2007 NFL Fantasy Draft Round 2

Round 2
1. Chad Johnson
2. Travis Henry
3. Thomas Jones
4. Maurice Jones Drew
5. Edgerrin James
6. Steve Smith
7. Larry Fitzgerald
8. DeAngelo Williams
9. Tory Holt
10. Cadillac Williams
11. Reggie Wayne
12. Marion Barber
13. Javon Walker
14. Chester Taylor
15. Kevin Jones
16. Roy Williams

Chad Johnson, a guy I love as a player, but also a guy whose fantasy numbers frustrate me. Sure, Chad topped some charts last season, and was in the Top 3 in everyone’s wide receiver rankings, but his numbers seem to be clumped together and that alone will kill a fantasy season. Ocho Cinco has great numbers, but if you look at ’06 you’ll see the majority of his stats clumped into 3 weeks.

Travis Henry will have first round numbers this season, guaranteed, so he was a great pick at 18. He has always been legit since his days in Buffalo.

Thomas Jones was another great selection, as his consistent nature steps in behind a great young offensive line in New York.

I took Maurice Jones Drew because I love what he did in his first year, love how he runs, and have done so since his days at UCLA. If he ever gets 25 carries a game, he’s a Top 5 guy.

Edgerrin James was a great pick, and has the chance to be great in Arizona in a system that made Mr. Bettis such a household name in Pittsburgh.

Steve Smith, the best receiver in football, was another great selection, especially in a points per reception league.

Larry Fitz, who I think has as much upside as any receiver in the league, went 23rd. If Leinart improves, and James becomes more of a threat, you could see 12-13 touchdowns from Fitz in ’07. Plus, he’s really young.

DeAngelo Williams has tons of talent, and whenever he’s on the field his production has been superb. But will he stay healthy? And how long will he play second fiddle to Deshaun Foster?

I’ve said it for years, Tory Holt is always open. Last year wasn’t one of Tory’s best, but if you look at his stats, its hard to argue with the best Ram pass catcher. Bulger is accurate, and the Ram rushing attack allows the receivers to run with single coverage. I’d worry a little about Holt’s age, but not enough to call this pick bad.

Cadillac Williams really struggled last season, but look at the offense in Tampa last season. You’re starting quarterback shouldn’t be a 6th round pick from Toledo. Caddy has the talent, this year he’ll be better. For the second season in a row, the #2 receiver in Indianapolis was selected ahead of Marvin.

Reggie has youth on his side, and over the last two seasons, he’s been right there with Harrison.

Marion Barber, the back up in Dallas, was selected pretty high, but how can one ignore the touchdown craze that Barber had in ’06? I don’t think he’ll repeat his total, but I do like his running style more than Julius Jones’. The question is; what will Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett think?

Javon Walker has been a hot topic in the fantasy world, especially since Jay Cutler got the job in Denver. Cutler’s laser arm and high risk passing should give Walker plenty of chances. I like this pick.

Chester Taylor was a tough pick for me to swallow. I thought there were better backs on the board, and you have to imagine Adrian Peterson’s selection will limit Taylor’s effectiveness.

Kevin Jones is a big chance in the 2nd round. People in Detroit have Jones either missing the season, 6 games, or being ready by game 1. I don’t like that chance in the 2nd round, especially with a back accustomed to health problems.

I think Roy Williams has as much talent as any receiver in the league, and with a full repertoire at receiver, Calvin Johnson and possession specialist Mike Furrey, I think Williams will flourish in Detroit. Lots of chances were taken here, including my selection of Jones Drew, but all were reasonable. No quarterbacks were taken, which I always appreciate, and aside from Chad Johnson’s early selection and Chester Taylor leaving the board, there’s much to like in Round 2.

Round 2’s Winners and Losers

Best Value – Roy Williams 32nd
Worst Value – Chad Johnson 17th
Most Upside – Maurice Jones Drew 20th
Best Player – Steve Smith 2nd
Most Likely to Bust – Chester Taylor 27th
Sleeper – Kevin Jones 31st

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