2007 NFL Fantasy Draft Round 5

Round 5
17. Braylon Edwards
18. Jerious Norwood
19. Chirs Chambers
20. Fred Taylor
21. LaMont Jordan
22. Phillip Rivers
23. Eli Manning
24. Donte Stallworth
25. Jericho Cotchery
26. Laveranues Coles
27. Matt Leinart
28. Vincent Jackson
29. Deshaun Foster
30. Santonio Holmes
31. Tony Gonzalez
32. Vernon Davis

I’m not sure how stoked I am about Brady Quinn coming in this season and saving the Browns, but I do think Cleveland will be better offensively, making Edwards a nice selection here. He’s a great future prospect, and honestly, I wouldn’t be stunned if Charlie Brown comes in and pulls a Drew Brees this season. Yes, everyone thought Drew was a bust way back when.

Jerious Norwood is a kid I absolutely love. He’s an amazing talent with the ball, and I can’t imagine, if he gets close to 20 touches a game, that he isn’t a Top 15 running back. He was a guy I wanted with my last pick, and I’m stunned he lasted this long. All the talk about Atlanta needing a bigger back has scared people off, but his talent won’t let him sit.

Last season, Chris Chambers was leaving the board early. What a difference a year makes. Pep didn’t workout last season, and Joey Harrington wasn’t a savior either. This year, Pep gets a second chance, or will it be Trent Green? A kid named Lemon? A rookie? Chambers is a risky pick, especially with his inconsistency over his career.

Fred Taylor is a very good running back, and not a bad pick in Round 5, but his age, and one of the most talented young backs in the league getting equal reps could end up making this Fred’s last season in the league.

A couple years ago, LaMont Jordan was a breakout stud, even on a bad Raider team. Last year, he was a fantasy team killer, barely scoring enough points to even get him on the radar. But this season could get LJ back on track, as a new offense that suits his style could make him a player again. Either that or Dominic Rhodes will get all the reps, and he was a terrible pick. You can see the risk.

Personally, I think Phillip Rivers is going to be a star very, very soon. He’s got a great offensive coach that will improve his game, the best running back in the league, a defense that will allow him to take chances, and a couple young receivers that are improving. I’d rather have Rivers than Vick, Young, and probably even Jay Cutler. He’s a solid pick here.

Eli Manning has been all but forgotten in recent fantasy drafts. People hate picking this kid. It seems like last season he was getting taken very, very early; especially in dynasty leagues. I stilly think he has a chance, and was probably a decent pick here, but he is such a damn head case.

Donte Stallworth is not a good pick here. He has one year in New England, and that’s why he went this early. Moss will get most of the catches in that offense, as Donte will be held under 60 receptions. I like his speed, but injuries and personality problems will hurt him in the “sharing is caring” offense in NE.

Jericho Cotchery was a much better selection than Stallworth. Cotchery is a young, hard working, strong receiver that is playing in a very good offense where he will soon be the top target. This is a great future pick.

Laveranues Coles goes a pick after his understudy, but you can only blame that on Coles, who has been quoted saying, he doesn’t know how long he can play in an offense that send his over the middle, getting him hit too much. Not exactly buttering up your long-term value. But I like Coles, he’s a very good, and underrated receiver.

I’m surprised Matt Leinart fell behind both Young and Cutler, but he did, by more than a couple picks. How can you not love Matt’s situation. He is a touch passer on a team with two awesome receivers that both love to go up and get the ball. He could have the best year of the ’06 rookie signal callers.

Vincent Jackson is a great prospect, and he looks good on paper. Plus, he improved greatly by seasons end, in which he became the #1 wide receiving threat in San Diego. But he went ahead of some good guys. He has a lot to prove, but has a high payoff if he gets down to business.

I felt like I had to take Darrell Jackson here. I wanted to go with Deshaun Foster, and did because he is a starting running back on a team I think can do big things this season. Foster is still the starter, regardless of DeAngelo Williams’ presence. Getting a starter, one who is relatively young, in Round 5 of a 16 team dynasty league draft is too good of a deal. I had to take it.

Santonio Holmes could be Big Ben’s big target for years to come, but will he ever gather the consistency? I don’t know if he’s that type of receiver. He sure is talented though, and is learning from a good partner in Hines Ward, who was still on the board by the way. Holmes has a high reward, and he’s not too risky.

Tony Gonzalez could have the best season at the tight end spot this time around. Gates is amazing, but without Trent Green floating passes all over the field, it seems to me that Tony G will have a more productive year. He’s aging, but should have 2 to 3 more productive seasons at a weak position. He’s a better pick than Shockey.

Vernon Davis is a reach here. Davis didn’t do enough when he was on the field to get picked this high. I like Davis, as almost everyone who’s a fan of football does, but just because you like a guy doesn’t mean you should reach for him. He’s a tight end, and he’s not a Top 5 guy. He shouldn’t be picked prior to Round 7 or 8 in any format. But if ever he would move up to the 5th round, it would be a 16 round full keeper.

Round 5’s Winners and Losers

Best Value – Jericho Cotchery 73rd
Worst Value – Vernon Davis 80th
Most Upside – Jerious Norwood 66th
Best Player – Tony Gonzalez 79th
Most Likely to Bust – LaMont Jordan 69th
Sleeper – Santonio Holmes 78th

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