league? You betcha. 2 picks, 106 yards, and a big fat loss for the Lions. Yes, I imagine it’ll be tough to reach that 10 win plateau with numbers like that. I mean, I know the Redskins are improved, but lets not pretend that they’re one of the best defenses in the league. Kitna, suck it up and use that cave-man skull of yours to put up some points next week. Or better yet, don’t, and get back on the list.

Larry Johnson: Tough sledding for the big-money guy. 9 rushes, 12 yards, 5 catches 3 yards. Needless to say, the Chiefs didn’t do much in terms of winning on Sunday. It looks like the Jaguars are back to their old tricks which means, watch out running backs. Huard was brutal, the O-line in KC is something to frown at, and overall, I’m not so sure it’ll get much better. Not every game will put the Chiefs up against one of the toughest front-fours in football, but every D will single in on LJ, especially with Brodie Croyle running show.

Mark Clayton: Like Tatum Bell, Mark Clayton will not be allowed back on the tear jerker list until he proves he’s actually worth owning. I’m holding on to him, just because I think his upside is mucho grande, but he’s been one of the biggest busts in fantasy football. Last week against San Francisco – 1 catch, 5 yards. Thanks for coming out.

Tatum Bell: Bell will no longer be on the Tear Jerker list, because he is no longer worth owning in fantasy football leagues. I kid you not, this cat is done. After all that off-season talk about how Mike Martz loves him and Jones is out for the year, Tatum will now be a high-priced backup looking to the off-season for some more work. Thank you for your 4 carries for 15 yards, young Bell – and next time you get the ball, learn how to look for a hole.

Terrell Owens: TO had more drops than catches, and he busted out 2 for 25 yards and 2 fantasy points. I had Romo and TO, so needless to say, I’m searching for a way to pick up the pieces in Week 6.

Lee Evans: Back again. 1 catch, 12 yards – but hey, it was a nice route, and a nice sideline finger tip catch. My good god.

Chris Chambers: Chris had a point. Sweet, Carl. 2 catches for 19 yards, and to think, one more yard and he could have had 2 points. Eh, he still makes this list if he has 2 points, so big deal.

(Also considered; – Matt Leinart’s shoulder, the Cardinals’ defense, every single player on the Broncos, even coach Splinter)

2007 Fantasy Football theRUNDOWN Week 4

This Week’s Top Team: Week 3 produced my top fantasy group thus far, with Tom Brady, Brian Westbrook, and Randy Moss leading my group of marry men. This week, the lineup looks a little different, and that’s because I need 150 points to be satisfied. Here we go…

QB: Tom Brady vs. Cincinnati: This is the toughest decision I’ll have to make, as there are 4 or 5 great options this weekend – unfortunately, I’m going for the safest choice, Tom Brady against that terrible Bengals secondary. However, McNabb and Romo are tough to pass up going into Week 4, all of these guys have great match-ups against bad defenses. I’ll stick with the new daddy.

RB: Brian Westbrook vs. NY Giants: Brain Westbrook is the scariest offensive player in the NFC. He’s scary because of his ability, and the fact that he’s a little fragile and you never know. The Giants defense doesn’t have one guy that is fast enough to keep up with Westy, so I imagine he’ll beast them if he dresses.

RB: Joseph Addai vs. Denver: At the end of the day, Peyton Manning will have handed and dumped the ball off to Addai more than he will have thrown to Harrison, Wayne, and Clark combined. Denver’s rush defense is bad, to say the least, and with so much energy spent on slowing Manning and company, I foresee a huge day for Mr. Addai.

WR: Randy Moss vs. Cincinnati: If my Tom Brady to Randy Moss combo continues to flourish, I have a hard time believing that Brady won’t find Moss for at least two touchdowns against a Bengals defense that has looked terrible week in and week out.

WR: Terrell Owens vs. St. Louis: Free Fantasy points over here! Come and get them. Terrell Owens is way too physical for the Rams defensive backs, especially with the speedy and talented Tye Hill out once again. I see a very big score discrepancy in this one, with Owens doing most of his damage in the first half.

TE: Antonio Gates vs. Kansas City: If its not obvious by now that opposing teams are going to make Phillip Rivers beat them instead of LT, then I don’t know jack. What I see is everyone in KC trying to stop LT, and Gates going off for somewhere around 150 yards.

K: Matt Stover vs. Cleveland: I think the Ravens offense is good enough to move the ball, but they haven’t shown me they are much of a touchdown threat, so I’ll go with Stover. Matt is a money kicker, and given chances this week against a bad Browns defense, you can imagine he’ll get those kicks through the uprights.

D: Chargers vs. Chiefs: I’m taking another chance against the Chiefs here, because their offense is brutal. I’m hoping for a shutout, and or a defensive touchdown coming off a couple big hits by the OLBs in San Diego. It’s tough to imagine the Chiefs taking many chances in this game, but if SD can get up early, and start clicking on offense, KC will have to take some chances, and if that’s the case, I like the Chargers chances to put up defensive numbers.


Daunte Culpepper: How bad do you think Pep wants to beat Miami’s organization? I know Saban is gone, but Cameron didn’t even give Pep a chance, electing to trade for father time, Trent Green, instead. Well, I think Pep will outperform Green, and the Raiders might start a winning streak in Miami.

Rex Grossman: If Rex gets the boot by Wednesday, cross this one out – but if he’s starting again, I think he could have a good Rex day against the Lions. Detroit’s defensive secondary is bad, and Rex can have good days. Seeing as this will almost surely be his last chance, I’m going to throw him on my sleeper list and say, “start him!”

Brian Leonard: Many people are looking for that guy to be a replacement this week, and while St. Louis’s offense is brutal, and their line is battered, Leonard will get plenty of chances to do a thing or two against Dallas this week, and with all the problems the Rams are having lately, I have a feeling the Cowboys defense could come out slow, as this game is a wrap, and let Leonard do some early damage. Not a great option, but as a true sleeper stop-gap, I’d roll the dice on Brian.

Marshawn Lynch: I don’t know if he can be a sleeper, because he’s shown up to do damage against every team he’s played against this season, but Lynch is almost a must start against the Jets. N.Y. has shown they can’t stop the run (look at their past 3 games) and Lynch will carry the load for Buffalo with a rookie quarterback starting. Lots of touches against N.Y…. Sounds like a big day.

Thomas Jones: Jones against Buffalo’s defense is a lock for 125 yards and a touchdown. He hasn’t gone off yet, and he can sill be considered a sleeper – if you can trade for him, now is a good time to do it if you didn’t do it already. He’ll be a Top 10 guy in the RB list this week.

Lee Evans: Wow, how far this guy has fallen. I’m sure its not his fault, but that of the pathetic play of JP Losman and just bad overall team action, but Lee has gone from Top 10 guy to sleeper status in the matter of weeks. Evans has a nice match-up against the Jets this weekend, and they will need to get him the ball, or at least throw his was upwards of 15 times to have a chance in this one. Trent Edwards may be a rookie, but he’s well polished, and will give Evans a chance to have a nice day.

Joey Galloway: Joey is hardly a sleeper, but still not starting for many teams out there. The Panthers have been a very bad defensive team, even with all those solid players in that secondary. The confidence seems shot in Carolina, and even that mean defensive front hasn’t gotten pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Look for Joey to get deep and Jeff to throw it as far as he can – right into Joey’s little hands.

Greg Olsen: Regardless of who throws him the ball this weekend, it seems like Greg Olsen will be open and ready to catch it. He looked decent last week against Dallas, and this week Detroit hosts the Bears. They have a bad secondary. Olsen will collect his first touchdown.

Packers DST: The Vikings… With Kelly Holcomb at quarterback? This should be interesting. It will be a low scoring affair, but the Packers are good enough to gather an early lead and force Holcomb to throw. They’ll take advantage of that.

LUCKY’S Week 4 Bench Riders

Peyton Manning: I know, you’re not sitting Peyton, but I don’t think he’ll have a Manning-esque game this week against Denver. Joseph Addai will get lots of touches, and the solid Broncos secondary will keep Peyton honest. Overall, Manning has always been a take what you get guy, and the Colts could run Addai all day long. If you are expecting 20 points from Manning, you will be surprised.

Larry Johnson: Just another week or two, Larry, and then you’ll at least have a chance. Right now, it’s the Chargers front 7, a scary unit – and against you, they’ll be the Chargers front 9 – good luck with that.

Edgerrin James: Last week it was Baltimore, this week it’s the new-look Steelers. Ken Whisenhunt would love to take home a win from this one, but I don’t see it happening. Pittsburgh shut down a very good rushing attack from San Francisco last week, and I don’t think the Cardinals will fair much better. That means another week on the Bench Riders for the Edge.

Marvin Harrison: Nobody will sit Marvin, but they should. I have a feeling that Champ Bailey will get the Marv assignment, and Harrison’s night will be limited because of it.

Algae Crumpler: There will be no time for Harrington to get the ball to his tight end, and the short pass will be heavily guarded by a nice set of linebackers and safeties. Overall, I think Crump’s day will be very average at best.

Fantasy Football Tear Jerkers – Week 4

Fantasy Football Know-It-All

My goodness, I’m not positive (for weed) but I’m pretty sure Travis Henry is going to have a few people shedding tears in fantasy football this week, and not because he’s going to tear up the Chargers defense. Oh no. How absolutely mentally ill can some cats be? What is with the youth today? I’ve had enough, but here are your tear jerkers for Week 4.

Donovan McNabb: I’m not sure who to blame, but McNabb has a lot of talent to be scoring 3 freaking fantasy points. It’s a shame they don’t give quarterbacks negative rushing yards for sacks, because if they did, he would have had at least -30 rushing yards, and he could have been on the hook for zero fantasy points. Either way, McNabb isn’t getting it done for my team, and I’m imagining, that despite last week’s performance against Detroit, you’re not too impressed with the guy, either.

Darrell Jackson: D-Jack continues to be unimpressive on a weekly basis. Nice. Was this cat just the product of being the #1 receiver in Seattle’s offense? Or is it possible that Alex Smith and the 49ers offense needs Norv Turner that bad? I don’t know, but if Alex continues to play poorly when he gets back, and Norv continues to blow all that talent in San Diego, I’m pretty sure Turner could get “job-backs” and head back to Northern California. Isn’t it terrible when a move hurts so many people. If only the Chargers Brass would have kept Marty around.

Marc Bulger: “Mr. Marc “Underrated, everyone should pick him over McNabb” Bulger hasn’t had a very good entry to 2007, and I’m not sure if it’s going to get much brighter from here. Bulger had -2 fantasy points in Week 3, and looked Terrible, with a capital T. Another starting lineman down, and that makes 3 backups for Bulger, who is a very stationary quarterback. Think, one of those British soldier guys that never move all day long. Well, Bulger needs to improve if the Rams want to be anything close to what they were last year, and keep themselves out of the NFC West cellar.” (Me, last week) As you can see, Marc Bulger isn’t a first time offender either. Yes, this underrated man has been doing some poorly rated things. He did get better than last week, putting up 2 fantasy points, but I don’t think that’s good enough. He got benched, so I have a hard time seeing him outscoring 2 next week – he’ll stick to his two-week average, though.

Tatum Bell: “Bell was supposed to be Mike Martz’ new Marshall Faulk, and Kevin Jones was supposed to have a hard time finding playing time when he returned from injuries.” (Me, last week) As you can see, this isn’t a first time offense for Mr. Bell. As it turns out, Mike Shanahan wasn’t just trying to squash Bell’s career, he just isn’t as good a player as you would think he should be. Well, Tear Jerker central, Tatum is riding the train.

Terrell Owens: I have a feeling you won’t see TO here too many times this season. It was as if TO and Tony Romo got together and said, “Lets show teams that Patrick can do dirty work, so I’ll stop getting double covered,” and bingo, TO gets 3 fantasy points while Crayton goes off the deep end, torching fantasy football for 184 yards and 2 touchdowns. Well, TO made fantasy owners cringe last week, as his antics didn’t win many fantasy match-ups.

Ravens Defense: Not only have the Ravens sucked when it comes to putting points on the board and winning games against easy teams, but their defense has been average at best. Last week, against a very mediocre Browns team, the Big Bad Ravens D totaled a humungous 4 fantasy points. Nice work, now tell me they weren’t worth a 5th round pick… C’mon, tell me. They are so good, they are definitely worth that high of a selection. Defenses… Hahaha…

Chris Chambers: I’d blame Trent Green but, well, hell – it’s Trent Green’s fault that Chambers didn’t do jack against the Raiders, but I’m putting the up and down wideout up here because I’m sick of everyone telling me that he’s been so good this year. Expect more crappy games, and less of those nice, incredible, 100 yard outings. Trent is brutal, and he’s even older than I am – okay, not true, but he’s almost old enough for me to have picked on him as a kid.

(Also considered; -Todd Heap (3pts), Matt Leinart (3pts), Isaac Bruce and Drew Bennett (2pts a peice), Steve Smith (he’d be on the main list – 2pts – but I saw a little of that game, and he’s already mad enough that David Carr can’t get him the ball, it’s not his fault) and Jerious Norwood (I blame Patrino for that last one, what a dope)

2007 Fantasy Football theRUNDOWN Week 3

This Week’s Top Team: Okay, last week was much like Week 1, and I’m tired of being just good enough to stay over the century mark, so I have some big changes going into this week’s rundown… Get ready, I’m about to knock some socks off.

QB: Tom Brady vs. Buffalo: This is a no-brainer in my opinion. The Patriots have been great, and Tom Brady has been unreal, plus I expect their defense to struggle a little bit this week as Buffalo’s tandem of Lee Evans and JP Losman will play better. But Tom will outshine those two, and pickup about 25 points for me.

RB: Brian Westbrook vs. Detroit: I expect Brian to get about 15 carries for 100 yards, but through the air is where I expect him to do most of his damage. Detroit’s secondary couldn’t keep up with Keyshawn Johnson, so I don’t expect them to even realize how fast Westbrook burned past them. The Eagles need a win, and to get it, they’ll rely on their most explosive player.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson vs. Green Bay: Honestly, I think the world of Green Bay’s defense – I just don’t see LT having 3 bad weeks in a row. He’s the best player in the league, and his offensive line is solid. When this week is all said and done, I expect LT to have more Week 3 fantasy points than any other player.

WR: Steve Smith vs. Atlanta: There isn’t a corner in the league I’d pick to shut down Steve Smith. Atlanta doesn’t have the greatest defense and Smith is THE weapon in Carolina. Atlanta knows it, Jake Delhomme knows it, and John Fox (who knows very little) knows it as well. But nobody thinks Steve Smith will struggle on Sunday.

WR: Randy Moss vs. Buffalo: You probably saw this coming, I took Randy Moss, fresh off of producing big enough stats to change the name of my Bad Plays of the week from the Randy Moss’s – to now becoming a top receiver from this week’s action. Well, Randy is back, and I love it. Seeing as though I expect Tom Brady to have a big day, I think Randy Moss is sure to catch a couple touchdowns against one of the worst secondaries in the league.

TE: Chris Cooley vs. Giants: Last week I picked a tight end not name Antonio Gates, and the kid stepped up and produced the top fantasy score for TEs in Week 2. So, I’ll move away from Gates again, and go for the TE who should torment the Giants secondary.

K: Josh Brown vs. Cincinnati: The Hawks will move the ball easily and Josh Brown could be the guy winning the game in Seattle. I expect about 4 field goals from this game winning K in the rainy state.

D: Vikings vs. Chiefs: Larry Johnson says he wants 40 carries in this game. Larry, I don’t think your team will have the ball for that long, big guy. I love LJ, and think he’s right up there with LT at the top of NFL running backs, but the Vikings are built to kill the Chiefs.


Tarvaris Jackson: Nobody will start Jackson, but against a Detroit secondary that has nobody to stop even the most anemic of wide receiving corps, I think Jackson will have a couple touchdown passes. That will rank him in the Top 15 of Week 2 quarterbacks, and probably make him start-worth for some unlucky fantasy team out there.

Jeff Garcia: Jeff makes a return to my sleeper list, this week, and looky there, that coincides with another easy match-up. The Ram secondary is very similar to the very poor unit in New Orleans, so it should be wide open receivers for Jeff and the Bucs.

Derek Ward: DW will be getting all the carries for the second week in a row, and despite the Redskins’ solid ranking against the run this season, I expect a century mark for Ward, at least.

Maurice Jones Drew: The Jaguars play the Broncos, a team that has a stellar secondary and a questionable front line of defense. The Jaguars a strictly a running team that has been pretending to be something else in recent weeks. I expect Jones Drew to get 15+ touches, and that means a big day for the little guy.

Thomas Jones: After two very tough match-ups and a bad leg, Jones will finally show what he’s made of against the Dolphins in Week 3. I expect Jones to have a huge week, so if you can get him cheap, pull that trigger.

Ronald Curry: RC is back and he’s ready to explode like he did in Week 1. Yes, the Raiders have what I’d call a solid fantasy match-up in Week 3. A talented young speedy receiver – check. A coach who likes to throw the rock – check. A quarterback with a big arm – check. And the last and most important ingredient, the Browns secondary. Checkmate.

Vincent Jackson: I like Vince to pull home around 100 yards and a touchdown in Week 3. I know that’s crazy speak because not only is the Packers’ defense solid, but the Chargers’ offense has been pathetic. But, you heard it here first, Norv will turn the passing game loose this week, using it to set up LT. The Chargers will walk over the Packers, and Vincent will have a big day.

Eric Johnson: It seems like TEs get easy action from the Titans defense, so I expect EJ to be big this week. He’ll have room, and Drew Brees will settle for the sure thing more in this one, so a decent day from EJ is an option.

Cowboys DST: The Cowboys were a good option last week, as I predicted, and this week will be much of the same. The Cowboys could capitalize big time if Rex has one of those Rex days. However, this is a risky pick because Rex could always have one of those other Rex days.

LUCKY’S Week 3 Bench Riders

We’ll go with bench riders until I become more clever… Could be a while. I’m also done picking on Mike, he needs no more pub.

Matt Leinart: Baltimore’s in town this week. Yep. That’s about all I have to say about that one.

Larry Johnson: I don’t like Larry’s match-up in Week 3, regardless of the improved workload he’s expected to get. Like I said in another article this week, the Vikings are built to stop the Chiefs offense.

Edgerrin James: This seems like an easy pick, but I’m not sure, he might get around 70 yards. Either way, 7 points from your starting running back isn’t a good option.

Braylon Edwards: Braylon had a huge week in Week 2, but I don’t see him terrorizing the Raiders like he did the Bengals. Edwards is solid, and some fantasy gurus are quick to point out the Raiders’ short comings in the secondary this year, but they’re wrong. Numbers are one thing, but the Raiders have been solid and their ranking will only improve when thy shut down the Browns in Week 3.

Todd Heap: Heap is a must start in most leagues, but I don’t see him doing much more than 4 catches for 40 yards against the Arizona Cardinals. Their safety unit is premium.