One for Wednesday

Watch out Horse Fans: The Colts are Bad…. 

I’m sorry but the Colts are bad. I’d be worried about owning Joseph Addai and maybe even Peyton Manning – definitely Marvin Harrison. Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark are still legit. The scarriest guy to have is Addai because you blew a Top 5 pick on him and now look at his game. Unless the Colts stop being brutal, they are always going to be playing from behind, and that doesn’t bode well for the running game. You add Dominic Rhodes to the equation and now his catches are coming down as well. The Colts offensive line is really struggling and they should really be 0-4. I think the Colts are worse than their record, and if you can pick up a nice runner for Addai, meaning if there is someone out there that loves Joseph, you might want to see what you can get – that’s my advice.

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