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You got questions? I still got answers. I hear some of you punks out there are doubting how well an old fart can work his way into a fantasy championship – but never question tricky old people; look at Trent Green, he tricked his way right into a new contract and a starting job. – Papa Weimer

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I just got done drafting my best fantasy team of all time. Everything seemed to work out for me, even getting Carson Palmer in the 3rd round. Let me know how you think I did.
(1.7 Larry Johnson, 2.6 Maurice Jones Drew, 3.7 Carson Palmer, 4.6 Reggie Wayne, 5.7 Ahman Green, 6.6 Javon Walker, 7.7 DeAngelo Williams, 8.6 Kellen Winslow 9.7 Deion Branch 10.6 Mark Clayton, 11.7 Michael Turner, 12.6 Matt Leinart, 13.7 Panthers Defense, 14.6 Jay Cutler, 15.7 Daniel Graham, and 16.6 Jason Elam). – Joe Dominguez, LA, CA.

I don’t know, Larry Johnson might not play – Jones Drew is in a committee gig – Carson Palmer might regress a year after knee surgery – Reggie Wayne looks to have lost a step in camp thus far – Ahman Green is older than dirt – Javon Walker will never be the same after his big knee problem – DeAngelo Williams hasn’t taken the starting spot from incompetent DeShaun Foster – Kellen Winslow had another knee surgery this off season – Deion Branch struggled last year without Tom Brady – Mark Clayton plays with an old quarterback in a run first, second, and maybe pass on 3rd and long offense – Michael Turner is behind the best back in the league – Matt Leinart is only a sophomore in a run first offense – the Panther’s never meet expectations – Jay Cutler won’t get close to the 25 touchdowns many are predicting – Daniel Graham has a talented rookie at TE in Denver, and never met his high draft pick status in New England – and Jason Elam’s leg isn’t as long as it used to be……… Hahaha… I’m just kidding. I just thought I’d scare you with some questions about all your guys. Your team is awesome. Were you drafting with your kids’ soccer team? Branch, Cutler, Wayne, and Palmer are all pretty good deals. Nice job drafting a few options at running back if LJ doesn’t play early. He’s a great value at 1.7. Jones Drew could be the highest fantasy scorer of the bunch in 2007. Nice work, Joe.

I’ve got a full blown fantasy crush on Phillip Rivers in San Diego. He’s not even getting picked in the Top 10 QBs in the drafts I’ve been in. How can he go that low when he just picked up offensive guru, Norv Turner, to improve upon his 22 TDs last season? – Fresh Sly in Winston Salem, NC.

Man crush – that’s a way to put it I haven’t yet heard. Well, in this case, I’m with you, Sly. Rivers should only improve in 2007. Mart-Mart Schotty was always a little to gun-shy to pull the trigger on his young signal caller, but I have a feeling Norv will let him throw down-wind. Rivers had nice numbers last season, especially for a guy who threw less than 25 times in 5 games last year. His 92 rating is special for a first year starter, and I only expect him to get better as Vincent Jackson grows into a true #1. To answer your question, I don’t know how he can go that low, I’d take him just after the Top 6, maybe 7 or 8, depending on the league.

Thank God! Football is beginning. I’ve been under the “Baseball, Golf, Racing” painful sports summer, but the smell of football camp is in the air. My draft is in two weeks, and I have to keep 3 players from Carson Palmer, Lee Evans, Javon Walker, Edgerrin James, and Willie Parker. The league is a PPR league, gives the same point total for all touchdowns, and length totals for TD passes, receptions, and rushes are all the same. Also, you start two quarterbacks, two running backs, and three receivers. Who would you keep? – Sam Wise in Seattle.

It truly is painful when you have to give up great players from the team you drafted last year, but no matter who you choose to keep, you will be doing exactly that in this situation. I’d keep Palmer because of the scoring format – he’ll be a Top 5 guy guaranteed; maybe even the best in the league (with two quarterbacks starting, he’s an awesome player to have). Then I’d go for Willie Parker. Many people think the open passing offense in Pittsburgh will hurt his value, but I’m not one of the many. He’ll catch 55 balls this year (at least 20 more than any other season), so he’s even more valuable in a PPR league. The next one would be even tougher in a normal league, Edgerrin, Javon, and Lee are all great options. You can’t go wrong, but I’d roll the dice on Lee. He’s a long touchdown champion, always getting 35+ yard catches, and is a TD possibility anywhere on the field. You have tough decisions ahead of you, my little hobbit friend, but fight the ring’s urge, and you will succeed. Go RB, WR, then QB in the next few rounds. Make sure you have two good QB options in a 2 QB starting league.

I have the 11th pick in my dynasty draft, I’m going to pick Brian Westbrook… I have a couple days, and am planning on taking the full time period. The next top guys on the board are Willie Parker, Maurice Jones Drew, Willis McGahee, and Shaun Alexander – Can you advise me to go with someone ahead of Westy? – Tommy Steak in Philly.

I would indeed advise you to go with Mr. Jones-Drew. The kid is a legit 22 year old wonder boy who just happens to have years of world (league) domination in his future. He may not pay full dividends right away, but as far as keepers go, he’s right up there. With the 11th pick, you probably have a 2nd rounder coming fast, and with that pick I’d take Westy or Parker, and if they’re not available – roll the dice on Willis. I don’t know what that young underachieve is talking about, but he’s a way better keeper option than Shaun of the Alexander. Shaunna is old and rickety, and you don’t want to have this year’s Tiki Barber on your fantasy dynasty. Young and talented will never kill you in dynasty leagues.

I’m an English bloke, from Manchester. I’m in to this football business, as a couple of my friends got me into a high wager yearly fantasy league a few years back. I won my first year on dumb luck, but struggled to score points last year, going 3-10. I want to show these American donkeys that I wasn’t a one year wonder. I pulled the 2nd pick, but I’ve already received a trade offer that has me giving up the 2nd pick for the 11th and 14th overall – would you take that deal? – Ian Highley in Korea (South).

Ah, the sure thing in Steven Jackson, or two guys you’re hoping do what Ste-Jack did last year… Hmmm…. I’d take the trade. Not only will you cripple the guy giving you his second pick, (he won’t pick again until the 35th pick in the draft, but you’ll have a chance to get two very good players, and even spend a high pick on a WR (which I rarely do) or a quarterback (which I’ve done once). You will likely have a shot at guys like Thomas Jones, Travis Henry, or even Brian Westbrook, Willie Parker, and Clinton Portis with your new 1st and 2nd. With your 3rd pick (still Round 2) you can grab the best RB available, and now you have 3 top 20 RBs, and you can start filling out your team in Round 3. Truly, this is your blessing to show your republican snakes and democratic doormats that you Europeans can surely pick a fantasy winner. Steven Jackson is tough to give up, but he’s not worth two Top 12 running backs. Take the trade and kill two birds with one pick.

I have Ahman Green, Maurice Jones-Drew, Brandon Jacobs, Thomas Jones, and Marshawn Lynch at RB in a PPR league. My top receivers are Hines Ward, Mark Clayton, and Braylon Edwards. I’ve recently had a trade offer giving me Marvin Harrison for Marshawn Lynch – would you take the deal? I start 2 RBs and 2 WRs with a flex. – Dora in Mississippi.

Miss Dora, I most certainly would. Harrison is old, but he should still be good to go this season. He’s bound to catch 85 balls, gain 1,200 yards, and real in double digits in the TD department. He’s an upgrade at your #1 receiving spot and losing Lynch doesn’t kill you if he’s gone. He might have a huge year, but with Jones, Drew, and even the touchdown happy Jacobs in the backfield, you have a pretty good unit anyway. I don’t think you have to do this trade, as your WRs are decent. But Harrison is a top guy, and will make your team better right now.

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