Free Football Picks 06-07 Week 6

My best week of the season came just in time, making amends for my strugglesome week 5. 9-3-2 is a nice record, one I’ll take week in and week out. But I’m not going to settle for nice, I want perfect. Over the next 12 Weeks I’ll be on the ball attempting my 2nd perfect week in as many seasons. Check out my picks for this week, and let me know which ones you like the best. Keep it Championship! In the NFL’s first 13 game week since Houston entered the fray, and the Week of Friday the 13th, this should be one hell of a week.Buffalo (-1) at Detroit: I’ve seen a lot of Sports Books change this spread throughout the week. Detroit started out favored, but now the Lions have turned into the underdog, just where they belong. If I’ve learned anything over the last couple weeks, its that the Lions really know how to lose. I’m sure they’ll stay close in this game, but ultimately, they’re 0-5 for a reason. And where the hell is Mike Williams? I want to see him on the field, throw him some balls, and show me that he can’t play. He’s a playmaker.

Carolina (+3) at Baltimore: The Panthers love to be underdogs. Their record as an underdog in the last 3 seasons is amazingly good. Baltimore will struggle to score against a solid defense for the second week in a row. How poor will McNair have to play to remove blame from Kyle Boller’s shoulders over the past few seasons? Here’s a hint, it’s the coaching staff. Carolina has enough speed and playmaking ability to score on any defense in the league. They’ll show that against one of the leagues’ best in Baltimore.

Cincinnati (-5) at Tampa Bay: The Bengals will blitz Tampa Bay into oblivion. The Bucs have been my most disappointing team of the season, and I don’t see how that’s going to change this week at home against the Bengals. Carson Palmer needs to find Chad Johnson more often; get the ball to your playmakers. After getting throttled Week 4 against the Pats, everyone on the Bengals is ready to take steps in the right direction. Lucky for them they play the Bucs.

Houston (+14) at Dallas: Everyone and their mother has the Cowboys in this one, but don’t be confused, the Texans aren’t the Titans, and you can damn well bet that these two Texas teams will be battling it out down to the wire. Dallas isn’t that good, and Houston isn’t that bad. TO’s antics and Drew Bledsoe’s demise will have Dallas wondering what happened when the Texans nearly take them out.

N.Y. Giants (+3) at Atlanta: The Giants are the better team here. Finally New York is starting to play up to their talent level, and in this game their secondary won’t be tested. The Falcons don’t often do well in highly televised games, which this one definitely will be. Eli Manning will have a nice game against the Falcons, but ultimately, it will be Tiki Barber who steps up in Week 6.

Philadelphia (-3) at New Orleans: The Eagles, right now, are my pick to show up in the Super Bowl for the NFC. I know, with Kearse out, and Brian Westbrook a hit away from a 3-4 week injury you think I’m crazy. But with this team, and the players that are healthy now, the Eagles are much better than the Saints. Expect Drew Brees to get his hits as Philly blitzes early and often.

Seattle (-3) at St. Louis: With nothing left to do but sit and think about how horribly they played against the Bears, the Hawks had a bye week to think about what they had done. And after a week or two, they’ve realized that they did dick. Matt was terrible, the O-Line was bad, and the defense was downright pathetic. Expect Matt to have a 2 touchdown 0 interception game against the Rams while Seattle’s D takes a couple away from a Rams offense that has hardly turned the ball over all season. Basically, Marc Bulger is due.

Tennessee at Washington (-10): Even at 10 points, I will be rolling with the Redskins all the way. The Colts had a hard time with the Titans because they couldn’t run the football. If the Redskins can do anything, they can run. Clinton Portis, Ladell Betts, Roc Cartright… I don’t care, one, two, all of them will get touches and bring the ruckus against the Titans. I love Tennessee in the future, but right now is a whole different ball game.

Kansas City (+7.5) at Pittsburgh: The Chiefs are better than the Steelers right now. I told all y’all in my season preview that the Steelers would struggle after their Super season in 2005, but just now are you starting to believe me. Ben Roethlisberger will play better in this one, maybe even complete his first touchdown pass, but it won’t be enough to cover against a rejuvenated Chiefs team. Larry Johnson is an absolute beast, he’ll prove it by running on one of the leagues’ toughest defenses in Week 6.

Miami at N.Y. Jets (-1.5): With Joey Harrington at the helm, I just can’t admit that the Dolphins have a better chance to win. Everyone can throw on the Jets, but Joey will test that theory this week. Will we see the difference between Joey and everyone else? Hmm… Chad Pennington on the other hand, should have an easy time completing passes at home against the Dolphins. His accurate arm should pick apart one of the most porous secondaries in football.

San Diego (-10) at San Francisco: I can’t justify picking the 49ers here. Teams just can’t run on the Chargers, and if the 49ers try to pass, San Diego will go buck wild rushing them. Phillip Rivers will show his growth this week against a 49er team that allows big points to everyone they play. LT will have his best game of the season, and he’ll only play a little under 3 quarters of football. SD will cover the 10.

Oakland at Denver (-15): The Raiders will never be picked by me as long as the Walter shall Q, the Shell shall coach, and the (whose the damn O coordinator) shall call plays. This team is bad. Defensively, the Raiders are pretty solid, but they’ll be on the field a lot against Denver. In fact, a couple defensive scores out of the Broncos wouldn’t surprise me one bit. What has gone so wrong with the Raiders to be 15 point dogs against the Broncos? Thank goodness this game is on Sunday Night football so all can see it.

Chicago (-10) at Arizona: Once again, like the 49er game, I just can’t justify picking the Cardinals, even if the spread was 20. I just don’t see the Cards doing anything against the Bears’ defense, and Chicago should be playing with Arizona defenders like cats play with mice before they claw them. It’s only a matter of time before Dennis Green puts Kurt Warner in just to see what it looks like when Kurt gets decleated by Brian Urlacher. I can see it now…. Kurt Warner came in for one play and got… JACKED UP!!

Here’s to building on a big week 5. Perfection here we come!

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