Fantasy Focus Review: Week 15 Fantasy Football

Heyyo! The Review is in, busy week with the family holiday extravaganza and all – hope you enjoy!

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Elite Starters: Guys picked early that I love this week…

1. Wes Welker – Welker and the Pats offense basically got shutdown in a win over the Bills, what has happened to Terrific Tom and the wonder kids? F
2. Ray Rice –  Just 18th amongst RBs with 14 fantasy points, I wanted more. C+
3. Adrian Peterson – Minnesota didn’t get AP the ball enough, and they paid the ultimate price, getting blown out by Carolina… F
4. Drew Brees – 19th amongst QBs, not the outcome I, and many Brees owners wanted. F
5. Chris Johnson – CJ had his worst week in ages, still 15th overall with 15 fantasy points. B-

Solid Starters: Guys picked in middle rounds that should outplay their ranking/draft position this week…

1. DeSean Jackson – DeSean Jackson is very, very good. And so fast. He put up great numbers again. A
2. Jamal Charles – 5th running back in Week 15, kid has been a legit force for weeks now. A+
3. Thomas Jones – Outscored by his brother, never a good thing, Thomas didn’t get the ball enough against the Falcons. Some offenses are so stupid. F
4. Cedric Benson –32nd overall, Benson’s 15 carries went for just 53 yards. He has yet to score since coming back from injury. D
5. Brandon Jacobs – 15 carries for 52 yards, whoopy-de-doo… F

Sleeper Starters: Guys ranked low, drafted low or not at all, but I still like them this week…

1. Justin Forsett –32nd RB in Week 15, not the worst day every for a last minute pick-up, but he continues to out-produce his touch numbers, Jim Mora=tool-shed. C
2. Quentin Ganther – Not many yards, but a TD and a couple catches made him the 25th ranked RB, not too shabby. B
3. Vince Young– 7th QB this week with 27 fantasy points, how you like me no? A+
4. Laurence Maroney– 18th amongst RBs, probably not a super sleeper, but a solid start this week. B
5. Alex Smith– Smith was pretty useless this week as aside from Brett and Hass, almost every starter was better. F
6. Steve Breaston – Same old same the last few weeks, a few catches for 30 something yards – not what I was hoping for. D-

Super Sleepers for Playoff Push…

1. Brady Quinn – Quinn’s offense gained over 350 yards, but his part was the handoff role. Quinn wasn’t a Top 30 signal caller, brutal. F
2. Chris Jennings – Chris didn’t do a lot with his carries, and Jerome Harrison did, going for 49 fantasy points, and I was saying, “Hey! Those are my guy’s fantasy points… I hate you Eric Man-Gina!” F
3. Maurice Morris – Morris managed 26 fantasy points this week, good for 3rd amongst RBs – not so bad for a super sleeper last minute pick up! A+
4. Devin Aromashodu – Just 3 fantasy points for Devin, Cutler wasn’t at his best, and the Bears got killed. F
5. Greg Camarillo – I said the late pick up would give your 5 or more grabs for 50 or more yards, I was just short, he caught 5 for 46 yards… Not a bad pick up by any means. B
6. Deon Butler –Hasselbeck was terrible and Butler had 3 catches for 30 yards. Oh Matt. D

Sit ‘Em Son: I don’t care where they were drafted, I don’t like these guys starting this week…

1. Hines Ward– 15th receiver this week, every time I go against him, he gets me! F
2. Mario Manningham– Hakeem Nicks went down, and Manningham benefited. 31st WR this week. D
3. Matt Forte – 6 fantasy points for Matt.. Gross. Again. A
4. LeSean McCoy –22nd RB in Week 15, he didn’t even get the most carries for the Eagles as Leonard Weaver did more work. But McCoy scored, and was better than I predicted. D
5. Kyle Orton– Orton managed a nice loss to Oakland, but he still went for 18 fantasy points, ranking him 15th amongst QBs, not so bad, not so great. C-

***And if you won on my account, you’re welcome – if you lost because of me, sorry for turning up the suck!***

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