Ask Papa Weimer: Week 15

Darnell from his Iphone writes, “Actually there are 2 questions. 1) I have Derrick Ward starting in place of Brandon Jacobs and Larry Johnson. Good move or no? 2) Between these 4 WR’s, which ONE should get the start? Torry Holt, Laveraneus Coles, Kevin Curtis, Derrick Mason…”

Tough one. Larry Johnson plays a mediocre Chargers defense, and he has a history of torching them even when they were good. But Derrick Ward seems in line to get all the touches for the Giants, and even though the Cowboys have a solid run defense, that is a nice thing to have. I would keep your eye on Brandon Jacobs health, but if Jacobs is out then Ward is the guy I would go with as well.

As for the receivers, I’m not sure where to go here. Coles would seemingly be the best bet against a 28th ranked pass defense, but he’s been garbage and Brett has been erratic. I’d say he should be your upside pick though, at any moment he could have a couple touchdowns and nearly 100 yards.

Kevin Curtis hasn’t been a nice starting option all year, I don’t think I’d risk my fantasy playoffs on him – even though you never know.

Torry Holt – this guy only reminds me of my hatred for Marc Bulger and this pathetic offense. However, he has been more consistent lately, and they are going up against a Seahawks team that hasnt’ been good through the air. He’s had at least 60 yards and 4 catches in 3 of his last 4 games. He didn’t have the best game against Seattle last time out, but that doesn’t mean much. He’s a decent option this week.

Derrick Mason – this guy is probably your safest bet. He has good games against tough pass defenses (Giants, Colts) and in Week 4, the Pittsburgh Steelers. In that game he went for 137 yards on 8 catches, and while I wont’ expect that kind of total, I do expect him to approach 100 yards, more than I expect from any of these other guys. Picking a startin WR from a pretty average group is a tough gig, I had to do it last week and started Bernard Berrien over Housh – I lost because of it.

David wrote in, “Last week I agreed with you that that Portis would probably be my best bet, but I had Choice and Branch sitting on my bench. If I started either one I would have won. Oh well! I was going to play both but I figured Portis to play the whole game and Santana to catch a few passes. Zorn is not one of my favorites right now. Now to my question. Which defense would you play this week? Reasons and rank them if you could. Green Bay, Wash., Seattle. Also,”would you start Bess over Moss with sure 7-9 points or gamble on Santana against Cinn this week end?”

David, sorry for the bum info on Portis and Moss – I figured both would get their shots, and I’m still hating Zorn myself. Hopefully I can help you out this week. I think I’d start Washington and hope for the best.

Washington plays the Bengals, and the Redskins should beat a bad team. They have playmakers on defense as I expect a couple interceptions and some big plays from Jason Taylor and company.

Green Bay isn’t a good run defense, and they go up against a jaguars team that just hasn’t played up to par – could be a shoot out.

Seattle has St. Louis, and while I like that match-up, the Hawks just don’t make enough fantasy points happen defensively (Offensively either for that matter, but we’re talking defense here). No big plays, with Kerney out there’s less sacks. At least Washington has some secondary playmakers, and Jason Taylor – plus Randel El could always bust a punt return or something.

The Moss gamble is exactly that, a gamble – I think I’d go for Moss, but I’m a gambler in fantasy circles. I know SF is a lowly rated pass defense and a pretty solid run defense- so maybe Chad will throw even more this Sunday – that might push you toward Bess – however, Moss could always be Moss, and while I just don’t think the Redskins will be forced to pass all that much, they also have nothing to lose by airing it out a little. Tough call, but I’d start Santana.

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