NBA Finals

Pick of the Day – Cavaliers @ Spurs

Cavs (+8)

Thursday, June 7th – 9:00 PM ET

Cleveland Cavaliers @ San Antonio Suprs;The Spurs have been a consistent force in the NBA univers over the past 10 years, and thus they are the favorite to take out Daniel Gibsonand the Cavaliers. However, Dan’s Cavs have this guy named L. James. This young no-name small forward might leave his mark on a game or two.

Bottom Line:This series may go the way of the Spur, but surely LaBron James might find a way to keep things closer than expected in the NBA Finals. In Game 1, youth will have its effect on the game, in one way or another. I like youth to keep things close, as nearly every single one of the Cavs’ playoff games have been. Take all those points, and the Cavs.

Lucky’s Overall Record: 20-9-1

Spurs in 5 I think every game will be close, and while I hope I’m amazingly wrong, I have to take Timmy Duncan’s group of Spurs to oust the Cavs in 5 little games. They’ve got all the veteran leadership to succeed in the face of any adversity. They have 3 players the Cavs can’t stop; Timmy, Manu Ginobli, and Tony Parker. The Cavs have one of those players. But both teams are defensive in nature, and the games will be close, so anything can happen. Unfortunately, the Cavs don’t have the luck of the Tim, and they’re not as good as the Spurs. These two things, plus the fact that Robert Horry has obviously already sold his soul to the devil, makes this championship all but San Antone’s for better or worse, till next year will they part. Lets hope I’m wrong. But don’t count on it.

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