2007 Fantasy Football theRUNDOWN Week 7

This Week’s Top Team: Somehow, somewhere, my RunDown for week 6 didn’t get put up. As you can imagine, I killed it. With LT and LJ, Tom Brady and Randy Moss, and I even had Plaxico up again – and that would have killed it – but lost in cyber space it is. So, I’ll just have to get back up and do damage again. Here’s how I’m going to do it.

QB: Tom Brady vs. Miami: I hate Miami’s team. Their defense is the worst thing about it. And I don’t thin Brady will let up this week. He’ll have yet another 3 touchdown game, because that’s what Brady does. He gets really hot girls pregers, and does work on the football field.

RB: Thomas Jones vs. Cincinnati: I know picking Thomas is a bit of a risk, but if the Jets want to slow down the Bengals, it’s not like they can rely on their defense. They’ll need Jones to account for about 150+ yards to have a chance. I think he will, and thus the Jets will be close.

RB: Larry Johnson vs. Oakland: L J will do the Raiders dirty on Sunday. Oakland showed last week that a star runner is like kryptonite to their chances of success on defense. L J will be running like a man possessed, trying to inch the Chiefs toward an unexpected playoff run. (I know it’s too early for that kind of talk, sorry)

WR: T.J Houshmandzadeh vs. N.Y. Jets: I like the Cincinnati connection on Sunday. Carson to TJ and Chad. I know Chad has been a little volatile, and TJ has just never stopped catching passes since the season started. But the Bengals have to win this game or they’ll self destruct. TJ and Chad will have a lot to do with that win.

WR: Chad Johnson vs. NY Jets: See above.

TE: Jason Witten vs. Minnesota: The Vikings have a tough defense, but struggle down the middle and stopping a decent passing attack. The Cowboys will be ready to play after losing to the Pats by 20, and I think Witten will go for about 100 yards, and maybe even a score. Lord knows running the ball rarely does dick against the Vikes.

K: Matt Bryant vs. Detroit: Detroit can’t stop much, and the Bucs aren’t a big scoring team. That means moving the ball and field goal tries to get a win. I like Bryant’s possibilities to do that here.

D: Redskins vs. Cardinals: The Cards will be wheeling Tim Rattay out there against a tough Redskins defense… Need I say more?


Chad Pennington: Chad may be the guy everyone loves to hate in New York right now. Well him and A-Rod, but that’s another story. Anyway, Pennington gets his “last chance” when he goes up against Cincinnati this weekend. If he can’t throw touchdowns against that defense, he’s a goner for sure. I like his chances, but think Clemmens is better for this team.

Jeff Garcia: The Bucs play the Lions, and I really don’t care if Detroit is coming off their bye week. I don’t care if they studied the Bucs all season long. The bottom line is, Jeff will have to produce to keep up with the Lions, and that makes him a good start.

Maurice Jones-Drew: Fred may be out for this game, that would mean a sure “huge game” from Jones-Drew. Look what he does with less than 15 carries, imagine what he’ll do with 20+.

Brandon Jacobs: The 49ers have a pretty solid secondary, either that or they can’t stop the run so teams feel fine rushing the ball 30 times a game. Either way, I like Jacobs to push for a score or two.

LenDale White: Chris Brown may be out this week, and Kerry Collins isn’t going to light up the airways if he starts. Either way, White is going to get plenty of touches, and against Houston’s rush defense, I like what White has to offer.

Laurence Maroney: With Morris hurt, this may be the perfect time to ride Maroney’s jog back to full health. They’ve been slow with the very talented back, and against the Dolphins looks like his time to shine.

Roddy White: I know the Falcons drop more passes than TO on a bad day, but White should find a way to torch the Saints. This game will be closer than many think, and White’s big plays will help keep the Falcons in it.

Greg Olsen: A tight end sleeper is a magnificent thing, and Olsen just might be your man this week. Philly’s secondary is hurting without Dawkins in, and a speedster like Olsen might just be the Bears’ only hope for big plays on Sunday.

Seattle’s DST: The Hawks play the Rams, and while Bulger is coming back, I don’t see that line every slowing down a Hawks rush that will be coming all day long. Also, Seattle needs this win bad after getting humiliated on Sunday Night Football by the Saints.

LUCKY’S Week 7 Splinter-Butts (bench him, son)

Cleo Lemon: Don’t be confused by the big stats last week, this week the Patriots come to town, and they aren’t the Browns. Look for Lemon to have a tough day at the helm minus his #1 receiver. I don’t I’d like to have to face the Patriots with a rookie starting at receiver – but that’s just me.

Ahman Green: Not only is Green in trouble going up against Tennessee, but the Titans D might feel like they have to be even stingier with Vince possibly out of the lineup. That combo means bad things for Green, who has been disappointing thus far.

Cedric Benson: Sure, the Bears wish they had Thomas Jones, because Benson isn’t doing it. But the Bears’ O-line has been pretty suspect to. Anyway, against Philly’s solid run defense, I don’t expect much out of Cedric.

Javon Walker: In his first game back, he has to play the Steelers? Yikes. The Steel show has shut down everyone this side of Anquan Boldin this season, and I don’t expect them to yield too much to the Broncos. Stay away from Walker another day.

Plaxico Burress: Either Plax has been playing too well or Nate Clements will be on him all day long. Either way, Plax is ready to bring it down a notch, those 8 touchdowns are a little out of the ordinary. Plus, the Giants will run the ball a lot against SF.

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