Free Picks: Super Bowl

Well, I’ve waited long enough and I am feeling pretty good about this one. I was waiting for the Cardinals to woo me, but I’m not so sure that happened. The Arizona Cardinals and the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl in Tampa. Yhatzee!

Pittsburgh Steelers (-6.5) @ Arizona Cardinals: The underdog in the Super Bowl often has an advantage, but this is a different situation. In polls everywhere, the winner is up for grabs, almost a dead on 50/50 split. That puts the public on Arizona when you add in that near touchdown spread. As you know, I don’t let public persuasion do anything to my betting ways, but in this case I am going against the public. I have to admit, when I put my numbers up and they come out against 60% of the people, I do feel a little better about my pick. I’m taking the Steelers because they are the better team. They never played a defense anything like Pittsburgh’s unit, and that will effect them. The Cardinals have a solid defense as well, but Pittsburgh has shown the ability to penetrate into the teeth of any D group, and that will certainly continue against a relatively average bunch in Arizona. I like the Steelers to win by double digits, and my score, if I had to give one, would look something like 38-24 Pittsburgh. I’ll be rooting for magic to happen as the ultimate underdog (an underdog in all 4 playoff games) has a chance to win the Super Bowl. However, my mind and my heart are in different places and my money follows my brain.

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