Buffalo Bulls vs Miami-Ohio Redhawks NCAA Free Pick

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Buffalo Bulls (-1.5) @ Miami-Ohio Redhawks NCAA Free Pick: At this point you have to realize that anything can happen in College Football. And that it gets even crazier when you start playing games in the middle of the week at night on National Television. Neither of these teams are headed to a Bowl Game. Neither is winning anything in their conference, both have had disappointing seasons. But this one shouldn’t be difficult.

The Bulls are a much better team. They have lost their last three games by 3 points or less. They have 5 total losses this season by a touchdown or less. They’ve played some tough teams close. Miami-Ohio has one win, one close loss to the Temple Owls, and a bunch of tomato can performances.

This is being played on the road, where Buffalo is 1-3 on the season, but it’s not like Miami has been awesome at home either, they are just 1-3 there. Buffalo has a more efficient passing attack, a much better rushing attack and defensively they have played much better than the Redhawks.

The difference in Buffalo’s average points scored and points against is under 3. The difference in Miami’s average points for and points against is 18. Those numbers don’t always mean a lot, but without an offensive area to gang up on (the Bulls are too diverse) I don’t see Miami stopping Buffalo at all. Buffalo’s bad luck has to turn around, and I think it does against the Redhawks on Wednesday Night.

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