NCAA Football Free Picks: Week 12

I have less games for you this week, just 7 solid bets that catch my eye – but don’t fret folks, I also will have a DirecTV ESPN GamePlan section again this week – so there will be plenty of college games to choose from. Lets hope I rock the push this week and dominate in the 70% column…. Here’s what I got.

Ohio State Buckeyes (-9.5) @ Illinois Fighting Illini: Here it goes folks, write this down… The Buckeyes are WAY better than the Illini. That’s right, on Juice’s best day he won’t crack this Ohio State offense for much more than 3 scores, and the Buckeyes will run all over a very shaky Illinois defense. Take the Buckeyes in an easy one.

Nebraska Cornhuskers (-6.5) @ Kansas State Wildcats: I’m not a fan of Bobby P – but he does some good things in College ball. The Cornhuskers have played pretty well down the stretch, and I expect them to continue to improve the more time they have to learn Bobby’s style. They should easily oust a K-State team that has looked overmatched in almost every single conference game they’ve played. What else? Well, the Cornhuskers have played solid football on the road – and that’s never a good thing for a bad home team.

Washington State Cougars (+36.5) @ Arizona State Wildcats: Here’s the deal. You know how I feel about Washington schools, and this is going straight against my credo, but the Wildcats will have a very hard time scoring 42 points against any single team in the Nation – and the Cougars will score at least once. That means the Cougars are a solid bet here. Who knows what happens, but the Cougars shouldn’t be getting this many points – or maybe they should, but not against the ASU boys – that team just isn’t very good at all. I hate doing it, I really do, but winning is winning and the Cougs should get me a win this week.

Arizona Wildcats (+4) @ Oregon Ducks: I know Oregon is a very tough place to play, and the Ducks have been solid this year – but Arizona is the better team. The only time the Wildcats struggle, or play below their talent level, is when they go up against an inferior opponent. They won’t feel that way as an underdog – and I’m always a fan of taking Arizona as an underdog in the Pac 10.

Tulsa Golden Hurricane @ Houston Cougars (+4.5): These teams are as close to even as an 8-1 versus a 5-4 can get. Houston is at home, they play well there. Tulsa is coming off a game that saw their perfect season end. Everyone thinks Tulsa is the much better team. There’s a lot of reasons I like Houston here, but the fact that they are just as good as Tulsa and playing at home makes them a solid bet for me – oh, and they are dogs.

San Jose State Spartans (+15.5) @ Nevada Wolfpack: Here’s another game with two very even teams. The Wolfpack are coming off a nice win over Fresno last week, but that doesn’t make them that much better than San Jose State. The Spartans are coming off a terrible game last week, losing 21-0 against Louisiana Tech – but they aren’t that bad folks. And if one thing is true about sports, it’s that things even out. Solid teams play great games followed by mediocre games, and bad games followed by good games – this one will even out – and at a 15.5 point dog, the Spartans are a great bet to give the Wolfpack hell, even in Nevada.

UCLA Bruins (-7) @ Washington Huskies: I’ll take anyone besides WSU as a 7 point favorite over the Huskies – even a pretty bad UCLA team. The Huskies played better than they are last week – so be excited to jump on this game here. Just look at the Huskies injury list – it’s just about as big as their healthy roster. UCLA should win this game easily.

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