Don't Believe the Hype

Don’t Believe the Hype

Pick of the Day – Hoyas @ Buckeyes

Georgetown Hoyas @ Ohio State Buckeyes

Buckeyes (+1)

Saturday, March 31st – 6:07 PM ET

The #2 Seed Georgetown Hoyas will wear the away jerseys for the second straight game, as they take on the #1 Ohio State Buckeyes. Big Men, Greg Oden & Roy Hibbert go head to head, signifying one of the best Center matchups in recent memory. It should be one hell of a game!

Bottom Line: I like Geogetown, but just don’t believe the hype surrounding John Thompson III and company. He’s a great coach that has gotten the most out of his guys, but to think Hibbert is on Oden’s level is obsurd. Hibbert uses his height advantage over opponents well, but what will happen when that advantage is null? We’ll see on Saturday, and I don’t think Hoya fans will be excited about the outcome. The only way Georgetown has a chance in this one is if Jeff Green goes off, rarely missing a shot, and Greg Oden spends much of the game in foul trouble, molting on the bench. Even then, I’ll still take Ron Lewis & Mike Connely Jr to pick up the slack, and slay the Hoyas in Game 1 of the FINAL FOUR

Lucky’s Overall Record: 14-6-1

Don’t Believe the Hype: The Georgetown Hoyas are everyone’s sexy pick to slip their way into the NCAA Championship game, but I just don’t see it. Jeff Green is great, but other than him, the Hoyas lack the athletic ability and outright firepower to compete with the Buckeyes, and certainly not the Gators (Shall Florida make it past the Bruins) The guards in OSU are filthy with the ball, and clutch like a Porche. Simply put, I wouldn’t be surprised if the OSU/Hoyas game finsihed up with the Buckeyes up 15. Any team can have a bad day shooting, and Hoyas’ fans, start praying now, because that’s your only shot at sniping the Big Bad Buckeyes in the Final Four.

In other news, what in the hell is the deal with the Media always trying to kill college hoops happiness and excitement by placing Final Four Coaches into new jobs before the season is over. How can you justify even asking a coach that’s playing for a National Championship “Are you interested in the Kentucky job?” Listen, every coach should answer this question the same way. Like this: “I’m interested in coaching basketball, I love it, right now, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Every single year, when the season is over, I entertain the options that I have… After the season. At this moment, I’m one of the 4 coaches lucky enough to still be coaching, which means my season isn’t over. Right now, and as far as I can see, i’m a (INSERT TEAM NAME HERE), and I bleed (Insert Team colors here), I love these kids!” That is a rallying cry, and a speech aimed for success. With all the garbage running around JT3 and Billy Donovan, I wish I could pick up a chair (Bobby Knight-style) and huck it into the media circle… Not in my directon, of course.

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