Iowa Hawkeyes vs. Wisconsin Badgers Football Pick

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Iowa Hawkeyes @ Wisconsin Badgers (-2.5): Honestly, I’m not a huge fan of either team, but Iowa is way ahead of where they should be, and stuff like that has a way of working it’s way out sooner rather than later. They’re pretty lucky to be without a loss right now, a one point win against Northern Iowa to start the season, a 3 point win over Arkansas State two weeks ago, and a 2 point win over Michigan last week. You only get so many chances, and if the Hawkeyes were kittens, those lives would be getting down to go time, or shall we say no time. Football karma is real, and teh Badgers unranked and favored by nearly a field goal at home against the 12th ranked team in the country? There’s something to like there.

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