Five for Friday

I’m putting you guys on UPSET watch – both fantasy-wise and reality football games as well. I have five of each- here’s the explosive Friday Five (x2) – that equals 10…


  1. The Ravens (a Top 3 defense so far this season in fantasy land) goes up against a Titans team that doesn’t put up a lot of points. You’d think this would be a good match-up, but get ready for the fantasy upset. The Titans don’t make many mistakes, and the Ravens have to be a little behind during a short week and after a big physical game on Monday night in Pittsburgh. Don’t expect big things from the Ravens D.
  2. Tony Romo against the Bengals might seem dreamy, but I just don’t see him loading up and throwing the ball all over the field, not after Dallas forgot about their stellar rushing attack and lost to Washington last week. Tony won’t throw more than 25 times, and I think that limits his value this week. He’ll be good, but I’d say he just sneaks into the Top 10, not a real Tony Romo week.
  3. Santana Moss against the Eagles – right now Moss is in one of those “big year” states that he gets in from time to time, and I’m sure he’ll continue to do well – just not this week in Philly. The Eagles secondary is very good, and I’d bet they put extra work into shutting down Moss. Randel El is solid, but if he gets the ball he won’t hurt you like Santana does, same with Chris Cooley. I’m guessing Moss has 5 catches or less for less than 50 yards.
  4. Mike Turner – all the “experts” are saying that Mike can’t do it against good defenses, and this week they can’t be proven right. I love the Packers, but they lost a great DT in a trade this year, and they are missing another starter this week. They are struggling in the secondary with injuries, and their big hitting safety is out too. Turner will do well against a good defense, but that defense is injury depleted. For the record, I’m not one of those anti-Turner “experts”.
  5. Marshawn Lynch against Arizona might sound flashy, but I don’t think it will turn out that way. Arizona is much better against the run than people give them credit for, and the Bills aren’t very creative with Lynch in his carry load. Expect him to be very mediocre this week. Again.


  1. I’m taking the Colts, but the Texans are winless and they pack a pretty nice offensive combo through the air and on the ground. Andre Johnson hasn’t gone off yet, and Kevin Walter has been solid. Steve Slaton might do the trick for Houston. Upset watch – get on it!
  2. Washington at Philadelphia – they can’t possibly beat the Cowboys and Eagles back to back, can they? I don’t think it will happen, but the Redskins are legit. They have a tough team that comes out to win every time. The Redskins are pretty injury ridden defensively, but you never know, they could use black magic.
  3. Detroit vs. Chicago – once again, I’m with the Bears on this one, but Chicago could revert back to last years’ play, and Detroit could crawl out under the Millen rock in a single week. Detroit has some talent, no doubt about that, and this would be a big one for them. I’m just saying, watch out.
  4. Tampa Bay at Denver is scary for the Broncos. Tampa does all the things that Denver doesn’t – ball control, tough defense, doesn’t give you anything for free, doesn’t take¬†unnecessary¬†chances. Denver could win by two touchdowns or get beat at home – interesting week for a team that was becoming everyone’s favorite offensive show.
  5. Seattle never does well on the road and New York is undefeated after winning the Super Bowl – look out, upset city could rear it’s ugly head. You know why? Because it seems that unlikely – that’s right. Seattle gets Engram and Branch back, and that should give them a little boost. Julius is running well. This defense is tougher than scores have shown. New York is without Plaxico, a guy that torches Seattle. You never know.

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