Fantasy Focus: Week 12 Fantasy Football Rankings

Sorry for the quick intro (or you’re welcome, depending on what you think of introductions and/or my humor) but it’s Thanks Giving, I’m at the future in-laws, and well, I better slam this out asap or it’s trouble for me….

Elite Starters: Guys picked early that I love this week…

1. Adrian Peterson– The match-up isn’t great (like Lions, Chiefs, or Bills) but AP does good work randomly.
2. Ricky Williams – I watched him run, and he’s very, very good. He meets the Bills this week. There you have it.
3. Larry Fitzgerald – The Titans can’t handle Larry. Not even with Matt Leinart, if Kurt sits this one out.
4. Randy Moss – I know the Saints D has been okay, but I have a feeling the Patriots will be scoring often.
5. Aaron Rodgers– The Packers love to pass, you can do that against the Lions as much as you want.

Solid Starters: Guys picked in middle rounds that should outplay their ranking/draft position this week…

1. Wes Welker – We go PPR here, and there’s not more of a sure thing than Wes (maybe Reggie).
2. Joe Flacco – Most will sit him, against a Polamalu-less Steelers secondary, I like his chances.
3. Kellen Winslow – Against the Falcons, with no safeties that can guard him, I’ll put a TE in this list for the 1st time.
4. Donald Driver –He was picked much lower than Greg Jennings, but he’s outperformed him almost each week.
5. Sidney Rice –He’s back, and against Chicago, he makes a lot of sense.

Sleeper Starters: Guys ranked low, drafted low or not at all, but I still like them this week…

1. Justin Forsett – He’s not starting, Jim Mora is an idiot, but how can he not get 10-15 touches?
2. Michael Crabtree – Crab needs to have a big game for the 49ers, I think he’ll do well against the Jags.
3. Donnie Avery – Avery is a good play against a Hawks defense that loves to give up the big play.
4. LeSean McCoy– The Redskins aren’t as good against the run as they were earlier, if the Eagles want to win they’ll run.
5. Chris Chambers– Okay, Chris, obviously you are showing the Chargers what they’re missing, now play them!

Sit ‘Em Son: I don’t care where they were drafted, I don’t like these guys starting this week…

1. Matt Forte– Poor guy, he’s a good back, something is crushing him down like rocks. This time it’s the Vikings.
2. Steve Smith– Steve Smith minus Jake Delhomme > Derrelle Revis, but, Steve Smith + Jake Delhomme < Revis….
3. Rashard Mendenhall – I love Mendenhall, but I don’t love him against the Ravens, especially with Ben hurting.
4. Roy Williams – Well, I’m guessing Nnamdi will be guarding Austin, but I still don’t like Williams.
5. Chad Henne– Good match-up, but I think the Dolphins run to much to make Chad worth while.

***You may take the plunge, but I still think starting Michael Turner or Big Ben (especially against that hard hitting defense) is a tough chance to take. Watch out for those injuries!***

Week 12 Fantasy Rankings


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