Super Bowl XLII Free Pick

So, like everyone and their mother predicted, the Patriots will be the favorites in the Super Bowl. Like nobody in their right mind predicted, the New York Football Giants will try to finish off the Patriots historic run by running away with the super Bowl Trophy. This is how I see the game going on Sunday.
Sunday’s Games…

New York Giants @ New England Patriots (-11.5):
(Line: Thursday, 1:00pm EST: Bodog)

Excuse me if I’m a “good game party pooper” but if you’ve watched as many Super Bowls as I have, you’ve realized that these Super Games aren’t usually that close. Sure, lately they’ve gone right down to the wire, but that’s an even bigger reason to expect a blowout of one kind or another. If the Giants are the team that comes out on top of a blowout, I will seriously reconsider this “job” and look into building cakes instead. What am I saying, you ask? This is how it’s going to be; the Giants might take the ball down and hit up a field goal, but after that the Patriots are going to be a dominant force with no sense of respect or tact toward a Giant team that has been trying to think happy thoughts all week long. When Plaxico Burress put his 23-17 prediction out for everyone to see, Tom Brady gave a sincere laugh. You know why? Because he’s seen himself play a couple terrible games this season, and in every single one they scored more than 17 points. Consider this; In Week 15 Tom played like a rookie. He completed just 14-27 passes, tossed an interception, and didn’t have one touchdown pass on the day. By normal standards that was bad, by his standards, that 51.4 quarterback rating was about 30 points lower than any rating he’d had all season. That wasn’t just a bad day, that was a terrible day. How many points did they score in their worst game of the year? 20. And was that game smack dab in the middle of an ice storm? Yes. So, as you can imagine, Tom’s laugh was sincere. Not only that, but if Plax said that right to my face, I’d laugh and point at his silly goatee. To sum this thing up… The Patriots are going to win 38-14, because that’s what they do. They started the season that way, and they’ll end the season that way. Elly will go back to being the mistake prone junky that everyone loves to gawk, and Tom will remain the hot-model-dating, mans-man, Super Bowl, Super Hero as the Pats do the unthinkable and go undefeated. All the while, eliminating Don Shula and the rest of the undefeated Miami Dolphins of yester year from those terrible interviews right around Week 9 every NFL season. Thank God!

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