Arizona Wildcats vs Arizona State Sun Devils Prediction

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Arizona Wildcats (-2.5) @ Arizona State Sun Devils Prediction: I don’t know what Vegas sees in this game, and like always, that kind of worries me. I’ve been right before, and I’ve been wrong, but for some reason the times I’ve been wrong always sit with me a little longer. Maybe it’s because when I’m right, I knew I was right, and when I’m wrong, shoot, I knew I was right and somewhere along the line I went and got tricked. I don’t think that’s happening this time, but shoot, I never do. Here’s why I like the Wildcats to do damage to the Sun Devils.

Arizona State has beaten the Wildcats 3 of the last 4 meetings, but listen, the Wildcats just became a solid team last season – they’re still pretty good, and ASU still isn’t. I’m not letting recent history sway me away from the right pick here, and since Arizona’s good team beat the Sun Devils last year, I’m feeling pretty good about it.

What else, Arizona State is ridden with “out for season”, “out indefinitely”, “questionables” and “probables” while the Wildcats only have two recent injuries, and both guys are questionable to play this Saturday – against their rival, I think they will. The Sun Devils have also lost each of their last 5 and their only Pac-10 wins come against the Washington schools – and lets be honest – they hardly count.

Arizona has had a good year, they’ve only lost 4 games and all were close. They can run the ball and play good defense. I don’t think the Sun Devils put up much of a fight.

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