Free 2006 NCAA Football Picks – Week 2

After a week in the green, 6-4, I’m attempting a perfect week 2 in the college ranks. On the schedule, I see a couple nice games, a couple gimmies, and a couple important contests to boot. With a little luck, I can see a nice week for one Lucky Lester. How will I do it? Read on my son, quest for the knowledge that exists… For a little extra kick, I’m picking the Ohio State – Texas game as an extra. That makes 11 games this week. I freaking rock!
Duke @ Wake Forest (-19): Wake Forest beat Syracuse 20-10, which at least gives them a little flare in the air that says they can win. This weekend, the Demon Deacons face a Duke team that has proven over ages that they can’t win. Last year the Deacons took down the Blue Devils 44-6. This season won’t be any different. Expect nothing from Duke football and you will be rewarded.

Army (-4.5) @ Kent State: Army knows how to run. Not quite like the Golden Gophers, but I’m not expecting a 44-0. I am, however, expecting a 2 touchdown win from the Black Nights. Kent State is very similar to Duke in my expectations. There are none. And for that I thank the oddsmakers.

Auburn (-19) @ Mississippi State: After getting shut out 15-0 by an ailing Gamecocks squad, the Mississippi State Bulldogs schedule doesn’t get any easier when Kenny Irons and the stout Auburn defense comes to town on Saturday. The Tigers poo-pooed Washington state 40-14 last week. This game shouldn’t be any different. The Miss D is better than the Cougs, but not that much better. If the Bulldogs play within 4 touchdowns, I’ll be stunned.

Penn State (+8.5) @ Notre Dame: After barely escaping the Yellow Jacket grasp in Week 1, the Fighting Irish host the best uniforms in sports, Penn State, in what should be one hell of a game. The Nittany Lions looked pretty good in their week 1 tune up, while the Irish looked like anything but the #2 team in the nation. I think this game is closer than 8 points, even if the Irish win. With so much talent on offense, don’t expect the Lions to flounder on offense like Tech did in the second half. ND’s defense isn’t as good as the score claimed last week, and I expect that to be well known at weeks end.

Clemson (-1) @ Boston College: After Clemson’s 54-6 win over Florida Atlantic, people are starting to talk about the Tigers. To be honest, I don’t think that game should make people talk, but I do think the Tigers deserve some powerful team consideration. Senior QB, Will Proctor had a nice game for the Tigers, while running backs Reggie Merriweather and James Davis combined for 169 yards and 2 touchdowns on 23 carries. Clemsons athletic approach should give them the nod in this battle ACC championship hopefuls.

Washington @ Oklahoma (-16.5): While Oklahoma didn’t impress much in week 1, the oddsmakers must be on crack to think this won’t be a 30 point blowout midway through the 3rd quarter. Sure, OK didn’t show much, but then again, the Huskies almost let their win slip away to San Jose Freaking State. SJ State has like 1 win in the last billion years for God’s sake. It’s hard to believe the Huskies have changed after they nearly choke away their opener. Adrian Peterson is gonna go Maurice Drew on the Dogs… For all of you who don’t know what that means, turn back the clocks and see how Drew did the Dawgs throughout his career. Championship!

Iowa (-18) @ Syracuse: The ‘Cuse tumbled at the hands of Wake Forest last weekend, and this weekend they’ll go to 0-2 via the knockout. Iowa should put everything together against a poor Orangemen team, solidifying their place in the Top 15. Drew Tate is a fine signal caller, and if Albert Young continues to rush well this week, you can expect a grand old blowout by the Hawkeyes.

Idaho (+17) @ Washington State: Is this the year? The year the Cougars tumble at the hands of their neighbor state rival for the first time since 2000? It very well could be. I think Washington State is better than they showed against Auburn, but then again, Idaho has improved since their 12 point defeat at the hands of the Cougars last season. WA State doesn’t have much going for them, and Idaho just played a tight one with Michigan State. I know that doesn’t always translate, but I think it will this Saturday. Those tricky Vandals will give the Cougs a ride!

Colorado State (-2) @ Colorado: After getting slapped in the face by D1AA Montana State, it will be tough for the Buffs to get as ready as they need to be for this rivalry game. State always plays tough football, and usually this game is a toss up, because in rivalries like this one you never know what’s going to happen. But not this week. With a week full of questions about the Buffaloes program, expect an exhausted team attempting to get up for the Rams. What usually happens in cases like these is a close game in the first half with a blowout in the 2nd. Those Buffs need a win bad, but not this week.

Minnesota (+8.5) @ California: These Louisville Cardinals are finally the real deal. Kentucky can’t handle the offensive production that the Cards throw on the board. Rushing, passing, defense… On all aspects of the game, Louisville should dominate. That being said, Kentucky is 4-16 in their last 20 games. They’re 4-8 ATS on the road in their last 12, and 3-4 ATS in their last 9 games. On the other hand, the Cards are 18-6 ATS in their last 24, 11-1 ATS in their last 12 home games, and they won 5 straight to end 2005. Did I mention Louisville returns budding stars Brian Brohm (QB) and Michael Bush (RB) from their 9-3 2005? This game should be a gong show.
Game of the Week

Ohio State (+2.5) @ Texas: It’s Ohio State’s turn to travel all the way down to Texas and uproot the Longhorns. If you can remember back to yester-year, Vince Young and the those pesky Longhorns came all the way to Ohio, came back in the 4th quarter, and stunned the Buckeyes on rout to their National Championship. Regardless of rankings, these two teams truly are the best in the Nation. I think Ohio States offensive speed and quarterback leadership push them over the edge in the biggest game of the season.

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