2006 Fantasy Football Week 5 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: This is the best team I could put together for Week 5.

QB: Marc Bulger: Marc should have a solid game against the Packers. Green Bay’s secondary has been annihilated all season long. It shant stop there…. Another game, another 2-3 passing scores.

RB: Brian Westbrook: I’m going to go with Westbrook again. With Julius Jones on my bench. So if Westy doesn’t play, I’ll take Julius in that game in Philly. Ah, Westbrook is too talented for Dallas’ defense, and the Eagles can’t wait to show everyone that.

RB: Larry Johnson: The Cardinals can’t win against run first teams, and Larry Johnson can’t have less than 20 fantasy points against the Cardinals. I don’t care what they do, put 12 guys in the box, do it, LJ will still run the show in Arizona.

WR: Torry Holt: Torry will benefit from Green Bay’s insistence that everyone should throw on them. Without a stellar pass rush, Torry will get too much time to get open, and naturally he will be.

WR: Marvin Harrison: Peyton will try to put this game out of reach by half time. You can bet Marvin will be a big part of that performance. Harrison is always open, and he’ll be wide open against a youthful secondary in Tennessee.

TE: Tony Gonzalez: Tony really hasn’t had a big game all season long. But Huard will try to find him often against the Cardinals. That being said, it’ll be easy to find Tony, he’s the big bad ass basketball player running show on the football field.

K: Jeff Wilkins: I’ll ride my horse. Here’s to Jeff Wilkins, 2006 fantasy football all American.

D: Colts: I like that the Titans are going with Vince Young. He’s fun to watch, he’s athletic, and a very likable guy. That being said, he makes mistakes, and defenses capitalize. Sacks and turnovers.


Matt Leinart: Everyone expects Matty to struggle, but with his struggles will come accurate passing and what that means is touchdowns. Because if you can get Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald the ball, they’ll score.

Frank Gore: I’m guessing Frank doesn’t fumble this week, and in turn has one hell of a game. Oakland’s run D is better than people think , but Frank is a very talented runner.

Laurence Maroney: LOMO is a stud, flat out, no questions asked, this kid will take the cake from this class of stud runners. This week he’ll take it to the Dolphins porous rush defense.

Troy Williamson: This young stud is only held back by Brad Johnson’s reluctance to go his way. Against Detroit he’ll be so open Brad won’t have a choice.

Greg Jennings: St. Louis isn’t bad defensively, but I expect the Rams to be up early, so Brett will have to throw often. With Jennings being the go to guy with Driver out, that means many chances will come his way.

Daniel Graham: Graham hasn’t had a huge year, and he has other solid TE’s on his own team. But he’s fast and athletic and Miami’s defense doesn’t have many in the secondary who can compete with his size and speed.

Carolina: Cleveland has been solid offensively, but this could be the week the Panthers really show the football world what they’re made of. Frye will have to elude the rush, and in the secondary, the Panthers could set the youngster up for some big mistakes.


Jake Plummer: Don’t’ look for much from Jake… again.

Edgerrin James: Edge will have another tough week, this time against the Chiefs.
Kansas City’s defense is greatly underrated.

Javon Walker: Javon won’t find much room against the Ravens. He had a huge game a couple weeks ago, but Baltimore’s a different beast.

Reggie Bush: Bush hasn’t been the best back of the rookie class, due greatly to having Deuce McCallister on his team. This week another speedy defense comes to town in hopes of containing Reggie.

2006 Fantasy Football Week 4 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: This is the best team I could put together for Week 4

QB: Donovan McNabb: D-Nabb throwing bombs against the Packers secondary will send me to the top in Week 4. Championship.

RB: Brian Westbrook: Last week D and Westy showed they could put up fat points in tandem. This week, they’ll ball the same way. I can’t wait to see what Westy can do with his first 12 touches this week, last week it was 35 fantasy points.

RB: Larry Johnson: Larry’s scoreless in his first two contests, but that shall hold like a gallon of water in a whicker basket. Larry scores twice against the Niners, you heard it here first.

WR: Chris Chambers: Daunte’s been bad, and the rest of the Dolphins have bombed as well, besides Zach Thomas, he’s a pimp. Anyway, if Brunell can roll for 22 straight completions against Houston, Chris can catch plenty of balls from Daunte. First big week from the Dolphins.

WR: Steve Smith: After having their way with the Falcons receivers, Steve Smith is going to show the Saints what the best receiver in the league looks like. He’s virtually unguardable, just ask the Bears, and with a let down from New O, Smith will be balling play after play.

TE: Ben Watson: Benny hasn’t hit the “Fantasy Stud” button yet, but he should have a big one in a loss to the Bengals. Cincinnati will be up early, and regardless of how far it gets them, Tom will be throwing the rock often. Ben should reap the benefits.

K: Jeff Wilkins: The Lions might just have the perfect mix of bad and good on defense to give Jeff another huge day. The Rams haven’t been big scorers, and the Lions have given up plenty of yards. No touchdowns but a good offense make Wilkins a prime kicker once again.

D: Cowboys: I think Dallas is overrated, but not against the Titans they aren’t. Kerry Collins should get sacked a handful of times, picked off at least twice, and fumbles will come from the drunkard. Take the Boys and smile when you get 30 points from your defense.


Charlie Frye: He’s not supposed to get shutdown like he was “supposed to” last week against the Ravens, he always plays solid when the odds are against him, but Frye plays the worst team in football, the Oakland Raiders, so starting him here seems safe, even downright brilliant.

Kevin Jones: If Edge and the pathetic o-line they have in Arizona can look good against the Rams, Detroit and Kevin Jones should put up some solid math as well. 100 yard game? KJ hasn’t hit that mark in some time.
Julius Jones: This young cat will get plenty of opps to dominate a pathetic team, the Titans. Jones should get the bulk of the carries in Dallas, so a start here is perfect.

Braylon Edwards: I can hardly justify calling Braylon a sleeper, but I’ll roll with him again here. He’s good for 100 yards against any D in the league. Massive talent and upside make him a great option.

Reggie Brown: If Donte Stallworth doesn’t play, this kid is going for top 5 fantasy wideouts on the week. If Donte does show up, starting Brown is a nice option nonetheless.

Eric Johnson: With Vernon Davis out in San Francisco, Alex Smith will send plenty of balls Johnson’s way. He’s sure handed, and when healthy, a yardage machine at the TE spot.

Jaguars DST: Some will be tricked by the Redskins strong offensive performance last week, but make no jokes about it, the Jags will stymie Mark, Clinton, and the WR Trio in Washington.


Kurt Warner: Kurt’s getting sacked by the Falcon D line right now. I’ll be stunned if Matt Leinart doesn’t finish this game.

Thomas Jones: I’m sorry to say it, but the Bears rushing attack seems like a anorexic version of it former self. Jones hasn’t done Jack, and this week they are sent into the fiery pit called Seattle’s run D. I don’t get it, they are throwing a million times better than last year, yet the running game can’t get on track.

Chad Johnson: You heard Belichick, the Pats are doubling Chad, and if anything, Carson has shown he can find alternate targets. I’m rooting for Chad to blow up, because he’s great, but I don’t think his slump ends here.

Reuben Droughns: The Raiders actually have a solid Run D, and Droughns and the Browns have been atrocious running with the pig skin. I don’t think that trend ends this week against Oakland.

2006 Fantasy Football Week 3 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: This is the best team I could put together for Week 3. We’ll see if I can top my season high of 143 points!

QB: Donovan McNabb against the San Francisco: Besides the obvious reality that the Eagles pass all the time and the 49ers are sub par in the secondary, I also have to take a look at Donovan’s performance against the 49ers last season. Hot Damn! He’s a must start!

RB: Steven Jackson against the Cardinals: Though Orlando Pace is likely to miss this weeks contest; I still like what Steven Jackson can do against Arizona with 25 carries. Ste-Jack won’t be touchdownless much longer.

RB: Warrick Dunn against the Saints: New Orleans isn’t a dominating defensive front, despite their solid numbers in the first two games. Watch as Warrick takes the pigskin for a ride, a long ride, a 160+ yard total ride. A touchdown from the normally score deprived Dunn isn’t out of the question against NO.

WR: Darrell Jackson against the New York Giants: The way McNabb threw all over the Giants secondary last week makes me think D-Jack will roll to a grand total against the Giants this week. Matt Hasselbeck is as accurate as they come, and with New York having to worry about new addition Deion Branch, Jackson should reap the benefits.

WR: Donte Stallworth against the 49ers: See Donovan pass, see Donte catch, see touchdowns scored, see Eagle blowout over the Niners. See Donte have over 100 yards and a score. See like 20-20 vision to you? Sure does here.

TE: L.J. Smith against the Niners: L.J. is supposed to play, and he is a main target for McNabb. Once again, the Eagles play the Niners. L.J. should have a nice day in SF.

K: Jeff Wilkins against the Cardinals: Lots of chances to score lots of points, and kick many a field goal against the Cardinals. That’s what Jeff’s agenda looks like for this Sunday’s game.

D: Baltimore Ravens against the Browns: Why not stick with what got me here? The Ravens are filthy, and the Browns are the bottom of the barrel type. I love Charlie Brown as much as the next guy, but he should have trouble against the league’s top defensive unit.


Jon Kitna: Green Bay can make any quarterback’s fantasy totals look like Peyton Manning’s. To test that hypothesis out, start Jon Kitna against the Packers on Sunday.

Laurence Maroney: It’s questionable if Corey Dillon will play Sunday, which never means good things for Corey. Even if Dillon does see time, Maroney will get plenty of chances to show why many think he’s the most talented back chosen from the ’06 Draft.

Correll Buckhalter: The Eagles play the Niners, and they should be dominating late. With Westbrook sore and fragile at the very least, Buckhalter will get chances to score points in San Francisco. Goal line and late game carries could make him a brilliant stop gap start for you LaDainian Tomlinson owners out there.

Matt Jones: With all they hype going Reggie Williams’ way, Matt Jones has had some beautiful catches. In 3rd down situations, Byron sends passes Jones’ way, and Matt always makes the most of the situation. This week should prove Matt’s worth, as he’ll definitely get some end-zone looks in what should be a reasonably high scoring affair in Indianapolis.

Lee Evans: Lee has once again gotten off to a slow start. Double teams are making it tough for Evans, but don’t be surprised if he gets loose this weekend against the Jets. New York isn’t very good, and Ty Law no longer roams New York’s secondary. Evans’ speed could kill the Jets in Week 3.


Eli Manning: Eli will have troubles against the Seahawks. Julian Peterson is causing trauma in opposing backfields, while the Hawks secondary gets scarier by the week. The quick and smart linebackers in Seattle should pick off a couple Eli darts.

Reuben Droughns: Droughs gets a tough draw this week, as his Brownies get the privilage of playing the Ravens. Ha. And Droughns thinks he’s struggled thus far.

Mushin Muhammad: Unfortunately for Bears fans, Chicago doesn’t get to play teams like the Packers and Lions every single week. Yeah, they play those teams for 25% of the schedule, but this week they’ll actually play a real life football team. Don’t expect Rexxy to toss the ball around freely like he has in the first 2 contests. Muhammad and the rest of the Bears pass catchers will struggle.

Plaxico Burress: As Eli goes, so does the Plax. Kelly Herndon matches up well with Burress, and that’s that. Expect Michael Boulware and Ken Hamlin to unload on Burress if he tries to test the middle of the field. Those guys aren’t comedians.

2006 Fantasy Football Week 2 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: This is the best team I could put together for Week 2

QB: Peyton Manning against the Houston: Until houston can prove they can stop any passing attack in the NFL I’m going to take the quarterback opposing them every single week I do this thing. Mark a little “Especially” next to this week, because that man is Peyton manning. 3 TD’s is almost a given.

RB: Shaun Alexander against the Cardinals: The Cards couldn’t stop Louie in his highchair. For those of you who don’t watch The Family Guy, Arizona couldn’t stop San Francisco. Frank Gore’s a good back, but Alexander is a league MVP, and he should make up for his poor effort against the Lions in Week 1.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson against the Titans: Sure the Titans limited the Jets running game, but there isn’t a guy on the Jets with LT’s explosion. After Marty ran the ball twice as much as he threw it last week against Oakland, I suspect LT will cut, slash, and bull his way to a 150+ yard 2 TD day against Tennessee.

WR: Darrell Jackson against the Cardinals: Matt Hasselbeck was 25-30 passing last weekend against the Lions. The Cardinals gave up 288 yards and a touchdown to Alex freaking Smith and his hopeless Niners in Week 1. I’m not a LEGO genius or anything, but I can hook the green block to the red block any day of the week. D-Jack should blow up the spot against ‘Zona. ??

WR: Torry Holt against the 49ers: Torry continues to show his superb route running and elite hands. The Rams don’t throw like they used to, but Torry is always open. Expect Larry Fitzgerald against the Niners type numbers, but add a touchdown or two.

TE: Antonio Gates against the Raiders (and anyone for that matter): Rivers showed he’s an accurate ball thrower last week in Oakland, and the Titans gave up 300 yards to Chad Pennington. Don’t expect Phillip to run those type of numbers across the board, but the numbers he does put up should find the statline of Mr. Gates.

K: Jeff Wilkins against the Niners: Last week I told you Wilkins will be this years’ Neil Rackers… How am I looking thus far? I might as well ride this horse into the ground, especially against a 49ers team that likes to give up yards and points.

D: Baltimore Ravens against the Raiders: This is the biggest gimmie all weak long. The Ravens will absolutely chew up and swallow whomever the unlucky soul is Oakland starts at quarterback. To be a Raven against that offensive line is a wonderful thing. ?
Phillip Rivers: For the second week in a row, I’m taking my young whipper snapper from San Diego. After seeing last weeks game in Oakland, you can bet the Titans will put all their marbles in stopping the run. If anything, Rivers showed he can complete passes (8-11). If the Titans showed something it was that they could give up 300 yards to any team with 11 players on offense. Puttin’ 2 and 2 together again, call me crazy.

Tatum Bell: Rudi Johnson had a couple scores against the Chieftains last week in Kansas City. This week in Denver, look for Tatum Bell to take full advantage of his opportunity to get most of the carries with Mike Bell’s paw wounded a bit. 100 yards and a touchdown or two seems about right.

Dominic Rhodes: My boy Dominic plays the Houston, trying real hard to stop Peyton Manning, Texans on Sunday. If there will ever be a time for Dominic Rhodes to step up and put up some nice stats it will be this week in Houston. I like his chances to gain 100 yards and log a touchdown carry.

Braylon Edwards: This kid has all the tools, and talent in the world. With Cincinnati almost surely taking it to the Brownies, Charlie Brown will have to throw the rock. His favorite target is the young kid from Michigan. If you’ve got him, play him, see what he can do.

Troy Williamson: Many will steer clear from starting Troy against the Panthers strong defense, but don’t be so quick to sit the young buck. Williamson dropped a couple (three) balls last week in the Vikings win over the Redskins, but he was open early and often. Troy has speed to dominate just about any corner on the field, and if the Vikings want a chance to win, they’ll have to get Troy behind the defense.

Ben Watson: Benny Watson only had 50 yards last week, but he’s the best receiving option the Pats have. He’ll get more chances to prove his worth this week in New York.

Jaguars DST: If Ben does play, the Jags will get to play against a guy coming off a motorcycle injury and a tummy tuck. If he doesn’t play they get Charlie Batch, a guy who already, in his first game of the season, recorded his quota of yards and touchdown passes for the next three years. I like the Jags in this one. Don’t sit them just because they’ve got the Super Bowl Champs.
Aaron Brooks: If you’re starting Aaron this weekend, you’re either A- Crazy, B- Desperate, or C- Aaron’s Mommy. Don’t be one of those things, leave Brooks on your bench, pick up, hell, I don’t know, anyone, Damon Huard even.

Edgerrin James: Although his fantasy production was decent 75 yards and a touchdown, how he got it was just downright nauseating. 26 carries and a 2.8 yards per carry average. I know the Niners are a fierce defense but… Wait, the Niners are more My Little Pony than they are fierce. The Hawks on the other hand are down right dirty against the run. Expect nothing from Edge and you won’t be had come Sunday.

Randy Moss: There used to be a wide receiver named Randy Moss who was a must start every single week, even if he was facing Champ Bailey, Ed Reed, and Deion Sanders on triple teams all Sunday long. Those days are dead as long as the Raiders continue to throb like a hammered thumb. It’s sickening to see talent like Moss relegated to non starter on fantasy teams, but that’s exactly how it should be in Week 2.

LaMont Jordan: See above. He’s a talented young back who can catch passes and score with the best of them. Too bad the Raiders won’t sniff the end zone and Oakland’s coaches are so bad, they didn’t even get LJ2 the ball even one time in last weeks Charger killing in Oakland.

2006 Fantasy Football Week 1 theRUNDOWN

This Week’s Top Team: This is the best team I could put together for Week 1

QB: Carson Palmer against the Chiefs: Palmer has looked just as accurate as ever during his two game stint in the preseason. He’s not quite there with stepping up in the pocket yet, but the Chiefs have never been much for pass rushing. Expect Palmer to find Chad Johnson and TJ Hoosyourmammma early and often on rout to a top QB day in Kansas City.

RB: Larry Johnson against the Bengals: First of all, it’s well known that LJ can’t be stopped. Second of all, it’s well known that the Bengals can’t stop solid runners. With Carson Palmer whipping the ball around to his elite wideouts, expect Marvin Edwards to try and feed LJ the rock trying to control the clock. Week 1 should show the fantasy world why LJ was the #1 overall pick in most leagues.

RB: LaDainian Tomlinson against the Raiders: The Raiders couldn’t shut down Kent State’s rushing attack last season, and this season only looks worse. Warren Sapp still looks big, but I don’t know if that’s such a good thing. LT should go off against one of the worst run defenses of all time. Those of you who are worried about Phillip Rivers’ ability to throw the ball effecting Tomlinson need not worry in Week 1. I could hand the ball off to LT and watch him pick apart the Raiders.

WR: Anquan Boldin against the 49ers: Last year Boldin and the Cardinals played the 49ers twice during the regular season. Both times the Cardinals won the game. Both times Boldin had over 100 yards receiving. In those two games combined, ‘Quan put up some serious numbers. Try 19 catches for 272 yards and two touchdowns. That’s completely baller.

WR: Randy Moss against the Chargers: Last year the Chargers had one of the worst secondarys in football. It seemed like anyone could get loose on the SD boys, and I don’t see what they’ve done to change that. They took a raw and young rookie in the draft, he won’t be able to touch Randy in his first season. Jammer won’t slow Moss down either. With the Raiders almost certain to be down early in the game, expect Randy to get his chances early and often. Aaron Brooks loves to get the ball to his playmakers.

TE: Antonio Gates against the Raiders: If Phillip Rivers wants to feel comfortable throwing the ball; he’ll definitely do his best to find the leagues best tight end as much as possible. Michael Huff is just a rookie, so I can assure you that Gates will have a couple little tricks up his sleeve to hoodwink the rook. The Raiders don’t have stud linebackers, so expect Gates to run show like he always does.

K: Jeff Wilkins against the Broncos: Jeff should have a very solid year for the Rams. With Mike Martz and his “go for it on 4th and 8 from the 30 yard line” BS relocated to Detroit, one of the leagues most accurate kickers should make his run at the title formerly held by Neil Rackers; League’s Best Kicker. This week against the Broncos he should get plenty of opportunities to put up points. Denver’s D is solid but not amazing, which should allow the Rams to move just far enough to take advantage of Wilkins.

D: Chicago Bears against Green Bay: The Packers team is brutal. Their O-Line is young and fragile. Brett Favre is older nowadays, and he loves to throw the ball up for grabs. Chicago loves to score defensive points. Those two things mold together to make a damn good D on Sunday.


Phillip Rivers: As a competitive kid, Rivers will be out to prove his critics wrong in his first game as a starter. What a deal for him, he gets to try that against the Oakland Raiders. With Gates, Tomlinson, and McCardell expect Rivers to shine.

Frank Gore: While many have Gore as their #3 or #4 RB, he should get a nice look this week starting against the 49ers. Right now, everything on the ground out of San Fran should go through him. He’s always ran well, but now the job and the 20+ carries that go along with being the man, is his.

Reuben Droughns: RD should get his carries up around 25 in Week 1 against the Saints. Charlie Frye isn’t as accurate as the Browns coaching staff would like yet, so expect them to ride Droughns as far as he’ll take them. Without anyone who can stop RD on their linebacking corps, this could be a long day for the Saints secondary, because no one small likes to run into Droghns 15 times a game.

Matt Jones: Jones speed, size, and athleticism make him a touchdown threat every time he gets the ball thrown his way. Dallas’ secondary isn’t the strongest group on the planet, and if Jones gets matched up with Roy Williams, expect him to fly by the Oklahoma standout for a score or two. Plus, you know Dallas will stack up against the run and make Byron beat them. Opportunities for Jones are on the Jag’s agenda.

Nate Burelson: Nasty Nate should have a big week against the Lions. It’s unsure whether or not D-Jack will be suiting up for the Seahawks on Sunday in Detroit, but either way, and especially if he’s the #1 target, Nate should have a nice game. His precise routes, his speed, and his sticky fingers are perfect for Seattle’s offense. The Lions defense isn’t one of the better units the league has to offer.

Ben Watson: After seeing Ben race down Champ Bailey in the AFC playoffs last season, its hard not to love the guy. His speed and athleticism are almost unheard of at his position. And with Deion Branch not “available” for Sunday’s game, Ben should get the majority of play that would go Branch’s way normally. Tom likes to toss it to his tight ends. Watson could be huge in Week 1, and any week after for that matter.

Eagels DST: The Eagles go start work against the Texans. I don’t think the Texans will be as awful this season as they were last, but I also don’t think they’ll be a scoring surplus. The Eagles had an off year, but they return a team with some of the best talent in the league. Expect a bounce back year in Philly, led by a tougher D.

Brett Favre: The pride of Wisconsin will almost surely have an opening day to forget the Sunday against the Bears. Brett struggled all last season against foes like the Lions, Vikings, and every other team in the league. This year he lost his long time center, and he got a year older. The Bears have pounded Brett recently, so look for Mr. Favre to struggle throughout.

Julius Jones: This is a tough spot for the former Notre Dame rusher. Jones is going up against one of the toughest front 4’s in the league, and his backup expects to get plenty of play as well. This could be the beginning of a tough season for JJ. He’ll almost certainly be sent into the teeth of John Henderson and Marcus Stroud, and they have quite a bite. If he struggles early, his chances will dwindle.

Hines Ward: He’s not feeling too hot, but he’s probable. Charlie Batch will be his quarterback, which if I were him, would make me doubtful. He’s doubtful for my starting lineup that’s for sure. Miami’s D is decent, not great, but with Batch trying to slow the game down, Hines won’t get the opportunity to shine.

Joey Galloway: I would hate to go up against the Ravens with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed back running show. Joey should be limited by both the Ravens defense and the slow it down, a field goal wins offense that both the Bucs and Ravens will be playing. This game will not be fantasy friendly.