One for Wednesday

A little late on this one, I know, but I can’t warn you guys fast enough. There’s this guy named Ryan Torrain, he’s been all but forgotten in fantasy leagues that don’t give you IR slots to play with, and even in some of those he rests at the bottom of the free agent list. This is only week 4, and he’s not supposed to be back until around Week 8, but the way Mike Splinter Shannahan has used his running backs to start the season, I have an eerie feeling that Torrain is going to come back, and when healthy, start exclusively for this Broncos offense. He’ll be back right about the time where running the ball takes on a little more importance, and that’s going to be good for you, because you are going out there right now and getting him for some 6th string receiver that doesn’t mean anything to your team. Run little hombre, run!

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